Everywhere I turn I’m seeing Pink Flamingo’s, long necked, skinny legged, perfectly pink, iconic happiness and fun.  I have seen so many awesome pink color infused flamingo post’s that I am unable to keep them to myself.  I’m promising blissful moments and a smile on your face here.  There is a little pink inspiration for everyone in this roundup, including a great write up about the designer and the history of our favorite little plastic bird.

So let’s get this party started and rock some pink flamingo love.  Starting with something for my favorite place, the home, check out Bedroom Bliss from the flamingo infused blog Mrs. Lilien.  With a blog header like this, you can’t help but love it.

Pink flamingo bliss at Mrs. Lilien blog

Pink Flamingo Pillow Mrs. Lilien

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Planning a Staycation right there at home this Fourth of July?  Crank up the Red, White, and Blue with some of these colorful outdoor additions.  Ok, the fan technically isn’t red, white, or blue, but it rocks a beautiful design and a quite flow of air.  You will enjoy these stylish finds long after the celebration ends.Staycation Blue and White Patterned Umbrella- Living With Color Designs

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We are ready to get rolling with the Holiday Season around here and YOU can join in the fun!  We want you to Make Merry with Living With Color Designs.  We have created a board on Pinterest and have hand-selected fabulous pins to inspire you with your Holiday Merry Making.  Not only do we hope you will follow our board but we would love for you to give us suggestions for additional fabulous holiday pins.  Here are some of the things you can find already.

Make Merry with Living With Color Designs- Pinterest board with Christmas Decorating Ideas- Living With Color Designs

Via Living With Color Designs

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clean eating molten lava cake

I hope everyone had a very special Mother’s Day.  I sure had a treat.  My two beautiful daughters worked together behind the scenes to prepare a grand cookout for the big day.  By grand I mean lots of delicious foods with each of them bringing some of their specialties to the table. 

Ranch BLT salad

They even went all out to make a lovely presentation.  The feast included chicken and vegetable kabobs, ranch BLT pasta, deer burgers, and clean molten lava cake with strawberries.  Needless to say I was more than full at the end of the night.  Not only full of food but also full of pride.  Pride in these young women who now have families of their own and navigate life as a spouse or mother.

Hamburger fixings

It does not matter how old you get, you will always be your mother’s child.  My husband and I are blessed to still have our Mom’s with us which is great because there are some days when I just want to go to Mom’s and let her nurture that kid in me.  My mother has always been a comfort and a strength with her loving ways and faith in God.  I hope I will also be a source of comfort and strength for my children and the generations to come.  Who we are is very much a product of those who came before us.  I was delighted to see a photograph my uncle put on Facebook of my grandmother Viola.  I was reminded of how very much I resemble her and how seeing her in leadership roles shaped my thinking.  When I think of my grandmother Florine I see the ultimate prayer worrier and my biggest cheerleader.  I used to tell my school children that I hoped each one of them would have someone that would believe in them as much as my grandmother did in me. I hope each of you has someone special like that in your life.

blue and green gift bags
We ended the night with gifts of course.  Ha, great minds think alike.  Our gifts even coordinated. Thanks to my girls for the wonderful time and thanks to all the Mom’s out there that make this world such a special place.
I hope to give you and update in the next day or two as to why I have not posted as much lately and some plans for some upcoming changes.  I hope you will come back and visit again.   –  Marianne