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Valspar + Pinterest: Pin Color Analyzer- Living With Color Designs- Living With Color Green Pinterest board

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Hey color lovers!  I am just busting with excitement over this one.  Valspar paint has just launched the coolest color finding tool ever with the launch of Ask Val by Valspar.  They have partnered with Pinterest and created a pin color analyzer that will pick color matches from your Pinterest boards or pins.

This is destined  to be your new friend and Pinterest color companion.  You are definitely going to want to check it out.  I mean right now, really, right now, no, read this first to get the lowdown, then go.  Or, go if you have to, but come back.  Ask Val.

Valspar + Pinterest: Pin Color Analyzer- Pins to palettes Valspar + Pinterest: Pin Color Analyzer-Ask Val






Valspar + Pinterest

Pin Color Analyzer

Get ready to have your mind blown away!

Valspar + Pinterest have hooked up to help you find paint color matches for any of your amazingly beautiful and colorful pins.  Yes, it’s true.   They have created a simple and easy process to get set up and to find your perfect color.  Get color chips, hook up color matches, even find professional advice.

Turn your pins to palettes! Use the Valspar Pinterest Analyzer.  Find a color.  Get a chip.

The pin color analyzer can scan a whole board or an individual pin.  The green example at the top of the page is the result of using the new pin analyzer on our Living With Color: Green Pinterest Board which is loaded with plenty of green design inspiration.

You can see and follow all our Living With Color Designs Pinterest Boards here.

Below you see the results of analyzing an individual pin which was a picture from the blog post: Sizzling Orange and Pink and a favorite Turquoise pin.

Valspar + Pinterest: Pin Color Analyzer- LWCD post pin Sizzling Orange & Pink

Valspar + Pinterest: Pin Color Analyzer-My Pin-perfect colors- Turquoise color palette







Your initial results leave one chip blank with an eye dropper and then you can click anywhere on your picture to add one additional color.

Not exactly what you were wanting?  Use the eyedropper again on another part of you picture for another option.

In the example below of a pin from my blog post about Wesley Hall furniture you can see the additional chip filled in from my eyedropper selection.

Valspar + Pinterest: Pin Color Analyzer-LWCD post pin Wesley Hall- Yellow color palette- Living with Color Designs BlogYou can have 10 chips delivered to your home free!  They will arrive in 7-10 business days.  Here are the 10 colors I ordered from playing around with pin analyzer.

Valspar + Pinterest: Pin Color Analyzer-Order free Paint Chips From Valspar-Color Help

Free color Consultation

Maybe you need more help than what your Pinterest board will deliver.  Not to worry.  Connect with their experts.  Upload and share inspiration.  Get personalized color palettes.

Valspar + Pinterest: Pin Color Analyzer-Valspar Free Color Consultation- Living With color Designs BlogYour Pics Your Chips

Photo Match.

Match colors from photos you’ve snapped.  Upload a favorite photo.  They’ll match the photo colors to their chips.  So you can love your color!

I found the upload your own pics a little less satisfying then the pin analyzer, but hey, nothing rocks more than picking color chips directly from our Pinterest pins.  Yea!

So here is what I found using a photo from the scrumptious Bohemian Garden Cocktail Party blog post.  Using the full uncropped photo presented a lot of colors I wasn’t really trying to capture, like shadows and other things.

Valspar + Pinterest: Pin Color Analyzer- Navy and Yellow tablescape- Living With Color Designs BlogTo hone in on the colors I was really trying to capture I had to crop way in and isolate the napkin and lemon and cropping out other shades in the photo.

Valspar + Pinterest: Pin Color Analyzer- French Blue and yellow color palette- Living With Color Designs Blog

Oh yeah, and the big news is you can match paint chips to your pinterest board!!

I love Valspar.  Just Saying.  Ok. I can’t resist showing just one more from my Pinterest boards of Living With Color Designs & The Table’s Garden Party Tablescape Shoot.  Love this one.

Valspar + Pinterest: Pin Color Analyzer- Living With Color Designs -Garden Theme Tablescape


Valspar + Pinterest: Pin Color Analyzer- Photo Match Paint Color Match From Ask Val- Living With Color Designs- Turquoise and Green color Palette for a Garden Tablescape

Now go to Ask Val to try out the Valspar + Pinterest: Pin Color Analyzer.  Right now.

Go Play.  Have fun. –  Marianne


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