Magical Moments at Market

Blue velvet sofas with white trim Mark D Sikes

Every market has one.  That magical moment that transports you to another time and place.  Has you dreaming of spaces that could be.

This magical moment was presented by Mark D. Sikes in the form of buttery soft velvet, in make-your-heart-swoon blue, on a perfectly welted, never ending, sofa.

Just soak that in a minute.

Blue velvet sofas with white trim Mark D Sikes

My husband and I popped by Henredon for a quick walk through not expecting the cocktail party that ensued.  Darting in and out of the crowd at the front of the showroom we ended up then relishing a quiet moment together here, languishing on these beautiful sofas.

I had been transported to a chateau in France. Complete with a beautiful green manicured lawn complete with wading pool and fountain.  Surrounded by great architure and fine furniture, I was the lady of the house with leisurely days ahead.

Wow! See what really great furniture can do for you.

I’m back to reality now, but lately I’ve been obsessed with extremely long sofas creatively used to make interesting spaces.  The look created here in the Henredon showroom was achieved with two matching sofas side by side.  The effect was truly stunning.

I have a bank of windows in my living room that would be the perfect backdrop for such a thing.

Here is another beautiful blue and white moment brought to you by Mark D. Sikes and Henredon.

Blue and white interior design by Mark D Sikes

So ahead and indulge yourself in a magical moment.  –   Marianne


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