Shop The Super Bowl Commercials

I’ll admit, I look forward to the commercials as much as I do the game and this year’s offerings reveal it’s a great year to shop the Super Bowl commercials.  I’m a product geek.  I get all excited about new products no matter the category.  That’s why I’m excited about some of the new products we’ll see during the Super Bowl, and yes I have already bought some of them.  I’m sharing a few of the products that got me excited and making  it easy to do some one-stop shopping right here from the blog.  You might want to get a head start on ordering before the commercials hit millions of viewers.

Shop The Super Bowl Commercials- Living With Color designs Blog

Death Wish Coffee Co.

If you are a coffee fan or even a curious coffee drinker like me, you are going to like Death Wish Coffee Co.  Yes, I was afraid that once the commercial hit Sunday night the site would be flooded with orders and I might miss out, I went ahead and ordered me some.   This company was the winner of Intuit Quick Books Small Business Big Game which landed them a commercial in the Super Bowl.  What a great story.   Death Wish Ground Coffee has double the caffeine of your average coffee,  Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic.  Read more about Death Wish here.   I was a fan the first day I tried it, one cup and I was ready to conquer the world.  You Keurig lovers can even get it in a k-cup.  I must confess we already ordered some more.

Death Wish Coffee- Twice the caffeine and certified organic-Living With Color Designs Blog: Shop The Super Bowl Commercials

Amazon Echo

New technologies continue to amaze and the Amazon Echo is quiet impressive. This is Amazon’s first Super Bowl appearance.  The echo is designed around your voice, hands free and always on.  What looks like a speaker is so much more because it connects to Alexa, a cloud-based voice service, “to provide information, answer questions, play music, read the news, check sports scores or the weather, and more instantly.  All you have to do is ask. Echo begins working as soon as it detects the wake word. ”  You can even connect to your smart home. Sounds like a great gift for that hard-to-buy-for person.

Amazon Echo-Living With Color Designs Blog: Shop The Super Bowl Commercials


Sometimes life get’s messy, and that’s usually a lot of fun.  The next product featured takes me back to our horse riding days.  Getting in and out of the car after stomping around a barn and mucking stalls can lay down a lot of dirt.  I would not have traded anything for my WeatherTech mats in those days.  No matter if you’re a weekend worrier or a soccer mom, these sturdy mats will save the day.  Choose these trim-to-fit mats or order custom mats for your particular vehicle.

WeatherTech Trim-to-fit Floor mats-Living With Color Designs Blog: Shop The Super Bowl Commercials


LG is promoting their tv’s with curved OLED technology, describing it as “Not a New TV. A New Category of Television, The LG EC9300 CURVED OLED TV is a marvel of design and performance. The gracefully curved Full HD 1080p screen offers ‘Perfect Black’ for infinite contrast, while LG’s 4 Color Pixel technology enables a broader range of more accurate colors. Featuring the award-winning LG Smart TV with webOS*, the EC9300 makes it easy to enjoy movies and more from a host of premium content providers like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus”.  Looks really beautiful, I’ll have to check one out in person.  You know this color fan is drawn to anything that will provide me with deep rich color.LG Curved Smart OLED TV- Living With Color Designs Blog: Shop The Super Bowl CommercialsLooks like advertisers are planning to keep us laughing this year as they lure us to shop the Super Bowl commercials.  That’s good though, I like to laugh.  Well I can’t finish this post without giving a shout out to my Carolina Panthers.  I have to say it’s a whole different experience when you have a team in the game.  I’m actually getting into all the hype. These two great teams are sure to keep us entertained and make it a great Super Bowl 50.  I’ll be watching more than the commercials this year.  Remember I’ve already shopped some of the commercials.   –  Marianne

Managing My Stuff.

In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately, I’ve been managing my stuff. Twenty years of stuff to be exact.  This year we will have been in our home for 20 years.  And, as you can imagine, we’ve accumulated 20 years of stuff.

Managing My Stuff Living With Color Designs Blog - Office


Clearing out some stuff.

The push to finally deal with my stuff came from implementing some  much needed overall maintenance to our home.  No one likes to mention during your exuberant, giddy, building your first home, state of being that in 20 years or so you’ll be laying out another chunk of cash to maintain you lovely abode, why spoil the mood.

So here it is, 20 years later and in the last few months we have replaced the roof, replaced the windows, painted some walls, and accomplished the overwhelming-back breaking-stuff moving-job of clearing out two bedrooms, my home office, the floors of 5 closets, and a little attic hideaway in preparation for carpet in those rooms.  This is what a bonus room looks like with the stuff from all those rooms piled into one. Crazy huh?

Managing My Stuff: Living With Color Designs Blog

I decided that this would be a great opportunity for me to go through everything, and I mean everything.  Gleaning and tossing anything without value, donating usable goods, recycling whatever I could, and requiring my children to reclaim some of their things.  This hands-on approach has been a little more time consuming then I thought it would be, and has only reached completion because I could hear the desperation in the voice of the sweet lady at the carpet store who was all but pleading for a firm install date.

Managing my Stuff- Carpet

Managing my stuff has not been easy because in the process I had to come face-to-face with some of my biggest shortcomings.  I hate to get rid of anything that I’ve spent our hard earned money on and has the remote possibility that I could use it in the future (borderline hoarder syndrome).  I’m also addicted to magazines ( consuming visual addiction) and prize them like books.

Managing My Stuff - Living With Color Designs Blog-Office

At this point during the process I wished I had read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo.  I now have it on order.  This is the bestselling guide to decluttering your home which includes step-by-step instructions and also includes the words ‘life-changing’ in the title, which gives me hope.

The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up- Living With Color Designs Blog- Managing My Stuff

Hidden Family Treasures

Although this has been quiet the task and I still have putting it all back in to look forward to after the installers leave today, I like to look on the brighter side.  During this I have participated in some weight training and load bering exercises that should benefit my muscles and bones, (gym girls, I should be back to yoga and pilates next week, fingers crossed).

The most valuable part of touching every piece of paper and going through every little box is that I found family treasures, revealed a mystery, and strolled down memory lane.  It is interesting what you keep, the obvious things like childhood drawings and notes, pictures of fun times and grand occasions, historical papers that paint a family history, awards and symbols of successes, funny tokens of affection.  The soul touching items that took me on an emotional journey was what I didn’t expect.  Encouraging words exchanged between a husband and a wife during a time when family life was taking it toll, a child’s poem about a truck and a grandfather who is no longer with us, index cards with inspirational quotes and scriptures that my grandmother cut out and glued to paper, God’s name frequently scribbled in a child’s hand foretelling a strong abiding faith that would accompany her into adulthood.  I have to say I have been blessed by my labors.

The mystery, you ask?  Well, there seems to be one high school reunion that I couldn’t remember us having.  They all assure me it happened.  I have chided my friends, in a teasing way, that they must have not wanted me to come.  Turns out, I found a sweet little note from my sister thanking me for helping make her 40th birthday party special even though I had to miss my class reunion.  Opps! Sorry Friends!  You do love me!  Yea!

So, managing my stuff is where I have been lately and it is something I plan to continue working on in other parts of the house.  I’m looking forward to getting a box from Amazon and starting my new read, any additional help is appreciated.  Remember, life-changing, right on the cover.   –  Marianne


Every once in a while I’m just ready for a refresh.  When my husband and I were first married we had fun moving the furniture around a bit every now and then to give a room a new feel.  As our furnishings got a little bit nicer and a little bit bigger, meaning heavier, we tended to move things around less frequently, but we could still refresh.  One way to refresh a room is to inject a new color palette, like this orange and pink, to a room by combining a new color with and existing color, or going with all new color parings.

Gita Rug, Traditional design in modern colors of Sizzling Orange and Pink : Living With Color Designs Blog

Sizzling Orange and Pink Mix-N-match

Some color combinations energize and the start of a new year is a great time to ramp things up as you charge ahead toward accomplishing your list of resolutions.  With that in mind in today’s post I wanted to offer a palette that would be sure to generate a happy, ‘ain’t life grand’, energizing feeling every time you enter the room.  Sizzling orange and pink just sings when combined with it’s friend metallic gold and accents of white.  The white makes it pop. The gold adds the finishing jewelry.  High contrast drama-magic then sets in for a room full of fun.

Start With A Rug

Traditional Patterned rug in bold new colors of Sizzling Orange and Pink: Living With color Designs Blog

Mix and Match any of the pieces from this Sizzling Orange and Pink Mix-N-Match Collection in our shop: Ah HOME to create an instant room refresh.  Start with a rug in the chosen colors of orange and pink to lay the ground work.  The Gita Rug above offers a traditional pattern with an updated twist of bold color.

Add A Patterned Piece Of Upholstery, Or Two, Or Three

Sun Waves Zigzag Print Loveseat in Sizzling Orange and Pink with a touch of Grey : Living With Color Designs BlogIf you’re not wild about a lot of pattern on the floor then choose at least one of the colors from our palette and go with a solid or geometric rug to get your room going, then bring on the pizzaz with patterned upholstered pieces. Sun Waves Loveseat with zigzag and Alessandra Chair in ikat pattern shown.

Ikat patterned pink and white occassionalchair - Sizzling Orange and Pink- Living with color Designs Blog

Choose Lighting To Set The Mood

Now layer on some statement lighting, choosing something creative and that speaks to the inner you.  Try this less formal take on a chandelier with our beaded choice the Yana Chandelier  or add a little sparkle with this more modern acrylic fixture the Stellar Ceiling Lamp.

Elegant White Beaded Chandelier- Living With Color Designs Blog




Stellar Ceiling Lamp







Seating and storage are always at a premium and this glass waterfall table the Clarity Console Table would be a great place to tuck a bench like the Natalie Storage Bench in orange.  Add one or two of these hot pink, white piped, Dollhouse Vanity Stools and suddenly we’re talking girl party!

All The Little Details: Pillows, Lamps,Tables and More

Sizzling Orange and Pink Mix-N-Match: Living With Color Designs Blog

Pillows are one of the easiest ways to inject color and pattern into a room.  Colors pop with this little striped Jackie Throw Pillow in our cheerful orange and pink.Jackie Throw Pillow - Sizzling Orange & Pink: Living With Color Designs Blog

Add a little BoHo style with  this sun shiny Early Bloomer Throw Pillow.

Get a burst of sunshine with this sunburst orange and pink designed pillow; Living With Color Designs Blog








If you are looking for a truly more modern edge this Modern Curved Swivel Chair is your go-to chair for this mix-n-match.  If you’ve never owned a chair that swivels than you don’t know what you are missing. This one has a cocoon-like seat and would work great in any home office, living room or bedroom.

Modern Curved Swivel Chair in Orange- Ah HOME














Light things up with one of these table lamps.  This pair of Mini Foo Dog lamps comes with built in personality for your space.  Other options are the Stacked Table Lamp and the curvy Angela Table Lamp.

Orange Lamps- Ah HOME

One of my room essentials is small side tables.  A place to set down a book are maybe a drink as we sit back and soak in all of this beautiful color.  Tiny little side tables that help keep things at our finger tips are invaluable, and I found some great options for you in orange and gold that will add plenty of interest to you space.  The Campana Spot Table, the Golden Accent Garden Seat and the Ganesh Takes A Seat Stool which is one of my favorites.


Campana Spot Table

Gold Metallic Garden Stool- Ah Home








Orange Elephant Garden Seat.














Isn’t that little elephant cute!  Now, aren’t you energized by our Sizzling Orange & Pink Mix-N-Match color palette?   Drop by our shop: Ah Home to see more color mix-n-match rooms in the future.  Get a little Color your inbox and be the first to find out about all things Living With Color when you Subscribe.

What is your color of choice for a new refresh?  I would love to hear what you are planning!  Look forward to coming home.  –  Marianne


Woodland Animal Themed Christmas Tree - Color Palette Moss Green, brown, copper, gold, and silver - Living With Color DesignsHappy New Year!  I love the wide open opportunities of a new year.  The feeling of fresh starts, reaching for the sky, realizing priorities, and sharpening focus.  Cherishing the past and thankful for the opportunities of the future.

Woodland Themed Christmas Tablescape - Living With Color Designs

The past year we have all witnessed some troubling things in our world.  These things have  required of us to pause, stop really, and consider the world.  Mindlessly going about ‘life as we know it’ was no longer an option.

Boxwood Christmas Wreath With Shiny Gold Bow

As I pondered my approach to decorating for Christmas, I considered just what message I wanted to present to my family and others who might join our celebrations.  Again and again my mind would fill with with two words, Peace and Joy, exactly what I hoped for family members and friends who have had personal struggles and for the world at large.

Peace and Joy Themed Christmas Ornaments- Peace Word Ornament In Silver Scripted font - Living With Color DesignsPeace and Joy Themed Christmas Ornaments- Joy Word Ornament In Silver Scripted font - Living With Color Designs

As you saw from my owl topiary post and from my Thanksgiving instagram posts, I settled on a woodland theme to begin with Thanksgiving and carry over into Christmas.  My design approach was inspired by nature and brought to life through earthy shades of brown and mossy green tones, plenty of woodland critters to reflect their abiding in nature despite their differences, and reintroducing the use of fresh greenery in our decorating.  Shinny silver, copper, and gold, twinkle reflecting the brightness of our hopes and aspirations for the future.

As promised, I’m finally sharing the final results of my little woodland themed Christmas, which might seem unusual after Christmas, but I have languished in the guilty pleasure of focusing on family and home for two wonderful weeks.  For me the new year starts today with heading back to work.  I plan to greet the new year with a renewed energy and focus, positioned to make 2016 one of the best.

Chocolate Christmas Ornaments From Switzerland - Living With Color Designs

Sometimes people choose a word to embrace in the new year, one that may provide a little motivation or direction. I guess sort of like how the words Peace and Joy inspired my decorating.  For the New Year I have chosen the word Focus.  For someone who is extremely ADD, this will be a hallmark choice of a word, and possibly, no definitely, a challenge.  But I am primed, prepared, and determines to harness a laser like focus and forge ahead with my hopes and dreams.

Reindeer Christmas Decor With Gold Bow - Woodland Themed Christmas Decorations


Old Fashioned Wooden Christmas Incense Burner - Living With Color Designs

What are you inspired to do or see in the new year?   Maybe it relates to family, maybe to work, or maybe even your home.  Whatever it is, I cheer you on.

Peace and Joy Themed Christmas Decorations - Living With Color Designs

Metallic Gold Gift Wrap With Large Dots - Living With Color Designs

So, for now it’s time for me to pack away the trimmings of Christmas.  I have to admit that my woodland theme has been a welcome calm in the chaos of life.  I’m going to miss my little reminders of Peace and Joy from nature.

Once put away, I’ll still remember the motivation for it all.  And I hope that we’ll all do our part to work toward peace

Birds and Pinecones - Christmas woodland Animal Theme From Living With Color Designs

Deer Christmas Decor - Woodland Themed Christmas Decorations and Tablescape - Living With color Designs

Chocolate Ornament From Switzerland Included in Woodland Themed Christmas Tablescape Decorations - Living With Color Designs

Dining Room Christmas Decorating

I hope this little woodland Christmas theme has offered you a little color and styling inspiration that you can use next year.  I’m wishing the Happiest of new years to you.  Whatever your personal dreams and desires, I hope they are realized for you this year.   –  Marianne

I know you’re out there.  You last minute New Years Eve DIYers.

I know because I’m right there with you.  All I want to do after Christmas is chill.  Not even interested in planning the next thing.  Then, all of a sudden, it is the day before New Year’s Eve and I realize I better get myself to the grocery store before all the black eyed peas, greens, pork and cornbread are gone.

Next I get all excited that New Year’s Eve is a great excuse to have a little fun and, by golly, how do I want to do that.  Thus the reason for this very last minute New Years Eve DIY’s and other maybe useful information.


From one of my favorite creative DIY sites.  You can always expect something fun and full of color.

Festive Holiday Drink Stirrers- Oh Happy Day


14 NYE Party Hats + Headbands to DIY Before the Ball Drops from BRIT + CO

Another one of my go to creativity and DIY sites. This round up was great.  It was hard for me to choose a picture rom the 14 different hats and headbands.

DIY New Years Eve Party Hats

Recipe Cocktail Shaker from Ah HOME

For me, making a mixed drink is kinda DIY.  I have no clue what goes in what.  So, right before Christmas I bought this great little Recipe Cocktail Shaker to help me Make Merry during the holidays.  It was easy to use and 6 recipes are right there on the side.  You might want one for your own Merry Making.

Recipe Cocktail Shaker - Ah HOME


Recipe Cocktail Shaker


14 Small Space Tips for the Cocktail Maven Who Wants a Home Bar via BRIT + CO

Photograph via The Every Girl

There are great ideas on both of these sites for creative entertaining beautiful photography too.

Wall Shelf Cocktail Bar - The Every Girl


Brushed Gold Barrel Ice Bucket- Ah HOME24-Karet Gold Ringed Glasses- Ah HOMEFaux Bois Wood like stainless steel ice bucket - Ah Home




This is for the ‘over achiever’ last minute DIYer.  Those of you that hoard up on beautiful scrapbook paper.


The Champagne Cocktail Guide from Pinterest

Click the link to view all the recipes.

Champagne Cocktail Guide

The Essential Guide to Bar Carts via One Kings Lane

For some reason I find bar carts a little glamorous and maybe like a sweet indulgence.  They are great portable little stations that suit most any purpose and any room in the house.  See some creative uses in well appointed rooms here.

The Essential Guide To Bar Carts


Gold and Metal Bar Cart

Gold Bar Cart In clover Shape- Ah HOME
Meant Green Bar Cart - Ah HOME




My dotty stars turned out great.  I used instructions from the American Girl Magazine Dec. 2014 (cool grandma alert) but they don’t have any online instructions.  I found you some paper star instructions here at Gina Lideros Design.


So there you have it, a few last Minute New Year’s Eve DIY’s and entertaining tidbits.  What are you waiting for, go get busy DIYers.

Happy New Year’s to all.  Hope it is the best one yet!   –  Marianne

Hey Color Fans!!!

favorite color to live with- Modern Floral Painting - Living With Color

I Want To Hear From You!!

What Is your Favorite Color To Live With ?


Click on the link #favoritecolortolivewith  to head to over to my instagram page and share your favorite color to live with and hashtag a picture showing your beautiful color.

@livingwithcolordesigns instagram

I hope you will be a part of the conversation.  The easiest way to spruce up your home in the new year is to do it with color.  Tweak/add to an existing color you are currently using or start out fresh with your newest color crush.

Been timid about taking the color plunge?  Hold back no longer.  Even white is a hot color this year so you can’t go wrong. If locating colorful home products is a problem I have a solution for that also.  Just click on the Shop tab to head over to our shop Ah Home where you beautifully designed products in an array of colors.

Look forward to coming home!   –  Marianne



Tips For Unique Christmas Decorations- Living With Color Designs- Add a variety of Textures

You can create unique holiday decorations by getting your creativity on following with a few of my tried and true decorating tips.

I’ll use my front door topiaries project to walk you through the steps.  The inspiration for them began simply enough with the purchase of the owl decorations from Picket Fence Interiors and Gifts.

I’ll admit I’m somehow naturally attracted to the unique and different, not sure if it’s a gift or a curse, but  it always keeps things interesting.  The attraction doesn’t have to be natural though, because you can make your own magic by using these easy to follow tips to sharpen your creative approach.

Tips For Unique Christmas Decorations- Living With Color Designs- Entryway Topiaries

Tip # 1: Embrace The Unusual

Remember it is all about the visual and nothing stimulates and excites the mind more than the unusual.  We are intrigued by things that are new to us, be it the materials, the design, or even an unexpected use of something.  When I bought these darling owls I knew I would use them with more natural looking materials.  When I found these twisted wool ropes they sort of reminded me of dreads, kinda crazy huh, and I loved the texture.  I remembered wool like Christmas trees at Anthropologie which were made by using something similar for display in their store.  Somehow this dread like material translated in my mind into how birds use found objects and twist them into nest.  I bought some of this in brown and cream and used it as an overall foundation of garland.

Tips For Unique Christmas Decorations- Living With Color Designs- Embrace The Unsual

Tips For Unique Christmas Decorations- Living With Color Designs- Unique twisted wool for garland

Tip # 2: Wired Ribbon Is Your Friend And So Is Texture

It is so true.  Wired ribbon is your friend!  And we all love friends.  Wired ribbon holds it’s shape so bows will automatically look fluffy.  Garlands are easy to flounce by just pinching a little in here and there and shoving it under a branch.  I find that most of it can be reworked and it not look like a hot mess, which helps when you realize you should have made a bow a little bit bigger.  Adding a variety of textures and sizes of materials adds dimension that is just not achieved any other way.  The wide open weave of this cream ribbon was a nice counter point to my compact twisted wool strands.

Tips For Unique Christmas Decorations- Living With Color Designs- Wired Ribbon Is Your Friend

Tip # 3: Pick A Theme

Themes give you direction.  This will definitely include a color theme and then a style or motif.  Having snowy white and brown owls steered my color palette and dictated that my theme, bird and nature inspired . Keeping with a natural theme I decided to use an evergreen as the backdrop to create high contrast and show off my brown and cream features.

Tips For Unique Christmas Decorations- Living With Color Designs- Embrace a theme like this natural owl theme


Tip # 4: Get Off The Christmas Isle

If you want your decorations to be unique and unusual you have to get off the Christmas isle to purchase some of your items.  Once you’ve decided the colors you want to use then you can shop for complimentary items anywhere.  The twisted wool above and this ruffled burlap trim studded with rhinestones was found in the sewing department.  I was looking for something that would add a little sparkle but still embrace my natural theme when i found the ruffled burlap.  Since this was a more costly item I just bought a small amount, unsure how I would use it.  Ultimately I used smaller sections of it as a perch of sorts for my owls.

Tips For Unique Christmas Decorations- Living With Color Designs- Use sections of trim to mount owls

Tip # 5: Shop At The End Of The Season When Price Won’t Stifle Your Creativity.

This tip is timely since this post is so close to Christmas you will probably be waiting until next year to try something new.  I find that I am a little more adventurous with my purchases and efforts to mix and match things if I’m buying items at a steal.  Full price can stifle creativity quickly.  In my mind, this is an safe out for me if my crazy selections fall short of my aspirations.  Somehow that usually doesn’t happen.  I guess bargains just boost creativity and my confidence.

Tips For Unique Christmas Decorations- Living With Color Designs- Feather covered balls contribute to the bird theme.

Tips For Unique Christmas Decorations- Living With Color Designs- Woodland Owl Theme Topiaries.Tip # 6:Invest In Some Basic Supplies

You will be ready for any project if you invest in some basic supplies.  Wire, cutting utensils, scissors, floral tape and foam, wooden skewers, hot glue gun, and an assortment of ribbon in some basic colors and metallics will take you a long way on most projects.

Tips For Unique Christmas Decorations- Living With Color Designs- Invest in basic supplies like wire, floral tape, etc

When you are finished go ahead celebrate your creative success.  Don’t be over critical of every little detail.  There is no such thing as perfection, so let that go.   Sometimes it is the imperfections that make something brilliant.  Here is one of my finished topiaries and even for me this project was not without it’s challenges.  Some things I thought I might use I didn’t and my choice of evergreen was a little frustrating to work with because it was not as sturdy as I would have liked.  Now that it is finished, none of that matters.  Now I just enjoy it.

Tips For Unique Christmas Decorations- Living With Color Designs- Add a variety of Textures

Hey, I forgot to tell you My Rules For Creativity.

Probably should have given you that first but here they are.

  • Let go of worrying if you are doing it right or wrong, there is no wrong in creativity.
  • Embrace the process…some things will work, some will fail.  Trial and error is the foundation of all great things.
  • If you like it, that’s all that matters.  I’m sure someone else will like it too.
  • Have fun.  Lots of fun.  Then go ahead and admire your work.  Pride in accomplishment is really fun.

Well, there it is, my six tips for creating unique holiday decorations.Give them a try and share how your projects turn out.  I would love to hear from you.   –  Marianne

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Ah Home Logo EPS

Hey I am so excited. Living With Color Designs now has it’s very own Pinterest page.   In celebration I have created a special 2015 Make Merry With Living With Color Designs board to provide you with plenty of inspiration for all things Christmas and Holiday.

Pinterest Make Merry with LWCD 2015

2015 Make Merry With Living With Color Designs.

l’ll show you a few of the highlights here to whet your appetite.  Hope you will help welcome us to Pinterest by checking it out and following along!  Links to all of the pins featured in this post can be found on individual pins on the board.

Santa and Reindeer Cookies via Sweetapolita- Living With Color Designs Blog

Brought to you via Sweetapolita:  Oh my gosh. Are these cute or what?  I keep promising myself that I am going to try my hand at making darling little iced cookies.  For now I just keep stalking all the gorgeous pictures of cookies.  Iconic Christmas theme of Santa and Reindeer.

Elf Hat Folded Napkin via Tiny Prints blog- Living With Color Designs BlogBrought to you via Tiny Prints Blog:  I just love this little Elf Hat Napkin.  Luckily I realized that the blog had this beautiful picture but no instructions on folding.  Not wanting to fail you I found some elf hat napkin folding instructions here

Brought to you via BH &Gardens:  This centerpiece is so simple and you may even have some square vases already, I did.  A bow tied around it magically turns in into a gift package. Clever and I love the colors!  Use plastic ornaments that won’t break if little hands reach in to take a few.

Aqua Lime and Silver simple ball ornament centerpiece via BH & Garden- Living With Color Designs Blog


Brought to you via OHMY!Creative: Slap on one of these downloadable wine gift tags and gift giving just got easy.  Gonna be printing me some of these.

- Living With Color Designs Blog


Brought to you via Fraulein Klein:  This cake is so precious.  How darling, right down to the cute little road marker.  Now don’t be surprised when you get to this one, it is in Dutch.  But it just doesn’t matter because it is so lovely.  However, if you would like to be able to read the instructions, I did discover a little translation link.   Just in case any of you don’t read Dutch either.  If you like this photo then you will love this site and if you go there you may get lost in it for a while.  Just saying.

Snowy Glazed Cake with Cabin on top via Fraulein Klein- Living With Color Designs Blog

Fat Daddio�s Round Cake Pans

Mosser Jadeite Cake Stand

Brought to you via Inspired by Charm:  It’s no secret that I really love Chalkboard anything and this chalkboard tape makes it really easy to implement into many projects.  Great idea to add to a platter.  This post also has a great DIY drink tag idea.

Chalk tape DIY via Inspired By Charm- Living With Color Designs Blog

Brought to you via Avanti Greeting Cards:  I feel in love with this company years ago when I represented their line as a social stationary rep.  Yes, there are all kinds of surprises in my work history.  Makes me well rounded I think.  Anyway, their photography is amazing and you will fall in love with their cards.  Picked this little cutie for the dog lovers and, oh yea, the red truck lovers.

Golden Retreivers and Red Truck Via Avanti cards- Living With Color Designs Blog


I’m excited about our LWCD Pinterest page and I’m just getting started at adding pins.  Boards and pins will stay true to the colorful design style and inspiration which is the foundation of our brand and that you have come to expect.

Oh, and also go by our new shop Ah HOME to find amazing products to help you create that home you will love… look forward to coming home.  There is a lot going on around here.

I hope you take time to soak in all the little special moments with family and friends during this Christmas Season and enjoy all your Merry Making.   – Marianne

Our next contenders have chosen their color of the year.  You may remember that Benjamin Moore was the first to announce their color of the year.  You can read about it in our post here.

Alabaster SW 7008 Sherwin Williams- Living With Color Designs

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year for 2016 has been announced and is Alabaster, another neutral choice.  Looks like we may have a trend.  Read the quote below to see their beliefs about the power of Alabaster.

“Alabaster represents a straightforward and necessary shift to mindfulness. It provides an oasis of calmness, spirituality and ‘less is more’ visual relief. Alabaster is neither stark nor overly warm, but rather an understated and alluring white.”
Jackie Jordan, Sherwin-Williams director of color marketing.

Their video is below and geared to emphasize the calming effect of Alabaster, the video is  really calm.


In a bold move Pantone, one of the major color forecasters in all the industries, has chosen two colors for color of the year.  Yes two.  You read that right and everyone is all a flutter because of their brilliant audacity.  They have chosen the soft, oh so compatible, colors of Rose Quartz (a warmer rose tone) and Serenity (a cooler tranquil blue).

Pantone colors of the year 2016- Rose Quartz and Serenity - Living With Color Designs.Below is a quote from Pantone about their chosen colors.

“A symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.
For the first time Pantone introduces two shades, Rose Quartz and Serenity as the PANTONE Color of the Year 2016. Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.”

Their video juxtaposes current cultural chaos with the calming effect of these colors

Follow Pantone’s Instagram account for more inspiration, like the picture below.

Instagram- Pantone- Rose Quartz and Serenity

Not to be out done, Valspar has gone and chosen four inspiring color palettes predicted to trend in 2016.  Yes that right.  These palettes include 24 colors total and also recommend a perfect white to complement each group.  With so many colors to talk about here, I’ll have to put their colors in a separate post a little later on.

Ah, the world of color, ever changing, ever the same, always delightful.  Just choose your favorite.    –  Marianne

Ah Home Logo EPS

Our shop is finally open. Yea!  All you have to do is click the SHOP tab and you will be taken to our sister site, Ah HOME, where you can shop beautifully designed pieces, many available in great color options.

You will find an assortment of curated collections to inspire your home decorating.  You will also find a Gifts section with a few suggestions to help you with your holiday shopping.

Ah Home Collections

Each day we will be adding new products and will offer a way for you to subscribe so that you never miss out on creating your one of a kind style.

Announcements were sent out to our loyal Living With Color Designs Blog subscribers on Cyber Monday announcing a soft launch. (i.e. trial run, and there were a few glitches, think we have them all worked out, yea!)  Thanks to all of you who dropped by that day and any other day.

We are excited about the opportunity to bring you products that will elevate your interior spaces and ultimately enhance your life and your well being.  Home should nurture, inspire, celebrate, embrace, and shelter.  Create the right environment for your life story.

Ah Home Categories

The idea behind this shop was fueled by living in a small town where there just weren’t many options for locating and purchasing inspiring products for my home.  Colorful options were nowhere to be found.  I wanted to create a shop that would allow anyone, anywhere, to view and have access to amazing products that would translate into an interesting, happy, colorful (if you like that), one-of-a-kind home.

Which brings me to how I chose a name for our store. ‘Ah…home’, is the feeling I get when returning home.  Comfortable surrounding and cherished familiar objects welcome me to come in, relax, be myself, and enjoy my family.  I wanted our customers to have that feeling too after shopping our site and enhancing their homes.  In the end I decided it would be a great name for the shop, and so it is.

Chair with pink balloon- We're open- Ah HOME

Happy Birthday to our new store.  Our story at Ah HOME is just beginning and together with Living With Color Designs we will continue to search out fabulous products for your home so you can get that Ah HOME Feeling.  There is much more to come. Hope you will join us and become a part of our story.  Subscribe so you won’t miss a thing.

Ah HOME…it’s a feeling!   –  Marianne


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Lumens Light + Living is a great site where you can find “Lighting, Fans and Home Accessories – All with a Focus on Great Design”.  Here is their deal.  Check out designs from to designers like one of my favorite designers Jonathan Adler.

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Shop and help others when you buy a soft toy at ikea they donate $1.00 till Dec.26 2015 UNICEF and Save the children. This is not a cyber Monday thing but I think it is nice when companies give back.  Cyber On and Happy Shopping   –  Marianne

pecan pie in-a-jar -Living With Color Designs Blog

Ok, just one more post with the beautiful colors of Fall before I jump into Christmas.  Hey, it will include a delicious product that would make a great Christmas gift for a neighbor, a teacher, a busy mom, really almost anybody, so please indulge me one more post.  The delicious little product is  Pecan Pie In-A-Jar by the great San Saba River Pecan Company.

Pecan pie is my favorite!  I’d never made one though because I figured it must be a lot of work to make something soooo delicious.

Anyway, a few months ago I was at my favorite garden center, Whitaker Farm and Garden Center, ( see other links to them here and here) and I saw this cute little pecan pie in-a-jar and thought ‘this sounds easy, I could start my pie making with this’.  All you will need in addition is a pie crust, eggs and optional butter (?optional?, ?optional butter???).  You know I included butter.  My pie was delicious, and easy, and full of nuts, and worth the wait!!

Warning here: for those of you who would be standing there, fork-in-hand, waiting for the timer to go off and the pie to come out.  This pie takes 1hr. and 20 min. to cook and then 4 hours to overnight to set.  I really wish I had read that part carefully at the beginning.  Then I would have been mentally prepared.  Waiting was torture!

I believe it was $14.99 at Whitaker’s.  If there is not one near you, you can click on the image below to shop online. It cost a little more though.

 Now I can hear you thinking, ‘does that southern girl say puh-kahn or pee-can?’  Well I say pee-kahn which may have thrown you a curve, and just for fun here’s a little link to an interactive dialect map of the US which will let you know who says what/where for the word pecan and a few others.

Now here are a few last Fall lovelies for you to enjoy!

Urn With Stacked Pumpkins Arrangements - Living With Color Designs Blog

white pumpkin- living with color designs blogApples-Living With Color Designs BlogP.S.  You are not required to tell your guest that your pie came out of a jar, that is optional.   I just couldn’t keep it a secret.   –  Marianne