Outdoor Pillows by Elaine Smith: Get Ready for Warmer Weather

Elaine Smith Outdoor Pillows Blue and Green
 Outdoor pillows by Elaine Smith in blues and greens.  

At our house we are saying “enough already” to winter and I know that many of you in other parts of the country have the very same sentiment.  Our little world got halted yesterday by a not fully anticipated ice storm.  No electricity, no internet, no electrified sections of town with fast food restaurants eager to provide you with a little java, and don’t even try to pump gas because that’s not happening.  So what’s a person to do?  My personal survival mode was to turn on my gas logs, reorganize the living room for up close seating, set my iPod to shuffle, grab my new magazines, and imagine spring.

Probably a lot of you are imagining spring and actually you should be because Spring is only 12 days away.  The result of which is little time left over to prepare if you were thinking of sprucing up your outdoor areas.  But these beautiful pillows certainly could not be outdoor pillows, right?  Wrong.  They actually are outdoor pillows that are beautiful enough to be used indoor also and are used indoors too (think kid friendly, easy to clean).   I actually stumbled upon this luxury line of pillows by Elaine Smith at furniture market.  I had roamed around oohing and awing for sometime before I realized they were a pillow line ready made for outdoor use.  Color is a key ingredient of all of Elaine Smith’s designs.  Color can easily evoke a mood and send your thoughts to glorious places.  The cool blues and greens evoke images of the ocean while these fiery shades of red and orange summon thoughts of sitting around an open flame.  It all works together to create the feeling you want for your personal outdoor space.  Pillows are a great go to item to quickly and easily freshen up any space or change it up for seasons.

Tourmaline Ikat pillow by Elaine Smith
Elaine Smith outdoor pillows in fiery orange and shades of emerald.

I found a good site that offers the full line of Elaine Smith pillows.  Click on each pillows name to go to the link and find pricing.

Picture at top left to right: Kaleidoscope Spiral Cobalt,  Cobalt Block,  Acapulco Modern Oval Ocean
Picture at bottom left to right: Machu Picchu Zebra Tamale, Tourmaline Stripe, Acapulco Hula, Tourmaline Ikat

Luckily my power is back on.  We are sharing the warmth with other family members who are still waiting for power.  Can you say huge slumber party?  Could get interesting tonight with the big game on and a house divided between teams.  But if it all gets too crazy my plan is to just shut it all out and think of Spring.   –  Marianne

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