Playing House Has Gotten So Cool! Teepees & Indoor Playhouses

Jetaire Camper kids playhouse

Although I still love the rag-tag fun of scrapping around and creating a cozy kid play zone from suspended sheets and blankets, playing house has gotten so cool!  Teepees & Indoor Playhouses are not what they used to be.

You thinking that adults are the only ones who can indulge there home style preferences?

Nope.  That is no longer the case.  Style savvy kids now have options to fine tune their creative play to just the way they want it.


Indulge a little pattern play with bold stripesabstract designs, mod florals, and geometric shapes.

Bold black and white striped teepee: Teepees & Indoor Playhousesfloral teepee: Teepees & Indoor Playhousesplayhouse with bright vibrant shapes: Teepees & Indoor Playhouses

Land Of Nod rules supreme when it comes to expressing personality with a teepee or indoor playhouse. Let the giggles and good times begin.

You might have trouble choosing from all of the amazing options, but I imagine it will only take a few seconds for your little one to find their favorite.

Inspire Creative Play With Themed Teepees & Indoor Playhouses

The do-it-yourself creative crafter will certainly be pleased with the Decorate-a-Teepee and Patch Set.

Decorate your own teepee design: Teepees & Indoor Playhouses

Future scientist are sure to be mesmerized by the Geodome Playhouse.

Geodome playhouse: Teepees & Indoor PlayhousesYour budding entrepreneur might go for the Freezy Dream Ice Cream Truck Tent.

icecream truck playhouse: Teepees & Indoor Playhouses

Little ones can dream of far away places in the Jungle Pavilion Playhouse pictured below or the safari inspired Explorer Playhouse.

Jungle adventure playhouse: Teepees & Indoor Playhouses

In this day and age where schools have had to drill down on academics and forgo much of the creative play (no more centers…I know, water table, blocks, dress up, inspiring kitchen and home center…nope.) that has traditionally been a hallmark of an engaging kindergarten experience, it is critical to offer stimulating and creative opportunities right at home.

Just how important is it you ask? sums up the importance of creative play like this, “Creativity fosters mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Creative activities help acknowledge and celebrate children’s uniqueness and diversity”

Isn’t that awesome?

Teen Room Inspiration   Playroom Inspiration   Kid Friendly Room Divider

Ok, I know you are on pins and needles wondering which one I would have chose as a child. My family will automatically know without a doubt. Hands down it would have been that Horse Stable Playhouse!!! Of course I would have needed the bail of hay, wood stump, and horse to go along with it.

Horse Stable Playhouse: Teepees & Indoor Playhouses

If I chose today I might express my bohemian style

Bohemian Style Teepee: Teepees & Indoor Playhouses

…or just hit the road in the Jetaire Camper Playhouse with companion campfire set.

Jetaire Camper kids playhouse

As you can see teepees & indoor playhouses are a great option for stimulating creative play at home.  Well worth the investment for learning and fun.

Which one would you prefer?

Playing house has gotten so cool!   –  Marianne

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