Thibaut Resort Collection Orange Aqua and Lime green
Thibaut Resort Collection offers sizzling oranges paired with cool aquas.

I have been in the office all morning pulling fabrics and Spring colors are on my mind.  Pulling fabrics is one of my favorite things to do.  You know how I am “Wild About Fabrics”.  I am pulling this together from the Thibaut  fabulous Resort Collection.  The Downing Gate wallpaper creates an exciting and impact charged statement to your space.  The color orange is guaranteed to bring a little Summer sizzle to your day to day living.  The cool blues and greens of the ocean offer a calming counter balance.

Navy garden bench and lime garden stools
Printers Alley combines shades of blue and green.

Doesn’t this color palette make you want to swoon.   Love Love Love shades of navy with shades of green.  Yet another spring inspired combination.  This little vignette at Printers Alley has you dreaming of sitting outside in a beautiful garden and whiling away the hours.  Several garden stools are pictured here and I am so glad that they have found their way inside our homes.  Position one beside an occasional chair to rest a book or beverage on or liven a bathroom with a brightly colored stool.

spring flowers in Radient Orchid
A cart full of color inspiration from nature.

Remember that nature itself is true inspiration for picking out great spring colors that are very livable.  It’s still a little cold here in my part of the country so this is a picture of my shopping cart from last Spring.  I think I see a little Radiant Orchid, color of the year, popping out of my cart there.

I hope I have you seeing Spring colors also.  Have a great weekend.  Warmer weather is around the corner.   –  Marianne

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I can’t believe my order came in two days!  It’s actually funny how excited I have gotten over this.  I’m talking Christmas and Birthday worthy excitement.   I’ve always said that it is the little things for me.  How cute is the sticker that greets you on the outside of the box? You just want to smile.  Nice touch.

Contents revealed. Certificate, book and a pack of goodies.  The enclosed book by Laurie Wisbrun did not disappoint.  All cylinders in my brain were firing as I thumbed through it. Real instructions, real information and tips, a great resource.  I feel empowered to give it a try.
The goodies included a swatch book, a doodle notebook, quick start instructions and more.
Samples of printed fabric, wall decals, and wallpaper.
Another nice touch, the box was securely mailed in this 100% biodegradable mailer.  There was even a second sticky strip you could pull the covering from and reuse the packaging before you recycled or trashed it.  It is really great to see a company taking extra steps to be responsible.
Goodness Awaits You from Spoonflower.  – Marianne

If you have been furniture shopping lately it would have been hard for you to miss the Ikat trend.   Real Ikat fabrics are woven fabrics.   Most of the Ikat type fabrics you find in the fabric store will be fabrics with the motif printed on instead of a woven Ikat.  I recommend that you go to this link Arch Academy of Design  to learn about the dying and weaving process because I can not do it justice by putting it in my own words.  Basically the process of tie-dying warps and wefts before weaving will result in the finished design.  Like I said, check out the excellent hyperlink for more info.

Here are some recent fabric finds available in many colors and a variety of designs.

Are you having trouble visualizing how it might work in a room.  Check out the combination of items below and see what you think.

                    For your walls try Valspar color:                               Smoky Blue  EB42-4