Birds Gotta Fly Vintage

Birds Gotta Fly Vintage- Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Work Shops

Birds Gotta Fly!  Well it happened.  One of my birdies flew the coop.  All the way from North Carolina to Indiana. 

Life has been busy assisting with packing up, loading up, and loving up.  Then it was hitting the road, taking it all out again, and loving up some more.

All this busyness kept me from dwelling on the fact that she will no longer be just across town.

Birds Gotta Fly Vintage Boutique: Living With Color Designs Blog

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is check out little shops and boutiques, so I was prepared to squeeze in at least one while I was there.  She has a dresser she wants to paint so I researched locations that carried Annie Sloan chalk paint and found Birds Gotta Fly Vintage.  How fitting for my little birdie. 

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After unpacking the voyager (that’s what I called it, pic at the end, you’ll understand) and the next day the ReloCube, we were ready to venture out.  A few other errands along the way and we were off for a little retail therapy.

Birds Gotta Fly- Boutique with vintage furniture

My research had not prepared me for how amazingly unique and visually stimulating Birds Gotta Fly would be. The moment you walk in it’s charm just gives you a little hug.   I loved these sweet dye cut words and this floating display of soaps and lotions.

Birds Gotta Fly Vintage- Laser cut metal words, love and faith

Birds Gotta Fly Vintage- soaps and lotions

What really got me excited, and clued me in that we had come to the right place for our painting adventure, was this wall of finishes.  My color love just bubbled over at this sight.   Best of all each color was displayed as pure color, with a brown wax, a new black wax finish, and one other new finish.  Forgot what the last finish was.

Birds Gotta Fly- Visual wall of Annie Sloan paint colors and finishes

The lady who helped us and answered my million questions was so kind and knowledgeable.  After a brief chat we decided we were in good hands and signed her up for the chalk paint 101 workshop that was available the very next weekend.  How about that for timing!   Of course, I plan to have her come back home and teach me what she learned.  The workshop area was set up so cute.  I am excited for her to have this chance to have a little fun, meet some new people in her area, and create something amazing for her new homes interiors.

Birds Gotta Fly Vintage: Annie Sloan Paint Workshops

The store if full of many lovely examples of finished pieces that have been recreated.  The finish on this grey beauty was Annie Sloan.  This piece housed special details like stenciling on the sides of the drawers.  A nice little surprise touch discovered only when you pull the drawers out.

Birds Gotta Fly Vintage -Triple dresser in a grey Annie Sloan finish

You can look forward to a guest post in the future from my daughter.  I’ve asked her to share a little about the workshop and her experience with trying chalk paint.

Birds Gotta Fly… A few more bird related posts.  I love birds.

As promised a pic of the voyager. Kinda cool!  See the snow that arrived just in time for move in day?             Welcome to Indiana!!

U-Haul with ship on side

Birds Gotta Fly Vintage was certainly a great find.  I can’t wait to hear about the workshop and I can’t wait to come back when I have more time to browse and even eat in the adjoining cafe.

This cute little boutique is located in the Elkhart, Indiana.  If you are near by, drop in and pay them a visit.  You’ll be glad you did.  –   Marianne

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