Sweet Pink and Grey Baby Shower

Sweet Pink and Grey Baby Shower

I just fell in love with this baby invitation.  Once I found it I knew it would be the inspiration for a sweet pink and grey baby shower.  What I loved was the image of the big and little bunny sharing a book.  This was a shower for a second child and the image, for me, reflected the future relationship of a big and little sister.

Sweet Pink and Grey Baby Invitation

Darling Illustration With Bunnies Reading A Book

I actually found the invitation on Martha Stewart.  I think I saw it in her magazine and it mentioned a free download so  I checked it out online and decided to download the invitation only and customized it.  If you are looking to do a book themed party the whole design was centered around books and also offers a bookmark and bookplate.  I only used the invitation because I wasn’t really looking for a theme.   I just downloaded it to my computer, filled in the needed information and printed it off on some cream colored heavy card stock.  I loved the outcome.

Bright Pink Wrapping Paper With A Soft Grey Bow

Bright Pink Wrapping Paper and Grey Starburst Bow

I decided on this occasion to resist all the pressure to have a “highly themed” shower and just go for a good ole Southern inspired shower that embraced bringing out all your beautiful silver and crystal and offering a mix of both classic and newer foods.  Various shades of pink were used to carry off the theme from wrapping paper to tablescape.  Grey was used in the napkins and all kinds of silver accents contributed shiny grey to the theme.

Beautiful antique bubble glass plates

Antique Bubble Glass Plates With Just A Hint Of Color

This is sorta how I feel about things, “If something is worth doing then you might as well do it right”.  If I am going to work to clean house and prepare food then I am also going to bring out the good stuff to entertain.  Luckily ,on this occasion, my sweet sister got to clean house but we both hauled out our finery.  Crystal or china plates are a “must have” at a good ole Southern shower.  These beautiful antique glass bubble plates were a gift from my  Mom who purchased them from the Collector’s Antique Mall here in town.

Precious Pink and Grey Baby Shower Invitation

I Like To Include The Invitation In My Table Decorations

I always like to display the invitation somewhere.  You can use any type of easel or a clear acrylic frame.  I just love the little crystal basket holding fresh blooms.  I borrowed two of these from my Mom who has a passion for collecting beautiful crystal pieces.  We three sisters are lucky to have a beautiful stash to borrow from.

Floral arrangement in modern raised dot container

Beautiful Florals Add Charm To The Day

Pink and Green Floral Arrangement In Silver container

My Favorite Container With Beautiful Flowers

Another “must have” for a good ole Southern shower are fresh flowers.  There is just no substitute for fresh flowers.  As usual the flowers I used are a combination of flowers from the yard and purchased flowers.  These are displayed in one of my favorite containers so you might have seen it before.

silver baby cup with flower arrangement

Look Who This Cup Belongs To


Use silver baby cups to create floral arrangements for a baby shower

Creative Shower Arrangements Use Silver Baby Cups For Containers

Bringing out your silver is another Southern tradition.  Silver forks, silver platters, silver baby cups.  Yep, I even used our silver baby cups.  It used to be a tradition when a baby was born to have their name or initials engraved on a tiny little silver cup to be given as a special gift.  I don’t think anyone actually lets their babies use them but they make beautiful keepsakes and are a nice reminder of gentler times.  I found this cute site where you can purchase some silver baby items and get some insight to where the tradition of silver baby gifts began.  These cups really do have a special place in my heart.  I am so glad I used them.

Cucumber Sandwiches

Cucumber Sandwiches Are A Southern Favorite

My Sister Makes Awesome Homemade Mints

My Sister Makes Awesome Homemade Mints

Cake square with a bunny reading a book

The Town’s Go-To Lady For Cake Squares Makes The Most Delicious Almond Icing

Southern “must have” foods include cucumber sandwiches, home made mints, nuts, individual cake squares, and colorful punch served in punch cups.  Punch cups give you a measured amount of beverage that allows you to go back to the table for seconds without anyone making judgements.

pink and white cake pops

Pink and Cream Cake Pops

We added modern cake pops in pink and cream for some fun and kid friendly food. We also added a medley of fruit  and delicious veggie bites.  I actually love to eat cake pops but have you ever made them?  Goodness me, I made these and they were really labor intensive.  I think they may be worth buying.

Kid plates for pink and grey baby shower

A Kid Station Housed Bright Pink Plates And Extra Cake Pops

Even though we do love our crystal and silver we were sure to offer some kid friendly plates and cups for the kiddos.  They were actually thrilled to have a pink plate.  This little pink and grey baby shower made everybody happy.  We loved sharing our Southern hospitality and everyone had a great afternoon with family and friends.   –  Marianne Check out a colorful book themed baby shower post here.

I had a lovely morning sharing breakfast with Mom.  One of the blessing I reap from our families life changes is that I now have the flexibility and time to get together more often with the people I love. I especially enjoy the extra time I have recently had with my Mom.

Our few occasional outings to get breakfast have now turned into a once a week regular routine.  Today we tried to figure out how we ended up usually meeting on Tuesday’s.  We laughed and realized that our favorite go-to place is closed on Monday’s and we then seize the first opportunity of the week to go.

tulips in a vase

I love how life evolves. Who would have guessed that me and my 83 year old mother would be synced up to the free wifi and I would be guiding her through the subtleties of  making a “post” on a Facebook page verses “messaging” someone and then schooling her to “share” recipes you like on Facebook so you can find them again later on your wall.  Of course all of this is knowledge that was passed down to me from my young adult children.  My sisters and I are just thrilled that she finally agreed to try an iPad after a few years of our insisting she would love it.  My mother is a beloved retired teacher.  And I mean beloved.  My memories are peppered with all the occasions when I would be out and about with my mother and people would come up to her and share how much they loved her class and how she was their favorite teacher.  So I am feeling honored to have an opportunity to send a little teaching her way.

tulips daisies and cabbage arrangement

Life can be short, so I am trying to seize as many of these opportunities as I can with family and friends.

I’m feeling blessed to have breakfast with Mom.   –  Marianne

Touches of Spring.  Pictures are of flower arrangements at The Table Farmhouse Bakery.

Photographs and content are property of Living With Color Designs















Yes, creativity is a messy business.  And this mess makes me extremely happy.  This is the toolbox and planning sheets of a extraordinary floral designer and friend, Jim Gardner, who was responsible for the flowers in the September Wedding post. I know it may look like chaos to most people but I see it as a peek into how a creative mind works.

It takes more flowers then you would think and they all have to be prepped.  My kitchen was turned into flower central. The smell was amazing! It may surprise you that it actually takes more than one day to put together arrangements, bouquets, and corsages for an event.  Flowers come in with tight heads and then continue to open over time which allows you to work over a few days.



Eventually we see some progress and can check arrangements off our list but the flowers are now overflowing to the dining room.







We were exhausted when it was all over with but the results could not have been more perfect thanks to my very talented friend.


Jim Gardner of Jim Gardner Designs & Marianne Millikan Living With Color Designs