Blush, Black And Soft Grey: Color Palette

Blush, Black and Soft Grey: Color Palette

My baby girl is turning 30 this week.  Oh my!  That makes this the perfect time to share about a space she planned and the awesome little color palette she chose.  The star of the show is a very special room designed to inspire a song.  Blush, Black and Soft Grey join forces in this color palette to create a feminine yet powerful space.  Keep reading to see how this color palette helped my daughter, Kendyl  create the perfect environment to express her musical talents.

Home office gallery wall- Blush Black and Soft Grey color palette


Blush is a great color for providing a nod of feminity without the boldness of full on pink.

Blush, Black and Soft Grey Color PaletteBlush Colored Pillow - Hello Gorgeous

This was Kendyl’s color of choice for jump starting the whole planning of her long desired space.  With a brand new home to mold and shape, she finally had the opportunity to create the space she had long been envisioning for herself.  What would this color be a backdrop for?  Endless creativity… inspired song writing… girly indulgence… and an escape from the noise of our busy world.

Tip: Let a preferred color be the starting point for planning the design of your space.

Here is the before state of things.  Random furniture pieces with no home had ended up in this room.  A little island of misfit furniture.

We loved the existing grey color of the walls.  This new house was completed and already painted before they bought the house.  We all got chills after I rummaged through the basement looking for paint cans, hoping to find the name of the paint, and revealed that this little grey color was beautifully named “Praise Giving”.    For a couple that holds God so near and dear to their hearts, it seemed like a confirmation that they had chosen a house wisely.  An exclaimation point was added to that thought when it was discovered that the cabinets were from a company that used Valspar finishes.  Her dad had worked for most of his career at Valspar.

Before picture of this music room/ home office -Blush, Black and Soft Grey Color Palette

I visited for the week this summer so she seized the opportunity to use my extra set of hands and pick my brain for a few resource recommendations.  Otherwise, she had this design plan all under control (apple not falling from the tree and all that. Ha Ha).

I just have to pause and show you how beautiful it is here!  The little slice of heaven right outside her back door.

Beautiful skies of Goshen Indiana

Kendy has always been one to know exactly what she wanted, so I was not surprised that she was prepared with a list of criteria for the space.  It included a calm and cozy space with seating, a desk for writing, a piece of furniture with a bed for occasional guests, room for her keyboard and guitar, a pretty gallery wall, and enough details to reflect her taste and personality.

Tip: Sit down and make a list of criteria for a space before you purchase anything.  Consider what is needed for how you will use the space and also how you want it to feel.  Don’t forget to measure the space and get specific. Purchases that don’t fit will be costly errrors.


Target is a great place to find thoughtfully designed furniture and decor with budget friendly prices.  Just perfect for a young couple to express a little style without breaking the bank.  Their Threshold brand is geared toward the design conscious consumer and you can find products designed by interior designer Nate Burkas, Oh Joy blogger Joy Cho, and others.  I just love the creative collaborations they come up with so it was determined they would start there.

Check list in hand and excited to actually live in a town with a Target, she began the search for the perfect items there.

She fell in love with The Loring Writing Desk because of its sleek modern style and light wood finish with black metal accents. The wood tone maintains a light airy feel in the space.  The clever design takes care of cord hassels with concealed outlets built into the desk.

The black accents added the second color to our color palette and allows the black piano keyboard to blend into the space.  The Loring collection included a five shelf ladder bookcase that is perfect for additional storage and displaying cherished mementos.

Light Wood Finished Desk With Black Metal Base - Blush, Black and Soft Grey Color Palette

Bookshelf Light Wood and Black Metal Frame - Blush, Black and Soft Grey Color Palette

Desk and bookcase, check check.

Are you surprised that you can use a strong color like black with light finishes and a soft color like blush?  Think about yin and yang.  The strength of the dark color adds richness and contrast for the lighter colors and keeps it all from getting too one dimensional.

Tip: Sometimes a color palette evolves.  Have an idea of what you want, but let the pieces you find and love dictate some details.

Soft Grey

Next on the list? Seating with sleeping.

After adding her handsome husband, Aaron, to our entourage, we road tripped a few cities over to check out a few furniture stores.

Not satisfied with the size or the steep price points of the sleep sofas they found, I suggested she check out the Novogratz futon sofas online.  My husband is baffled and dubious about people buying furniture online.  I have assured him that many are and will be buying online.  Particularly when they want it now, like his daughter.   Ha, I love him, but I digress.

Light Grey Futon by Novagratz -Blush, Black and Soft Grey Color Palette

The Novogratz futon gained dad and mom approval because we actually got to see, touch, feel, and sit on the product in person this past High Point Furniture Market.  We walked into their brand new showroom and were unexpectedly greated by Courtney Novogratz herself.  She not only greeted us, but we had the priviledge of being escorted around the showroom by her and to learn about the products directly from her. She could not have been any more down to earth or gracious. I loved hearing how the line was inspired by their desire to make good design available to everyone, realizing that most good design was unaffordable to many.

With flash backs of ugly college futons Kendyl reluctantly checked them out online.  However, she was pleasantly surprised to see modern stylish designs that looked like sofas and disguised the fact that they were futons (glad I could help).

After navigating various styles at different sites she chose the mid-century styled Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon  in a soft grey linen. She ordered it on her phone on the way home. In the truck!  Ha, that baffled her mother.  I figured she would wait till she got home to shop from the comfort of her sofa with a big screen laptop.  Young adults do embrace their technology and she was on a mission to get it done.

Before and After Home Office with soft grey futon and modern furniture -Blush, Black and Soft Grey Color Palette

Futon, bookcase, and existing mirror.

Check on finding something for the space with sleeping.

Tip: Shopping online can be great particularly when you live in areas with limited shopping options.  If you decide to go this route, trust brands that you are familiar with but do plenty of research on those you are not familiar. It is often difficult to determine quality from a photograph.

Gallery Wall and Accessorising

The most fun we had was shopping for decor and gallery wall items.  With the basics behind her, she was ready to express her creativity choosing a mix of medium’s that blended perfectly.

Gallery Wall with blush pink -Blush, Black and Soft Grey Color Palette

Her choices combined a litle modern art, scripture, nature references, and mixed media.

Tip: Choose items that stick to your chosen color palette. We focused on blush, black, and soft grey.  Choose items that express who you are and what you like.

I love this ceramic peony.  Much to our surprise it had a beautiful irridescence when light was cast on it.  Sweet!

Ceramic peony adds interest and detention to a gallery wall - Blush, Black and Soft Grey Color Palette

After getting all the pieces home we positioned them on the floor and just played around with the order of them to determine what looked best. The largest piece kinda took center stage and grounded the whole collection of pieces.  One tweek different from this picture was flipping our wood word block and our ceramic flower.  We decided we did not want the only two pieces with words on them to be side by side. We took some pictures so we could reference our spacing as we began to hang them on the wall.

Moving the pieces from the floor to the wall, we held up the two center pieces and eyeballed the placement height on the wall.  We then hung and aligned the largest piece. Positioned and hung the two outside pieces.  And finished with the top three smaller pieces.  Bam!  We were done.

There are various strategies to determining your final look.  You may choose to create a straight line across the top, depending on your pieces.  We decided to bring your eye up to a point at the top with the smaller items.

Lay out your gallery wall on the floor first - Blush, Black and Soft Grey Color Palette

Tip: Pull all the items you want to include on your gallery wall then use the floor to lay them out.

Love this view as you enter the room.  The desk chair is one she had as a child.

Mixing in some traditional touches helps to soften the space and adds interest.  Don’t be afraid to mix old and new furnishings and decor.  If you would like some inspiration from the mix master, Eddie Ross, then check out my post Modern Mix Curating Personal Style With Chic And Accessible Finds.

Music room and home office before and after -Blush, Black and Soft Grey Color Palette

Furnishings and instruments living in perfect harmony! That should inspire a little song writing.

Music room makeover -Blush, Black and Soft Grey Color Palette

The music book on her keyboard even matched her theme. We did not stage that.  These things just happen.

Music room makeover -Blush, Black and Soft Grey Color Palette

I love that she wanted her space to embrace things from her past but also embrace a little of her new home state, Indiana.  The peony is their state flower.  Isn’t that awesome, my favorite flower.  The artificial flowers on her desk and the ceramic one on the galley wall gives ode to Indiana.

The gold lamp on the desk ia another great target find that has cool touch control.  All you have to do is tap the base to turn it off and on.

The bookcase is great for storing music and books on the bottom shelves and showcasing favorite momentos up top.



Styled bookcase - The gold lamp on the desk ia another great target find that has cool touch control.  All you have to do is tap the base to turn it off and on.

Would all our decorating meet my granddogs approval?  Why yes.  Miss Lilly has great taste.  And she felt she should definitely make an apperance on the blog.  Isn’t she a cutie!

bring your pet to work - home office -Blush, Black and Soft Grey Color Palette


Project was completed start to finish in one week.  We bonded over assembling desk and bookcase from target.  We used our handyman skills on the gallery wall. And about 15 minutes before driving me to the airport the sofa futon was devivered, and had to be unboxed.  Planes will wait.  Right?  Only a mothers love has that much patience.

I miss being able to pop over to her house since she now lives in beautiful Indiana.  However, I do love watching how much fun she is having fixing up their home.  Thanks Aaron and Kendyl for sharing your blush, black and soft grey color palette with our readers today!   –   Marianne

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