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Aqua inspiration board- Living With Color DesignsJust in time for the weekend I have some inspiration boards for your home. When selecting items choose colors that blend.  Choose artwork whose subject matter you really  have a connection to.  Look for interesting shapes.  Add textiles with texture and dimension.  These items available through Living With Color Designs.

fabric inspiration board- Living With Color Designs

Beautiful embroidered fabrics can be found to suite any style or taste.  They add a luxurious dimension and can be worked into most budgets if used on smaller pieces like accent pillows or chairs.  There are just so many beautiful florals available, there again, to suite any style and taste.  I love combining geometrics with more modern florals.  These fabrics are available at Printers Alley.

Inspiration Board Greeen Trellis  Inspired Wallpapers- Living With Color Designs

Trellis inspired wallpapers are the subject of this third and final inspiration board.  They range from soft muted shades to full on bold contrasting color.  No matter your preference, they are sure to impress and stand the test of time as a classic. These wallpapers are available at Interiors Exteriors.

Here is a list of some of the brands that are represented above Thibaut, Surya, Decor 55,

If these inspiration boards have your creative juices flowing you may also like these posts on color inspiration.  Have a colorful weekend.    –  Marianne


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Pots Fabric Jonathan Adler
Pots fabric by Jonathan Adler

I am just loving these Jonathan Adler fabrics from Kravet.  You can see all the  Jonathan Adler for Kravet collections here.  I highly recommend watching the brief video interview on that page with this designer.  I personally am always intrigued by the creative process and relish the opportunity to see into a creatives head.  He talks about how the things you surround yourself with change your mood.  Therefore he likes to make his designs uplifting and positive. The fabrics pictured here are from the Utopia collection.  He explains that his creative DNA starts from his pottery studio and he describes his products as being uplifting, bright, bold, and based in craft.
The fabric above is appropriately named pots and incorporates various shapes of pots whose colors overlap and create this great visual.  The colors are so bright and fresh.
Pictured below is Ringleader Confetti.  I know for sure this fabric is going into the next project at my house.   I am drawn to circles, for some reason they are comforting, and the beautiful array of colors makes it divine.  The incorporation of so many colors will allow this fabric to fit easily into a variety of color schemes.
Ringleader Confetti fabric Jonathan Adler
Ringleader Confetti by Jonathan Adler

If you want a smile on your face, be sure to read Jonathan Adler’s “10 Commandments for a Happy Chic home” here.  I thought they were so fun I  printed them out.  I am especially feeling number 5 & 10.

You might want to check out this link to Jonathan Adler Musings blog.  Jam packed with inspiration and links to his products.  And finally since I am located right near Seagrove NC, the home of the great pottery tradition, I thought some of you might like this video where he talks about creating pottery

Don’t forget to sign up to follow the blog.  I don’t want you to miss any of the upcoming inspiration. Feel free to leave me your comments.  And check out my Facebook page for additional content.

I hope that you enjoy these post about creative people and I hope their insight will be as inspiring to you as it is to me.   -Marianne

All photographs and content are property of Living With Color Designs

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So exciting, I just got a delivery of fabric samples from Thibaut. Their market showroom was just beautiful and at first sight drew you in.  Each vignette was a visual feast with a cozy “come and stay a while” feel.  Isn’t that what you want in your home?  I was on a mission to locate beautiful fabrics and everything I saw convinced me that this line would be a great addition to my customer offerings.  The new resort collection is full of color and bold geometrics and patterns.

The Downing Gate pattern by Thibaut is available in these six beautiful colors.

Nassau Aqua floral pattern and Mara Embroidery in Green
Sun Garden Embroidery in Blue shown on top.
Nikko in Turquoise and Green paired with wovens Kyra Key in Pear and Twisted Chain in Green and Blue
 Shore Thing pattern in six colors
Thibaut also offers a furniture collection including these dinning chairs

Thibaut has a way of taking traditional motifs and making them current and new.  A great example is the South Sea wallpaper below in a beautiful updated Green.  This pattern is also available in Turqouise, Pink, Yellow, Grey, Tangerine, and Navy. Pillow fabrics are Soleil in Lime and Mara Embroidery in Grey.

Above is an assortment of ottomans covered in fabrics from Thibaut’s new Resort Collection
As you can see these products are vibrant and full of life.  Offering a distinctive look that will add charm and personality to any space.
Thibaut’s Rivera Embroidery in Yellow creates a luxurious bed canopy guaranteed to deliver a night of sweet dreams.  The Sonoma headboard is available through their furniture collection
For pricing and information you can contact me at   _   Marianne
Content and photographs are property of Living With Color Designs


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bright colored Chevron prints

Bright Colored Chevron Prints

Big bold geometrics are all the rage.  Of course I prefer the really bright options but they also come in some beautiful softer shades. No matter your preference, you can find a

variety of products to enhance your interiors that sport geometrics.

chvron in pink and green
light blue and light grey chevron

Chevron patterns in soft shades of grey and blue create a cool sophisticated look.

grey greek key

Red chevron fabric

Use red in the spaces that get a lot of action. 

geometric fabric
Orange geometric fabric

 Play up the fun with coordinating fabrics.  No need to reinvent the wheel.  Most fabric manufacturers release new patterns with several coordinating options.

Coordinating fabrics makes matching fabrics easy
Trellis fabric
Multi colored chevron

Black greek key fabricThe greek key motif is a classic and stunning in this bold black and white fabric.

Red Greek Key fabric


What I love about spring is the sudden sprouting of color.  It speaks to renewal, new beginnings, second chances, seeing a long lost friend.  Add a little of this wonder to one of your rooms.  Use exciting geometrics to change out pillows or curtains.  Change the seasons inside your house by sprouting a little color of your own.

Enjoy coming home.  –  Marianne

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As promised I have some geart fabric pictures to post today. I was not kidding when I said I kinda get a high from going into fabric stores. I have a ravenous visual appetite and I absolutely love the thrill of the hunt. My DNA is definitely wired around all things visual.

These fabrics sent my heart a fluttter. What little princess would not love these. My grandaughter ,who once shunned them, is now fully embracing her animal prints. I knew she would just love these. Now I just have to figure out how I can work one if them in. I made sure that the store can reorder in case they run out before I come up with a plan.

I found a wide assortment of sea themed fabrics, something to satisy almost any taste and budget. When summer comes around I long for a trip to the beach. These fabrics would be a great way to extend that beach trip you have fond memories of.

This fabric is truely elegant. It comes with an elegant price tag too.

These fabrics were really beautiful. The red was rich and popped against a taupe/tan background. It had a very natural organic feel to the design and great detail.

These were actually a heavy upholstery weight.

These were lighter weight fabrics that would drape easily.

A more graphic modern option.

Linen is one of my favorite fabrics. It adds texture and richness to any room. It comes in varing weights and sizes of weaves. It may be solid or have an applied print. Some printed linen can get this warn look that I think is just beautiful. The look can vary from casual to very formal. I have used it for upholstry, table linens, tablescape displays, wicker seat cushions, tree skirts and more. I guess this versitility is exactly what makes it a really great fabric choice.

One of my favorite design motifs is the paisley. I am really drawn to them. For some reason I have always been. I think it is because each of them is a little different. Each variation has a unique combination of shapes and colors. Unlike say a heart where all you really change about it is the color. Check out these variations: a beautiful linen, artfully embroidered, and a modern update great for a teen.

Kids have really hit the jackpot these days. There are so many products made just for them. Probably the lack of such things when I was a child contributes to my ultimate pleasure in finding them now. Check out these kid room ready fabrics.

Here is one for the future a little Princess.

And something for the future Prince Charmings.

This group of fabrics is assured to to spread sunshine and happiness.

This group of coordinating fabrics offers an interesting option with the plant like fabric.

Colorful assortment of upholstry weight fabric.

Fabrics were found at 1502 Fabrics and Fabric Forum