Ginger Jars Are Getting Noticed Again In Top Interiors

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Lime green and celadon ginger jars.

If you have your ginger jars tucked away in the back corners of your attic it is time to bring them out again.  I know some of you have them, I do.  If you are not familiar with ginger jars they are recognizable by their distinctive shape and intricate solid colored patterns. Ginger jars are making their presence know in the traditional colors that we have known and loved like blue and white but they are also showing up in unexpected colors like the lime green and celadon above.  This company also had a beautiful assortment in orange.  All of these pictured are from a company Legend of Asia and are made out of porcelain.

Traditional blue and whit ginger jars
Although the motifs typically are Asian they can blend seamlessly into most any decor.  Garden stools have made a presence for the last several years and just continue to build strength as we see them available in striking colors and designs that will fit into all interiors from traditional to contemporary.  Use them as a stool, a side table, or to add height to your table decorations.  The possibilities are endless.
Porcelain ginger jars in blue and white with koi motif

Top designers certainly share and understand the value of this wonderful accessory, the ginger jar.  The May 2014 issue of Traditional Home magazine features the work of Tobi Fairley and highlights the elegance and beauty of the ginger jar.  Designer Barclay Butera who has a passion for blue and white also likes incorporating this classic into his designs.  You can check out this 19 Sunset Beach interior from his portfolio here.  

I’m particularly fond of the fish motifs that can frequently be found on these jars.  The hand painted fish remind me of our first home and our beautiful little Koi pond with it’s trickling waterfall.  Ah, the places the ginger jar takes me to.  To see some of the beautiful Koi fish with some background music and a little zen moment click here.

OK, back to the jars.  If you haven’t ever considered adding this classic to your design esthetic now might be a great time while it has once again pushed it’s way to the forefront of design.  As they are saying, what’s old is new.  That’s kind of how I like it. Classical elements with a twist.    –  Marianne

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