There is always a fine line to walk to find balance in your life.  Balance is something that I have been working to try and fine tune lately.  Along the way this Summer I found that to truly get balance you have to add in a little fun.  “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” ya know. Continue reading →

Yea!  My new camera is here.  Yes, I really bought it for great indoor shots of beautiful interiors and chic home products.  But… I couldn’t wait to run outside and take some pictures in my beloved garden. Continue reading →

Love this dynamic mother daughter duo that separately own companies that sure do show nicely together.  Color Gone Wild is what I’ll call it.  You know this booth had to catch my color lovin’ eye at market. This black and white striped sofa demands attention and can carry the weight of bright colored throw pillows. (Photograph via Joanie Designs) Continue reading →