#ColorForAll Project Valspar - Living With Color DesignsOh my, this touches my heart to share this with you today.  You might want to grab a hankie.  Before I begin I want you to imagine; not being able to see the brilliant array of color streaked across a morning sunrise or evening sunset, not having the ability to detect the distinct blue, green, or brown shade of your child’s eyes, not feeling the full impact of a bright and beautiful green spring or the fiery brilliance of the orange, yellow, and red fall foliage I enjoy so much in the North Carolina mountains.  My mind and eye have always been so intertwined with color that I could not imagine what my life would have been like without this constant companion.  Watch the video below to see how the #ColorForAll Project is helping the colorblind experience color for the first time.  You can also check this out at ValsparColorForAll.com.

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Bright colored Chest of Drawers- Living With Color designsY’all know how I love to show you great products and this line is so awesomely, colorfully, beautifully fun.  I love anything that will make a color statement and Oomph brings on the color!  The founding ladies here at Oomph define “Oomph’ as personal charm, magnetism, glamour, punch and vitality.  Everybody can use a little bit of that. The red beauty above is the Easton Chest in Fireworks. Continue reading →

Navy at pottery barn- Living with Color Designs

Picture Via Pottery Barn

I am truly “Mad about Navy” and I mean in a good way.  This is not really a new passion for me but one that has been a long time coming back around to me.  When I first built my house twenty years ago I painted our study Navy.  Now, just when we are ready to change up the study, and I have renewed my love for navy, we will be moving the navy into another part of the house.

Navy bedding Pottery Barn- Living With Color Designs

I thought I would give you a little sampling of some of the hot products for all around your house, all featuring deep rich beloved tones of blue.  The wonderful thing about Navy is that it acts like a neutral, it pairs beautifully with so many colors.  Make a statement in the bedroom with the bedding above which is paired with tangerine, from Pottery Barn.

I love these pillows from Villa Home Collection.  Use a few on your living room sofa to change it up for the new season.  Don’t forget that your porch areas may like a little love after the summer season, spruce up with a little Navy.

Feather Rug- Navy/Cobalt -Living With Color Designs

via Serena and Lily

Lay a little Navy love underfoot with this two-tone blue rug from Serena and Lily, the Feather Rug-Navy/Cobalt.  Ideal for any room in the house.

Taylor Burke Kings Grant Chair Cobalt- Living With Color Designs

via Taylor Burke

Who wouldn’t love this Kings Grant Chair in cobalt by a great little company Taylor & Burke, started by two Carolinian sisters, Julianne Taylor and Lauren Burke.  They offer unique designs, quality furniture, and keep an eco-friendly focus. Tuck one of these at each end of your dining table or pair two together to make an cozy conversation area with a lot of style.

Bungalow 5 Navy Chest- Living With Color Designs

via Bungalow 5

Bungalow 5 is one of my favorite companies for great transitional pieces. This JACQUI 4 drawer chest features our Navy and the hot new gold trend. Love these stylish gold pulls.

Navy Mid Century Modern Mirror- Living With Color Designs Give Navy a little face time with this mid century modern mirror from Mirror Image.

Navy Kelly Desk Barclay Butera- Living With Color Designs

You can learn more about this piece, the Kelly Desk, in this earlier blog post about Barclay Butera .  His collection was filled with plenty of Navy inspiration.

Kate Spade evidently is also “Mad about Navy”.  Many of the Kate Spade dinnerware collections include this color.  If you are local you can check these out at the newly opened Belk Home Store at Friendly Shopping center.  Check out the cute Navy and Green combinations in her About Town and Wickford collections.

Palm Beach Collection- Living With Color Designs

via Eastern Accents

And I will end with one of my favorite Navy combinations, Aqua and Navy.  This Palm Beach bedding collection by Eastern Accents is also from a Barclay Butera collection and is available through Living With Color Designs.

Hope my “Mad about Navy” post doesn’t have you feeling a little blue because it is meant to get you all excited.  Have a wonderful weekend.   –  Marianne


How would you like a free class all about color?  That is exactly what you can have with the Master Class on Color offered by Traditional Home Magazine.  If you were to ask me to narrow down my magazine subscriptions to one I’d have to choose Traditional Home. They reinterpret classic elegance in a thoroughly modern, personal way.

Master Class on Color sign up Traditional Homes

Click on the picture above to so to sign up.

Sign up and every week for 12 weeks you’ll receive an email with ways to decorate with rich colors, pastels, neutrals, and even decorating seasonally.  All the advice will come from 12 leading designers who are seasoned and practiced in the nuances of color.  I find clients fear color decisions the most but love the moving results of using color even more.  I think anyone could benefit from signing up.  Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or planning to hire a professional, knowledge is power.  I’m signed up because I am looking forward to seeing what these 12 wonderful designers have to say.

Tobi Fairly and Marianne Millikan

Here I am with Tobi Fairley at Design A-Z. Her use of color amazes.

One of the twelve designers is Tobi Fairley who truly amazes with her use of color, creating interiors that inspire. Tobi is an extremely busy woman.  Not only does she run Tobi Fairly Design creating beautiful interiors for her clients but she also mentors and coaches other designers through her signature events like Design A-Z , her Mastermind Program and eCoaching.

Tobi Fairley Design

It doesn’t stop there.  Check out her site to also access Tobi TV and her Blog.

I couldn’t resist checking out all twelve of the designers that are lined up to give us color advise in the Master Class on Color.  Here are two addition designers you might like based on their colorful portfolios.

Master Class on color Eileen Katheryn Boyd

Connect to the homepage for Eileen Katheryn Boyd here.

Master Class on Color Liz Caan interiors

Connect to the homepage for Liz Caan Interiors here.


Unrelated to the Master Class on color but equally wonderful is TRADhome, Traditional Homes online magazine which you can access from your computer or tablet.  So many great things about Traditional Home Magazine.

So, go sign up for the Master Class on Color and we can chat about it all later.  Oh yeah, there is no way I could ever have just one magazine subscription because I also have to have House Beautiful and Veranda and … I better stop listing before you realize how visually addicted I truly am.  Have an amazing day!               –  Marianne


Elaine Smith Outdoor Pillows Blue and Green
 Outdoor pillows by Elaine Smith in blues and greens.  

At our house we are saying “enough already” to winter and I know that many of you in other parts of the country have the very same sentiment.  Our little world got halted yesterday by a not fully anticipated ice storm.  No electricity, no internet, no electrified sections of town with fast food restaurants eager to provide you with a little java, and don’t even try to pump gas because that’s not happening.  So what’s a person to do?  My personal survival mode was to turn on my gas logs, reorganize the living room for up close seating, set my iPod to shuffle, grab my new magazines, and imagine spring.

Probably a lot of you are imagining spring and actually you should be because Spring is only 12 days away.  The result of which is little time left over to prepare if you were thinking of sprucing up your outdoor areas.  But these beautiful pillows certainly could not be outdoor pillows, right?  Wrong.  They actually are outdoor pillows that are beautiful enough to be used indoor also and are used indoors too (think kid friendly, easy to clean).   I actually stumbled upon this luxury line of pillows by Elaine Smith at furniture market.  I had roamed around oohing and awing for sometime before I realized they were a pillow line ready made for outdoor use.  Color is a key ingredient of all of Elaine Smith’s designs.  Color can easily evoke a mood and send your thoughts to glorious places.  The cool blues and greens evoke images of the ocean while these fiery shades of red and orange summon thoughts of sitting around an open flame.  It all works together to create the feeling you want for your personal outdoor space.  Pillows are a great go to item to quickly and easily freshen up any space or change it up for seasons.

Tourmaline Ikat pillow by Elaine Smith
Elaine Smith outdoor pillows in fiery orange and shades of emerald.

I found a good site that offers the full line of Elaine Smith pillows.  Click on each pillows name to go to the link and find pricing.

Picture at top left to right: Kaleidoscope Spiral Cobalt,  Cobalt Block,  Acapulco Modern Oval Ocean
Picture at bottom left to right: Machu Picchu Zebra Tamale, Tourmaline Stripe, Acapulco Hula, Tourmaline Ikat

Luckily my power is back on.  We are sharing the warmth with other family members who are still waiting for power.  Can you say huge slumber party?  Could get interesting tonight with the big game on and a house divided between teams.  But if it all gets too crazy my plan is to just shut it all out and think of Spring.   –  Marianne

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Radiant Orchid color of the year

Just in case you haven’t heard.  Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s 2014 color of the year. Who is Pantone you ask? They are the world-renowned authority on color.  They help forecast color trends and help communicate color from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer.  Which means, you are going to be seeing Radiant Orchid on everything from walls to purses to electronics.

This is an intense color that some of you would love to paint from here to the ends of the earth with and others, cautious color consumers, will only be able to take a more measured amount of it in a wallpaper, table lamp, or pillow.  I see lots of success in fashion accessories ahead for this color.

I thought I would share this color with you in a little less conventional way.  I’m sure the nice weather has greatly influenced that decision.  I’m just going to take my little chip and pair it up with a few colors from nature and items in the yard.  I mean it does look like a lovely summer flower.  Nature is a great provider of clues for color parings.  If you prefer to see some beautiful studio shots of the color do not fret.  I will provide you with plenty of links to check it out.

Radiant Orchid with tans

Radiant Orchid with shades of grey

Radiant Orchid with mossy green

Radiant Orchid with hardwoods
Radiant Orchid with white and grey

Radiant Orchid with foliage green

Radiant Orchid with aqua

Radiant Orchid with zebra

Radiant Orchid with pastel green

Radiant Orchid with beauty berries

Click on any of the images to make them larger.  You knew my winterberries would show up.  Look how beautiful this color is with red.

Radiant Orchid with red

Radiant Orchid with stone grey

Radiant Orchid with verde green and brick

I got all excited at Lowe’s when I found out that Valspar was manufacturing the Pantone paint.  You can check out the Valspar Pantone Universe here.  While you are there use the Valspar Virtual Painter to try all the color combinations on a wall.  You can upload a picture from your computer or you can us one of their interior or exterior pictures.  Want to know how the color of the year is chosen?  Click here to watch a video.  To check out mood boards of all kinds of products in Radiant Orchid click here.

If you clicked on all of those links I know you are feeling like a color expert.

Enjoy the year of Radiant Orchid.   –  Marianne

All photographs and content are property of Living With Color Designs