Inspiration Board: New Neutrals

Inspiration Board- New Neutrals for interior design combines smoky grey and rust.

Time for a little inspiration board play with some new color palettes.  New neutrals are emerging from some of our favorite colors like blush and grey.  These neutrals create backgrounds that are easy to build on and live with.  Continue reading to check out our newest inspiration boards.

Inspiration Board: Smoky Grey with Rust and Cream

Although grey has long been considered a neutral, these smoky grey’s provide a new twist and a new neutral to consider.  Providing an option to the blueish greys of the past.  This smoky grey is a more sophisticated color that adds depth and dimention.  It play’s nice with earthy and moody colors like rust, wine, and emerald, creating an elevated color palette.  As much as I like bright colors, I am still drawn to the richness of these combinations and how they work well with furnishing from the past to the present.

For my inspiration board I used smoky grey wallpapers and fabrics.  Combining them with items that featured rich rusty tones that remind me of the Carolina red clay of my home state.  I included a Jaipur rug in this rich rusty color from the earth, adding brightness and delicious contrast while grounding the design.

Wallpaper has staged a come back and grasscloth’s have always been a  favorite of mine.  Grasscloth adds great texture and warmth to a space.  The solid grasscloth pictured is from Thibaut Designs.  The faux grasscloth with a bold rust graphic design is from York Wallcoverings, as is the modern cloud puffs wallpaper.

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The color glue binding it all together is another neutral.  Cream.  Cream enhances the richness of the palette and adds beautiful contrast and light.  You see this all play out in our Kravet fabric with a floral applique against grey linen, the contrast to grey for a zebra inspired patterned fabric by Thibaut, and some cloud like puffs in the modern wallpaper.

I included one my favorite family heirlooms in cream to the inspiration mix.  This hound handled creamer is so fun with a hunt scene depicted on the side.  You can see that I like a mix of both modern and traditional elements. Ceramics are an easy way to add a vintage touch.  Mixing things up creates an interesting collected feeling to a space. Cozy’s things up.

Inspiration Board: Blush with Cream and Rose Gold

Oh my.  Isn’t this lovely!  I just love everything about it.  The colors are so soft they whisper.  However, the patterns and added elements shout and draw you in to their natural, intricately designed, strength.

Inspiration Board- New Neutrals for interior design include cream blush and rose gold


There is nothing like nature and mother earth to bring on some inspiration.  The agate inspired walpaper by York Wallcovering is stunning in this color and equally stunning in their navy option. This version includes blush with cream, caramely colors and browns.

Fabrics are by Kravet and include a textured piece, cabanna stripe, and palm fronds which are on trend,

Accenting this with my sea coral was a no brainer.  Subtle shade variences and intricate structure adds dimension.  Rose gold would be beautiful with his combo and adds the perfect amount of luster and shine to our color combination.

Pictured in the center is a lovely transitionl rug form Jaipur that can fit into most any setting.

Blush and Soft Grey Home Office

Inspiration Board: Taupe Grey with Silver and Chartreuse

Inspiration Board- New Neutrals for interior design include chartreuse and taupe grey

This one is just loaded with drama.  Snake skin patterns play alongside a stunning Kravet appliqued paisley with colors of taupe grey, silver, and pale yellow.

Chartreuse adds the pop of color that makes this color combo sing.  Front fabric swatches are all from Thibaut Designs and offer printed, apliqued and multi demensional velvet options.

Gold toned metals add modern sophitication and a touch of warmth to this pallette.

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I love the inspiration board part of the design process.  It opens your mind to new posibilities like these new neutrals.  For me, each of these color palettes would create a calm and soothing mood in a space.  Perfect for relaxing, reading, or just good conversation.

How would you use these color palettes?  Inspire me with your creativity.  –   Marianne




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