Southern Living Idea House at the Fontanel- NashvilleSpring comes along and I begin to daydream about  traveling someplace for a little R&R.  My idea of the perfect second home would be a family compound style home similar to the one above.  You could set it by the lake, in the mountains, near the shore, anywhere different from where I currently am.   Continue reading →

How fabulous is this infographic: DIY Flower Arranging for Beginners.

If you are like me you are excited about Spring and looking forward to all of those beautiful blooms that will be coming in.  When I saw these great little tips I just knew I had to share it with my readers.   Thanks for sharing the fabulous infographic!!   Be sure to give them a little love, click on the pic to go to their link and find a more detailed article on the topic.  More fun with flowers coming soon.   Happy  Spring!   –  Marianne

DIY Flower Arranging

Celebrating Green!  Green is such a divine color.  Gifted from nature and ideal for bringing the outside in.  The color grounds and calms our being all in one fell swoop.

I love the big bold style of emerald green and the chic soft whisper of mossy greens.  And don’t even get me started about the delicious confection of mint green combined with navy.  There is so much to love about  green, I thought you would enjoy a little roundup of inspiration and products beautifully designed in the various, fabulous, shades of green.

Color Palette: Green - Living With Color Blog- Green Study in Nashville Southern Living Home

Nashville Southern Living Home: Study

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The color of my beverage has drawn my attention lately.  Who knew color would end up playing an important role in my health (and therefore my beverage choices.)  Turns out the color of my beverage is is pretty important.  The color is a clue to all the yummy nutrients and health benefits inside.

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