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We are ready to get rolling with the Holiday Season around here and YOU can join in the fun!

We want you to Make Merry with Living With Color Designs.  We have created a board on Pinterest and have hand-selected fabulous pins to inspire you with your Holiday Merry Making.  Not only do we hope you will follow our board but we would love for you to give us suggestions for additional fabulous holiday pins.  Here are some of the things you can find already.

Decorating Ideas

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 Decorating Ideas

Beautifully Decorated Homes

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Beautifully Decorated Homes

Great Holiday Recipies

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 Delicious Holiday Recipes


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 Merry Drink Recipes

Holiday Playlists

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 Holiday Playlist

Holiday photos pinterest board

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  Photo Taking Inspiration

Holiday Door Decorations

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Holiday Doorways

We are trying to reach 100+ pins.  Want to give us YOUR suggestions?  All you have to do is leave a comment in this post and paste the url of the site you want us to check out, follow the Make Merry with Living With Color Designs Pinterest board, then check back to see if your fabulous pin found it’s way onto our board.  It is that easy!  Hope you will join in.   –  Marianne


Baby It’s Cold Outside

Fountain Frozen Over - Living With Color DesignsBurrrr.  Good morning!  We have a cold one here.  But don’t worry.  This morning I’m celebrating the cold.  It get’s me in the mood for all the upcoming fun ahead in the holiday season.  And yes, I’m sure I will be listening to “Baby It’s Cold Outside”  a lot because it is one of my favorites.  In honor of all this cold, seasonal excitement I’m posting a past picture of our little fountain fully frozen and being backed up by my beautiful winterberry.  Actually my husband cut the fountain off in preparation for todays weather so it currently is not frozen and that’s why you have a past picture.  But.  The best pictures of my frozen fountain are here.   Go check it out.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Then head over to this post to read about my favorite berry producing plants, winterberry.   If you would like to see all my other post in the category of “The Beauty and Color of Our Natural World” then go here.

Ok, well I am off to Charlotte NC to discover some of it’s interior design wonderfulness and to meet up with my friend/ jewelry designer to have the big reveal of her creations for me.  I can’t wait.  I’ll be sharing with you in the future. But I gotta get going.

Have a great day and enjoy the cold!   –  Marianne

What I Was Going to Blog About Yesterday Has Turned Into- What I am Thankful For Today

Yesterday was going to be a day of getting things done.  And, in a way it was.  But, then it turned into something bigger.

I have a whole list of ‘little things” that need to be done and I had decided that yesterday was going to be the day that I  would try to get as many of those “little things” done as possible.

Pumpkin arrangement the The Table

Wondering what to do with my time until all these places on my list opened up lead me to a delightful choice, call mom and see if she wants to go to breakfast.  Perfect, quiche with a side of salad at The Table would fit right into my new efforts at a low carb diet which hopefully will break my addiction to sugar.  We had the most delightful conversation sharing about my recent trip to visit the Billy Graham Library, remembering our family huddling around the television to watch him speak, his time in Florida where my mother grew up, and just how beautifully and simply he lays out the message of Christ.  Starting the day with family.

BankThen I was off to conquer my list.  It was filled out in chronological order according to the most efficient route from one place to another.  Remember, I was on a mission.  It all started at the bank.  Made a payment, one thing done… BAM.

Time WarnerHead to Time Warner to exchange my DVR box once again…BAM

stampWent to the Post Office to finally mail off the watch I had gifted my husband to have the battery replaced.  Yes you read that right.  Who knew if you purchase a nice watch with fine Danish craftsmanship and in any way tamper with it, i.e. open it to replace the battery, you will lose your warranty?  Thank you local jewelry store for knowing that and not trying to replace it when I came in.  I then select one of their bubble wrapped envelopes, double bubble wrapped the watch in additional bubble wrap brought from home, had to borrow scissors from the clerk to cut my bubble wrap because I forgot to bring mine out of the car, addressed it, sealed it, paid for it all, and got it off to the nearest service location half way across the country.  Another thing off the list. BAM!

Thankful- Living with color designs

I have to say that I find it so gratifying to scratch a line through things on a list. I am feeling euphoric at this point.  Did I mention the beautiful fall day?  Lots of sunshine, nice temperature, fall foliage, and a smile on my face. Back to the list.  I head to my graddaughter’s school to drop off donations for their Christmas store where students use character slips which they have earned to buy presents for their family and friends.  We ourselves received some of the most thoughtfully chosen gifts from our granddaughter last Christmas, all purchased by the rewards of her kind heart and thoughtful ways.  The collection of items for donation is now out of my dining room and at the school, another scratch on the list…BAM

Deja Vu

I’m circling back toward the center of town now headed to DejaVu, a wonderful little shop down town that carries vintage items and often has a lot of midcentury modern.  The shop is closing and I’m hoping they still have an item I had admired and would like for a gift.  Oh no, sign on the door, not open today, it’s all good so carry on, back in the car, phone rings.  Now we have bigger.  Put the list aside… a loved one is headed to the hospital.

ambulance being thankful- Living With Color Designs

I’ll go ahead and give you the ending up front because I don’t want you to worry.  At the end of the day we ALL returned home safely, along with a huge reminder of what is important.  And it really doesn’t get more important than family.  No matter how smooth or rocky things may be, we all know that family is important.  However, there is nothing like a shaking of your heart to really really remind you just how important all of these people who make up family are.  After getting the call to come to the hospital, the morning conversations of God and faith had come full circle and were manifesting themselves now in prayer.  The call was followed up by a text to “call gmaw”, no doubt in her mind who our prayer worrier was.  It is a powerful thing to watch your family “circle the wagons”, to see them come one by one to show support, to hear their worried sniffles on the other end of of a phone conversation, to feel their hugs and embrace their prayers.  There was nothing sweeter than hearing the words signifying that things would be OK.  You then breath a little easier, relax a little sharing laughter over a “medicated” comment, consider all the endings that played out in your mind and give thanks.

Billy Graham Library thankful- Living With Color Designs

I’m still a little emotional today.  After ushering everyone to school and work, in my car I listened to the beautiful voice of one of my daughters singing this amazing song.  By the end I wept in tears of joy and gratitude.  As I wrote some of this I shed some tears. I know the outcome could have been different.  I’ve lost loved ones before. I am sure you have too. So I’m wishing us all a blessed day.  Hopefully one full of joy. If you would like a little musical inspiration click on the link below and you too can hear “Mercy Seat”

Mercy Seat sung by Kendyl McCaskill

And as for my list, it’s just great. Scratch off some quality time with family…BAM   I love my family   –  Marianne


Times Two Design- Agate Elegance From The Earth

High Point Market Insights: Times Two Design by Lauren Renfrow
Agate round tray - living with color designs blog

Want a little elegance from the earth?  The stunning beauty of natural elements just cannot be matched.  Visual interaction with them stirs places deep inside me.  They remind me of what an awe inspiring world we live in.  Times Two Design by Lauren Renfrow offers some of these treasures from the earth crafted into luxurious products for your home.

Rectangular agate design tray-Living With Color Designs  Blog

To me they are like fine works of art, an investment in lasting beauty.  These beautiful Sleek Acrylic Agate Trays are actually made by photographing some of their favorite agates and printing the high resolution shot on acrylic.  The finishing touch is the amazing modern handles in brass or nickel.

Lacquered box with Agate-Living With Color Designs  Blog

Little boxes are one of the things we ladies love.  I know you will be smitten by these lucious lacquered boxes adorned with slices of agate.

Lacquered boxes wit agate details-Living With Color Designs  Blog

The Lacquered Box With Agate is available in these beautiful lacquered colors; black orange pink and white.  Offered in several box sizes and agate color combinations.

Teak Slab table -Living With Color Designs  Blog

New this market are the particularly swoon worthy Teak Slab Tables.  A gorgeous teak slab adorned with gold leafed edges sits atop an acrylic base.  The blue of this Glamazon Lamp with Agate Slice was so beautiful.  You know I am partial to blue.  Also pictured above is a set of Agate Napkin Rings, a Punk Rock Box, and a Luxe Box with Mineral.

modern globe lighting with agate details-Living With Color Designs  Blog

This lighting fixture is spectacular.  It is so rich and luxurious as shown here in this color combination of amber agate and acrylic.

Agate slab lamp base -Living With Color Designs  Blog

Each lamp is handcrafted by artisans in Dallas, Tx and feature a variety of materials with accents of acrylic.  They can create something amazing for any color palette for a truly unique one-of-a-kind product.

purple and white Agate slab lamp with acrylic base-Living With Color Designs  Blog

More lamp loveliness by Times Two Design here with this Agate Slice Lamp.  The gold leafed edges are such a nice touch. Yes, gold is definitely in.

agate design photo printed on acrylic -Living With Color Designs  Blog

The purples in this tray are brilliant.  Perfect pop of color for your exceptional entertaining.

floating agate acrylic vase -Living With Color Designs  Blog

This Crystal Vase with Agate is perfect.  It just floats on air. I love the juxtaposition of the strong stone and the delicate flowers.

Guilded antler tray - Living With Color Designs

I love the sculptural nature of the Antler Tray.  Guilded shed deer antlers are affixed to a white lacquer tray base with brass accents.  Great for your seasonal entertaining and everyday entertaining.  You can check out Times Two Design facebook page here.  You can get more information about their products at Times Two website here. Gotta love that it’s made in America.

Thanks Lauren and Times two Design for allowing me to include some of your beautiful photographs alongside those that I took in your space at the High Point Furniture Market.  My problem right now is just deciding which of the beautiful pieces I want for my Living With Color Designs interior and which color of  agate speaks most deeply to me.   –  Marianne





Libby Langdon Upholstery for Braxton Culler

High Point Market Insights: Libby Langdon Upholstery for Braxton Culler

Libby Langdon for Braxton Culler- Living With Color Designs BlogOne of the best things about High Point market is the accessibility to top designers, tastemakers, and professional learning opportunities.  I know, you were thinking we are all there just having fun shopping, but there are also many opportunities to participate in seminars, mini camps, book signings and other fun.  You would be crazy to go and not take advantage of some of these opportunities.  Ranking as one of my favorites this market was the presentation and then walk through with Libby Langdon.  I’m glad the area I live in can claim her as one of ours.  She is just precious and her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. Her program was so inspiring. I will share a little of that with you in a later post, but for now I am just going to share about her Libby Langdon Upholstery for Braxton Culler and her lighting from Crystorama.  I was pleased, as a designer, to find a line that I could recommend to my clients that offered quality and stylishness at a reasonable price.  Let’s face it, not everyone can afford the pricing of luxury lines and others are just not interested in the investment.

Chair with navy oversized greek key pattern- Living With Color Designs Blog

I’m really excited about the line.  It is representative of my idea of the new updated traditional. Beautiful lines, custom elements, colorful fabrics, pieces that excite, and a little modern twist here and there.  Libby sums it up as Easy, Elegant, Everyday Style.  She selects all of the fabrics for her line which includes a great selection of patterns, luxurious color rich options, and interesting basics.

Libby Langdon Upholstry- Living With Color Designs Blog

The super bonus of this event, sponsored by Braxton Culler, was that a walkthrough of the showroom was available with Libby after her presentation.  I love to get into the minds of creatives so you know I couldn’t miss this opportunity.  She described her line for Braxton Culler as a little sleeker, cleaner, and with more tailored lines.  All cushions come standard with blend down and a conscious effort was made to think about pricing when developing the product.  Pricing was also a consideration when developing the lighting.  She did not want the chandelier to cost more than the sofa. “Everything has gotta kinda work together”. As she walked through the showroom she talked about the merits of each piece and the design decisions that went into it.  The Parker chairs above “bring a little bling with their metal arms but the seating is still wide enough that the arms are not just right up on you”.

This is the first market that she has offered trim tape and she talked about working with the factory to make this new implementation.  Libby was excited that the bench above was Style Spotted by Mitzi Beach, designer and author of the book “Boomer Smarts Boomer Power”.

High Back sofa with sloping arms by Libby Langdon Upholstry - Living With Color Designs Blog

Libby commented that she really loved this Corwith Sofa, “it just has this kinda casual sloping arm, the leanness of the two over two cushions.  I like that the back of the sofa being a little bit higher just adds that one little extra element that separates it.”  The Jermain Chair in the left of the picture is one of their best sellers because the lines are very straight and “it takes pattern beautifully”.

Libby also offers a tufted back sofa named the Merrill Sofa, not pictured. She loves that the tufting is not really hard, the beautiful pitch of the back, and how it is so super, super soft that you can really get into it.

At one point during the tour she referred to herself as the “crazy contrast welt lady”.  I loved these armless chairs in navy and white and this yellow chair with contrasting welt. Contrasting welt can also be seen, above, on the Latham Sectional.

For her and her clients “grey is still super super relevant “.  The grey sofa above is pictured in a new velvet fabric offering. In the foreground is the Taylor ottoman, “a work horse for us”.  This version of the cocktail ottoman offers much needed storage with shelving underneath and is a very usable size at 38 inches square. The Dresden Chair is all dressed up in a bold geometric with citron and grey.

great chair designed for reading - living with color designs blog

I was sold just hearing her talk about the Hanes Chair, “what’s so amazing is the reverse slope arm.  So for people who love to read, when you sit in it the arm hits your elbow just at the right place”.

polished nickel chandelier by Libby Langdon - Living With Color Designs Blog

One of her newest introductions is the Sylvan Chandelier.  I simply love the lighting, it is stylish and fresh.  She noted that she has learned from her clients that when it comes to hard wired lighting, the man is as much part of the decision as the woman.  Therefore, all of her lighting has an element that is a little masculine (the outside angular lines) mixed with something a little more feminine (sloping arms and linen shade).

The Masefield Collection is exciting and applies a bamboo look that Libby says speaks to modern, preppy, the person who likes Kate Spade or Tory Burch.  All the rugs pictured in this post are from Libby Langdon’s collection for Tiger Rugs.

The availability of stylish fabric options is one of the big draws of this line for me.  Color and pattern are where I live and what I like to offer.  These chairs reflect a casual elegance and a bit of fun with the addition of pink to this markets line up.

Cream sofa against a bright pink wall by Libby Langdon - living with color designs blog

I was so glad I stayed for the walkthrough.  You know you are getting a great line when you hear about the attention placed on small details and special elements that make the final product comfortable, livable, and stylish.  Easily pull a complete room together by combining elements from each of her lines.  The items are designed to work together: upholstery, lighting and rugs.  Easy, Elegant, Everyday Style is exactly what you will get from Libby Langdon.   –  Marianne








Herb n Garden And My New Favorite Exterior Green


Herb n Garden- Living With Color Designs BlogIf you drop in to the Herb n Garden you are likely to find Sue Baltes right smack in the middle of project.

Williamsburg wreath

I dropped in on her the other day to let her know how much my granddaughter enjoyed the Haunted Fairy Garden class.  I found her, hands in the dirt, potting some plants.  Sue opened up shop last Spring in the carriage house right behind the Brightside Gallery on Worth Street.

Sherwin Williams- Relentless Olive - Living With Color Designs Dried herb wreath on green barn doorAs long as I have know Sue she has been working with plants, often helping other garden stores arrange plants in her free time.  That’s how much she loves it.  When this great location came up it was all she needed to get the entrepreneurial bug and decide to open up her own shop.  Herb n Garden is a florist, event venue, and yard and garden source all-in-one.

You can find all kinds of interesting plants and herbs here.  I’m not real good with identifying herbs other than basil so I just turned my wish list over to Sue.  She rounded them all up and labeled them so I could keep it all straight when I got home.

Potted Herbs

One of the wonderful things about Sue is that she loves to share what she knows with others and she has crafted a great line-up of classes for the Fall/ Holiday season.  They fill up fast, so just drop by and inquire about what’s available.

Garden Theme Wreath

Terrariums at Herb n GardenIn September she offered Herb Wreaths and Terrarium classes.

October classes featured Succulent Pumpkins and the fun Haunted Fairy Garden Kids class. Upcoming classes include Live Christmas Wreaths, Williamsburg Wreaths, and the Tomato Cage Christmas Tree class that I’m signed up for.  I can’t wait to see how that turns out.

Recycled china garden edgingYou are guaranteed to pick up some creative ideas here at Herb n Garden like this recycled china garden edging.  Ever wondered what to do with all those broken and chipped pieces?

Here is my granddaughter enjoying every minute of the Haunted Fairy Garden Class.

Haunted Fairy Garden with succulents and skeleton- Living With Color Designs

Spooky Spider in haunted fairy Garden- Living With Color Designs

Haunted Mansion in a fairy garden- Living With Color Designs

Haunted Fairy Garden- Big FootAnd here are her fun results.  So many creepy little details.  Spiders, zombies, haunted houses and more.  Great idea planting succulents in the pine cone too.


I love, love, love this color of green that trims both the Garden n Herb and the Brightside Gallery.  So never one to be bashful about asking questions, I inquired about the paint and it’s color.  You know I had to get that to share with my readers.  Turns out this particular paint is by Sherwin Williams and is appropriately named Relentless Olive.  Sue is such a pleasure to talk to, I just know you will enjoy your visit. So if you are in the area, go ahead and drop in to the Herb n Garden.   –  Marianne

Just A Little Pumpkin Decorating

Wow, one of the exciting things about Fall is that there is so much to do!  And I am not talking about just raking leaves, although I’m sure many of us are engaging in that activity.  For me Fall has brought a fun, inspiring, and sometimes exhausting week at furniture market (I don’t even want to talk about the blister I got from the first day of walking, new shoes were not a good idea), the ole switch-a-roo of clothes in may closet for the wonderful change of seasons we enjoy in North Carolina (but today it is back to 80 degrees so I’m pulling out things I shelved), helping grandchildren with big decisions like what to be for Halloween (the purchase of a blue wig was involved in one), crock pots full of taco soup (yum), fall festivals, haunted fairy garden classes, and me and my man finding a little “us” time to do a little shopping together.

Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas -Living With Color Designs

Quick and Easy Pumpkin Decorating That Takes a Hint From Home Furnishings

Since Halloween is knocking on our door and everyone keeps saying that the holidays are just around the corner, I thought I would share a last minute pumpkin decorating idea that was new to me. Brought to you by way of my daughter, Meredith, and her two beautiful, sweet, and artistic children. (One of the perks of being a grandparent is bragging. Where it seemed off-putting to do such about your own children, it seems perfectly acceptable and is tolerated when it is directed toward your grandchildren.  Isn’t that great!)

Creative pumpkin decorating ideas- Living With Color Designs

I am so glad my daughter is continuing the tradition of hands-on creative fun for kids.  She finds great ideas and is not afraid to try something new.  I had no clue about the special decorating plans they had this year so I was really delighted and surprised to see what they had done.  I couldn’t get over the fact that they used thumb tacks.  I mean, brilliant!  So simple but, I would never have thought of it.  One of my design addictions is my love of nailhead trim so all I could think was ‘how great, nailhead trim for pumpkins’.

Thumb Tack and Paint Pumpkin Decorating- Living With Color Designs

My granddaughters are three and eight and the simple combination of using paint and thumb tacks was user friendly for both ages and allowed them each to create masterpieces that reflected heir style and personality.

Thumb tac detail on decorated pumpkin - Living With Color Designs

Pumpkin decorating with paint and thumb tacksWhile the eight year old seized the opportunity to create detailed trim and exhibit some of her favorite things, hearts and writing…

modern Art painted pumpkin - Living With Color Designs

Easy Pumpkin Decorating- Living With Color Designs… the three year old channeled her abstract modern art abilities and the shear joy that googly eyes can bring.

Monogrammed Pumpkins -Living With Color Designs

You wouldn’t want to pass up on a great opportunity to add a monogram to anything.  This pumpkin monogrammed in thumb tacks displays the love between these two sisters by putting their initials out there front and center.

Decorating pumpkins with wasabi tape -Living With Color Designs

I also liked the cute little pumpkins they made at a party they attended using washi tape and feathers. Just darling.  I loved how my granddaughter realized that it would certainly hold equal weight and value to my hand blown Starworks pumpkin and ceramic tureen to be placed right there beside them. Check out this past post to learn more about Starworks.

Detailed pumpkin designs -Living With Color Designs


If you give this a try, please come back and leave us a comment and let us know how much fun you had.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing some of the wonderful products I found at the High Point Market/ The World’s Home For Home Furnishings.  I’ll also share about some of the people I met, and some of the insights I gleaned. Life is just one big learning experience for me and I’m always looking for inspiration.  It was a bustling market with a lot of people attending. There was a real feeling of excitement in the air. I hope to inspire you and get you excited about your home so be sure to drop back by to see what we are up to.   –  Marianne

Design Inspiration Fall: Pumpkins

You know I can not get through this season without sharing some beautiful pictures of pumpkins.  I realize this may not be a fondness shared by all, but the beauty of nature always amazes and charms me.  Since my mind is getting all geared up for Fall Furniture Market I can’t help but be thinking about where the design inspiration for new products comes from.  It is unique and different for each creative, but I know that nature is a big provider of inspiration for many.  I decided to put my own little spin on this, inspired by my newest  pumpkin photographs I thought I would see what products I could find that resemble the beauty and inspiration that I see in my pumpkins.

Design inspiration from white pumpkin with beautiful taupe striae- Living With Color Designs

If you have read some of my past fall post, here and here, then I am sure you are aware of my love affair for white pumpkins.  Anything unique and interesting catches my eye.

What I notice in these beautiful white pumpkins is the taupe colored striae that infuses the pumpkin.  Dictionary definition of striae is:  a slight or narrow furrow, ridge, stripe, or streak, esp. one of a number in parallel arrangement.  You can find this look replicated in products like fabrics, wallpapers, and surface finishes.

Kravet First Crush Truffle fabric

via Kravet Couture

The fabric pictured center from Kravet: First Crush Truffle, looks like it’s design inspiration could have been our white pumpkin.

two toned orange pumpkin- Living with Color Designs

This beautiful two toned pumpkin brings us a beautiful mixture of colors, blood orange and true orange. These colors can certainly result in some lively design inspiration for your home.

Blood orange and orange rug- Living With Color Designs

via Safavieh

This Safavieh rug designed by Tom Felicia , the Durston, perfectly combines these two colors in this bold geometric rug.

Yellow and orange pumpkinThe mottling on this pumpkin sets itself up for design inspiration.  Definition of mottling is: with spots or blotches of different shades or colors.  This natural phenomena may be replicated by blending colors, by removing some of the existing color, tie dying, or acid washing.

abstract orange silk fabric

via PopDecorFabrics on Etsy

This luxury fabric from PopDecorFabrics on Etsy is just exquisite and reminds me of the mingling of colors on our pumpkin with an added pop of fuchsia. Really beautiful.

cinderella pumpkinObviously we cannot ignore the shape of our pumpkin and it’s literal interpretation.  Round and Plump.

Design inspiration orange pouf- Living With Color Designs

via Imports from Marrakesh

Poufs abound in the interiors market.  Made out of any color and from a wide variety of materials like leather, fabric, knit.  There is just something fun about a pouf and it’s available foot lift or seat.  This orange pouf with coral embroidery is from Imports from Marrakesk.

Orange knit pouf

via World Market

This Jafar Knitted Pouf is from World Market and just invites you to cozy up.

I just loved this blog post from Flax and Twine that featured a chunky knit pouf.  Of all the crafty things I have tried, I have to say that I have never tried knitting.  I thought , however, some of you adventurous knitters might want to give this a try. The instructions for a tweed pouf ottoman are included in Anne’s post.  I have just discovered this darling blog and if you knit, sew, or craft, I know you will enjoying visiting there.

Pumpkin stem - Living With Color Designs

Obviously I can not ignore the stem.  Actually the stem is the deciding factor whenever I select a regular ole pumpkin for display of for creating a jack-o-lantern.  Locating a product to replicate the design inspiration of the stem proved a little challenging but in the end I hope you like my selection.

design Inspiration: pumpkins


This Good Earth Twisted Side Table was featured on HOUZZ  out you can click in the link provided to get purchasing information.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Living With Color Designs Blog to receive my new posts via email. That way you won’t miss a thing.  I am so excited about the up coming Furniture Market and sharing all my great finds with you.

So there you go. This post is probably a testament to the fact that you can find design inspiration almost anywhere if you can find it in a pumpkin.   –  Marianne

Bargain Chicks Warehouse Sale

Just in time for a little Christmas, or birthday, or personal shopping, Bargain Chicks is having their warehouse sale in Greensboro, NC.

Bargain Chicks Turtle tote

I heard about the sales but had never been until today, and I had great fun.  My husband totally does not understand my love affair with all kinds of bags but happily chalks it up to a “girl thing”.  But, I know my two sisters and the other women in my family get it and will be glad I came.

Bargain Chicks Lime and Royal Blue

So many cute designs.  They were so sweet to let me take pictures for the blog.  Thanks Bargain Chicks.

Bargain Chicks Navy Chevron Tote with pockets I really never knew that you could configure bags in so many ways for so many purposes.

Bargain Chicks Red and Navy

These little bags were so cute I had to take a picture of them all.

Don’t worry, if you are in the area you have plenty of time to go yourself.  The sale just started today.

Bargain Chicks Vinyl bag

Live in South Carolina?  A sale is coming your way in November.  You can check out the dates below for Greensboro, NC and Greenville, SC.

Bargain Chicks warehouse sale

You can go to the Bargain Chicks Facebook page and see the hours they are open each day.

I just love a bargain, and although my plan was to only buy gifts, I did walk out with a darling new tennis bag.  Gotta have a little style on the court.   –  Marianne

“Mad About Navy”

Navy at pottery barn- Living with Color Designs

Picture Via Pottery Barn

I am truly “Mad about Navy” and I mean in a good way.  This is not really a new passion for me but one that has been a long time coming back around to me.  When I first built my house twenty years ago I painted our study Navy.  Now, just when we are ready to change up the study, and I have renewed my love for navy, we will be moving the navy into another part of the house.

Navy bedding Pottery Barn- Living With Color Designs

I thought I would give you a little sampling of some of the hot products for all around your house, all featuring deep rich beloved tones of blue.  The wonderful thing about Navy is that it acts like a neutral, it pairs beautifully with so many colors.  Make a statement in the bedroom with the bedding above which is paired with tangerine, from Pottery Barn.

I love these pillows from Villa Home Collection.  Use a few on your living room sofa to change it up for the new season.  Don’t forget that your porch areas may like a little love after the summer season, spruce up with a little Navy.

Feather Rug- Navy/Cobalt -Living With Color Designs

via Serena and Lily

Lay a little Navy love underfoot with this two-tone blue rug from Serena and Lily, the Feather Rug-Navy/Cobalt.  Ideal for any room in the house.

Taylor Burke Kings Grant Chair Cobalt- Living With Color Designs

via Taylor Burke

Who wouldn’t love this Kings Grant Chair in cobalt by a great little company Taylor & Burke, started by two Carolinian sisters, Julianne Taylor and Lauren Burke.  They offer unique designs, quality furniture, and keep an eco-friendly focus. Tuck one of these at each end of your dining table or pair two together to make an cozy conversation area with a lot of style.

Bungalow 5 Navy Chest- Living With Color Designs

via Bungalow 5

Bungalow 5 is one of my favorite companies for great transitional pieces. This JACQUI 4 drawer chest features our Navy and the hot new gold trend. Love these stylish gold pulls.

Navy Mid Century Modern Mirror- Living With Color Designs Give Navy a little face time with this mid century modern mirror from Mirror Image.

Navy Kelly Desk Barclay Butera- Living With Color Designs

You can learn more about this piece, the Kelly Desk, in this earlier blog post about Barclay Butera .  His collection was filled with plenty of Navy inspiration.

Kate Spade evidently is also “Mad about Navy”.  Many of the Kate Spade dinnerware collections include this color.  If you are local you can check these out at the newly opened Belk Home Store at Friendly Shopping center.  Check out the cute Navy and Green combinations in her About Town and Wickford collections.

Palm Beach Collection- Living With Color Designs

via Eastern Accents

And I will end with one of my favorite Navy combinations, Aqua and Navy.  This Palm Beach bedding collection by Eastern Accents is also from a Barclay Butera collection and is available through Living With Color Designs.

Hope my “Mad about Navy” post doesn’t have you feeling a little blue because it is meant to get you all excited.  Have a wonderful weekend.   –  Marianne


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