Spoonflower Book Signing Event

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The Spoonflower Headquarters- Living With Color Designs BlogThe Spoonflower book release party was great last night.  Stephen Fraser one of the companies founders, was there to meet, greet, sign books and then give an entertaining presentation including their simple beginnings, loan struggles during the 2009 financial crisis, and eventually catching up to today where they have a multi million dollar investor and plans for many more great product offerings and creative tools.Get Creative at THE Greenhouse- Living With Color Designs BlogI was thrilled to be attending the event at their headquarters in Durham last night and was especially excited to be taking a tour to get an up close and personal look at where the magic happens.  You know how I love to get into the creative nitty gritty of things.  The event began at The Greenhouse, their classroom and community space.  The lobby was all decorated with projects created with Spoonflower fabrics and wallpaper, there were mini cupcakes (oh how I love those), and a little selfie photo backdrop.

The classroom was just as adorable with more projects and a great set up for presentations, seating, and working on projects.  Spoonflower has always been fueled by community offering weekly design contests which are judged by their community.  With over 300 past contests never repeating the same theme, they admitted some had gotten a little silly sometimes.  They can proudly claim being the largest producer of zombie themed fabrics.

My COLOR LOVE has to go ahead and speak up right here, it was so energizing to be surrounded by their colorful products.  For me one of their biggest assets is the quality of color in the finished product.  Vivid, saturated, bright color (unless you want more subdued color, they have you covered there too).

Creative Spoonflower Fabric Designs- Living With Color Designs Blog

Just released is The Spoonflower Handbook- A DIY Guide to Designing Fabric, Wallpaper, & Gift Wrap.  Authored by Stephen Fraser with Judi Ketteler & Becka Rahn, it has 30 + how to projects including these adorably cute pet pillows grouped on the sofa.   Photo’s were printed on their super soft and fluffy MINKY fabric which brought these “furry” creatures to life.

Spoonflower dog and cat face pillow project- Living With Color Designs Blog

The Greenhouse was designed [pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]to support DIY as a cultural movement, we created the Greenhouse to provide a local space for hands-on learning, experimentation, and making. The room is used for classes, lectures, workshops, and social events, most of which are offered free of charge.”[/pullquote] From the beginning they have always been about community and providing anyone with the ability to create what they envision. See, the vision to even create the company came from Stephen’s wife’s desire to make curtains with huge yellow polka-dots on them but there was no fabric like that to be found.  With other avenues to produce consumer created things like calendars and books they thought “why not fabrics”.  And so the journey began.  There is nothing that I love more than a success story and Spoonflower is certainly one of those.  Home grown right here in NC.

I couldn’t  take pictures during the tour because of potential copy writed design issues of fabrics coming off production but I can tell you they have some pretty amazing machines that can put out 3000 yards of printed fabric a day.  Then the fabric is hand cut, orders are placed in coded bins, and then shipping grabs them up to be shipped out with an amazing turn around time of a week.  One interesting tidbit I found out is that the foreign country they ship the most to is Australia and as I mentioned my cousin live in Australia.  She read about Spoonflower on my blog and has actually uploaded her original designs to order fabric (time for me to step up and create an original)  Hey maybe I can take some very very small credit for spreading the love to Australia.

The Spoonflower Blog is full of great tips and inspiration.  That is where I first read about their newest product launch, Sprout Patterns, in this article on their new partners.   Go here to Sprout Patterns to sign up for their news letter and be the first to know when they launch.  This is going to be so cool and have me trying my hand at sewing clothes again.  You choose a pattern and choose a design. The project is printed onto the fabric in the shape you need to cut (yea no pinning flimsy paper). Just cut and sew. How great Is that?Sprout Patterns- Living With Color Designs Blog You mighty also enjoy these two past LWCDB posts featuring Spoonflower: Design Your Own Fabric With Spoonflower  and Wow! Two Days Later My Spoonflower Starter Kit Arrives.  Just reinforces the love I have for Spoonflower.

#SpoonlowerHandbookSelfie - Living With Color Designs Blog

I’ll end here with my book selfie. Buy the book, take a selfie, and upload it to instagram with the #SpoonflowerHandbookSelfie to be entered in a contest to win some fabric.  I really had a great time last night and enjoyed meeting Stephen and his staff.  Looking forward to all the amazingness that Spoonflower will offer in the future.   –  Marianne

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