Ever been inspired into action by something you’ve seen on Instagram?  Well I have, more than once.  This Birch Bark Cake is one of those things and the results of my efforts have me pretty impressed with myself. Continue reading →

Why does it suddenly feel like the LAST MINUTE to be thinking about gifts?  It can’t be.  I’m just starting.

No worries.  Here are a few quick and easy gift ideas to get you started.  Just a few great things that are on my radar lately. Continue reading →

Oh my goodness!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  How did this happen?  It is just not in my nature to plan too far ahead.  If you are like me and just starting to plan your tablescape, maybe these Thanksgiving Tablescape tips, drawn from last year’s table, will get both of our creative juices flowing. Continue reading →

I know you’re out there.  You last minute New Years Eve DIYers.

I know because I’m right there with you.  All I want to do after Christmas is chill.  Not even interested in planning the next thing.  Then, all of a sudden, it is the day before New Year’s Eve and I realize I better get myself to the grocery store before all the black eyed peas, greens, pork and cornbread are gone.

Next I get all excited that New Year’s Eve is a great excuse to have a little fun and, by golly, how do I want to do that.  Thus the reason for this very last minute New Years Eve DIY’s and other maybe useful information.


From one of my favorite creative DIY sites.  You can always expect something fun and full of color.

Festive Holiday Drink Stirrers- Oh Happy Day

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