My mind has been wrapped around the concept of JOY after being inspired this weekend.  One of my favorite little sayings is “it’s the little things”.  I find that often it is truly the little things that do bring me joy.  Considering all this, I think I will just go with a theme this week and expand a little on a few things that bring me joy.  So here we go.  Pattern and Color equal Joy!

Grey Daybed scattered with emerald green pillows-Emerald green and grey color palette from Parker Kennedy Living- Living With Color Designs Continue reading →

Pink Orange Coral and Yellow Chevron Party Tub
Everywhere you look you see the chevron pattern and I just love it.   I knew it was going to be big in fabrics for home and fashion but I did not expect it to explode like it has in all product categories.  What a great way to add color, pattern, and interest to your everyday life.  A little color and pattern shy?  Picking up one of these could help remove some of those fears. You know, starting small.
Chevron Napkins
Clever saying.  Wether you drink wine or not I think we can all relate.  Families are rarely perfect  and always  made up of an assortment of characters that put some life into your living for better or worse.
Black and White Chevron Picture Frame
Nothing says big and bold better than a black and white combination.  Sure to complement any photo.

Check out these printable invitations.  I just love the one on the left it could really set the tone for your special event.
These chevron note pads and lap desk could definitely spark some creative writing.
Kate Spade Chevron Patterned Pocketbook and Other Styles
Top retailers recognize it’s value.  Check out the Kate Spade chevron pocketbook I spotted in the Charleston SC store.
This little fellow was too funny not to take a picture of.  Read the tag to see how he might help you release some frustration.
What is wonderful about this pattern is that it is big and bold but some how not intimidating. That makes it great for everyone.   – Marianne
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