Chartreuse Barn Sale – Vintage

Chartreuse Barn Sale- Vintage: Living With Color Designs Blog - vintage toy paneled station wagon with Christmas Tree
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I finally made it over to the monthly Chartreuse Barn Sale in Thomasville and had a delightful morning. The barn was jam packed with vintage items, Christmas music was playing, the vendors were friendly, and home made baked goods were too irresistible to pass up.

Chartreuse Barn Sale: Living With Color Designs Blog

I left with these two vintage toys, fire truck and paneled station wagon laden down with the family Christmas tree.  These nostalgic items just conjured up feelings of Christmas’s past and are sure to become family treasures.

Chartreuse Barn Sale- Vintage toy fire truck and station wagon with tree on top

Chartreuse Barn Sale

This is a monthly event held on the 1st Thursdays.  Runs Thursday through Saturday: 9:00 to 5:00.  Check out their Facebook page for future dates.  This months event included plenty of items to make your Christmas decorating a snap.


My cute little toys were located in the VINTAGEitis booth.  Turns out I heard about the Chartreuse Barn Sale from the ladies at VINTAGEitis and that is what brought me here.  Quite fitting that I fell in love with something in their booth.

Isn’t this reindeer feed bucket just darling!  So many things to love from these ladies.  Repurposed items like this wrought iron turned snowflake and a wagon wheel adorned with twinkle lights and cotton tufts.  If you need stockings, these red and white patterned stockings were lovely.

Thanks Chris Bean & Tracy Furr.

Chartreuse Barn- Reindeer feed bucket

Bee Vintage 41

I enjoyed talking to this lady who moved to NC a few years ago.  I just loved this iron pig troth filled with greenery and candles, a perfect centerpiece for your Holiday entertaining.

She also had this mirror that was interesting and a good price.  Still wondering why I didn’t get it, I could just envision it with some glossy colored paint.  May need to go back. (You may notice a trend here with me, sentimental moves me to buy, practical gets overthought.  Oh well, know thyself.) Bee Vintage 41.

Chartreuse Barn- Iron pig troth with greenery and candles


2nd Chance

April Westenberg has been busy with the chalk paint and has many lovely furniture pieces.  Loved this simple idea of using a platter to display small ornament, trees, and what ever you like. You can check out their Facebook page here.

Chartreuse Barn Sale- Chalk pint end table

Chartreuse Barn- Bottle brush christmas trees and milk jars

Southern Twang

Don’t you just love that name!  Southern Twang had a mix of vintage and maker items.  This fire screen with hand painted deer was awesome and a good price.   I just was not sure how I would repair the worn places.  If my son-in-law had a fireplace I would have given fixing it up a try.

Here are more pics of what they had in their booth.

Chartreuse Barn- Firescreen with hand painted deer

Other Things Seen Around The Chartreuse Barn

If the whisky barrel light fixture had been one of a pair, I believe that I would have been motivated to refurbish and style up my own barn.  Have a quaint little place for a hoedown. What you think honey?

Who would not want this galvanized bucket with greenery, there was a pair, not for sale.  Too bad.

And one last thing just because it looked interesting.  Not sure what it is or how you could use it but the workmanship was nice. There were several of these.

Chartreuse Barn Sale- antiques

So there it is.  You still have a day and a half to shop this event, but if you can’t make it, you always have next month.

I did have a delightful morning browsing around to the Christmas music in a big old barn.  Put my cares away and began to feel the twinkle of the holiday spirit take hold.

Thank you Chartreuse Barn Sale for the experience.   –  Marianne

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2 replies on “Chartreuse Barn Sale – Vintage

  • Chris bean

    Thank you so much for the post. We hope you visit again. Enjoy your vintage finds. And btw- I love that pig trough as well.

    • Marianne Millikan

      I’ll be back for sure. Have a few folks that want to come with me. All the creativity is inspiring! Marianne

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