Sapphire Blue & Spring Green: Interiors Color Palette

Sapphire Blue & Spring Green: Interiors Color Palatte

Sapphire Blue & Spring Green are truly a color match made in heaven! Alexa Hampton served up this scrumptious concoction of color last market to beautifully showcase her furniture collection at Hickory Chair .

Sapphire Blue wallpaper and klismos chair

Regan Klismos Chair and Perlini Mirror – Alexa Hampton Collection Hickory Chair

Indulgent beauty and fine taste sums this space up perfectly. These lush colors just enveloped you when you entered the space. I found my self thinking that I would never want to leave this room if it were in my house. Right then and there I wanted to grab a book, crawl into that big beautifully dressed poster bed, and feel like I was ‘living like a royal’.

Sapphire Blue & Spring Green Tradition Bedroom

Thoughtfully chosen fabrics provide the depth of the sensual experience when layered in these colors.

The fabrics which included a visually engaging agate like pattern, soft to the touch plush velvets, and a luxurious embroidered floral silk, tailor the bold color choices for this traditional design setting.

Sapphire Blue pillows in plush velvet and floral silk

Sapphire Blue & Spring Green Add Life To Traditional Design

For me, this space provides one of the best examples of effectively integrating color and traditional design. It felt flawless.

After many years of attending High Point Market you tend to get a little jaded. Although it is always exciting and you are inspired by all the beautiful new things you see, it is rare that you get that super wow, awe inspiring, deep down in your soul touching experience.

However, that is exactly the experience I had in this exquisitely designed space by Alexa Hampton for Hickory Chair.

Sapphire Blue & Spring Green Colorful Bedroom with four poster bed

Alexa Hampton and Hickory Chair have a long standing tradition of collaboration. The Breck chair has a dramatic sweeping design and embraces New Traditional here dressed out in a light finish with a bold fabric.

Sapphire Blue fabric with agate design

This showroom was revealed in October, way before pantone’s color of the year was announced, but it left many of her Instagram fans speculating that she was channeling their chosen color ‘greenery’. You can follow Alexa Hampton’s Instagram page for more design inspiration.

I just love the carving detail on this four poster bed.  Quality craftsmanship is a key component of traditional interiors and Hickory Chair is a great company for just that.

So, if you love traditional interiors but crave the brighter colors of the New Traditional, Sapphire Blue & Spring Green may be the perfect color palette for you.   –   Marianne


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