Give Back Using Your Amazon Boxes

Give back using your Amazon boxes
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Give Back Using Your Amazon Boxes – I’m sure you are probably aware, but today is Amazon Prime Day.  That day that comes once a year and is full of deals offered by Amazon for everyone with one of their Prime memberships.  You may not be aware, however, that Amazon makes it easy to recycle all those empty Amazon boxes and to put them to good use in the process.

Amazon Prime Day: Recycle boxes and Donate


They have partnered with Give Back Box® to make it super easy for you to donate items you no longer need to charity and giving new life to your Amazon box.

This is how it works:

  1. Open Your Box: Unpack your merchandise from your Amazon shipping box.
  2. Pack Your Box: Fill the box with usable clothing, accessories and household goods you no longer need and print your free shipping label from
  3. Send Your Box: Let UPS or the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) deliver your box of donations for you.

Give back using amazon boxesDonations go directly to your nearest participating charitable organization using a free shipping label and empty Amazon (or other) box. Your donation helps support employment placement, job training and other community-based services to create strong families and communities.

What To Put In Your Box

Fill the box with clothing and household goods you no longer need.  Pack as much as you can.  You can download as many FREE shipping labels you want and there is no weight limit. All they ask is that you do not include any liquids, fragile, hazardous or volatile items, or ammunition in the boxes.

So Easy!

I think that’s just great.  I have plenty around here that I could use to donate and it will save me the trouble of breaking down boxes and taking them to recycling.

Organize Drawers Using Recycling

Have you heard  of other great ideas out there that will help the world?  Please share them with us in the comments below. I always love  learning new things and hearing from you.

I’m going to print off some labels now.  Getting ready for my prime day deliveries.  Happy Shopping  –   Marianne


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