Lunchbox Love: Living With color Designs Blog -Lunchboxs Remember those times when you found a sweet little note in your lunchbox when you got to the school cafeteria?  Just knowing that someone was thinking of you and feeling loved put a little spring in your step for the rest of the day.  I call that Lunchbox love.  Well I discovered that I had a lunchbox note artist in my very house when my husband began to create notes to put in our granddaughters lunchbox. Continue reading →

Creativity Runs In The Family - Living With Color DesignsI’m happy today to introduce you to one of my Aussie cousins.  Besides sharing some pretty awesome family members, Julie and I share a passion for beautiful and unusual things, great craftsmanship, artistic endeavors, and creative people. Continue reading →

Wow, one of the exciting things about Fall is that there is so much to do!  And I am not talking about just raking leaves, although I’m sure many of us are engaging in that activity.  For me Fall has brought a fun, inspiring, and sometimes exhausting week at furniture market (I don’t even want to talk about the blister I got from the first day of walking, new shoes were not a good idea), the ole switch-a-roo of clothes in may closet for the wonderful change of seasons we enjoy in North Carolina (but today it is back to 80 degrees so I’m pulling out things I shelved), helping grandchildren with big decisions like what to be for Halloween (the purchase of a blue wig was involved in one), crock pots full of taco soup (yum), fall festivals, haunted fairy garden classes, and me and my man finding a little “us” time to do a little shopping together.

Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas -Living With Color Designs

Quick and Easy Pumpkin Decorating That Takes a Hint From Home Furnishings

Since Halloween is knocking on our door and everyone keeps saying that the holidays are just around the corner, I thought I would share a last minute pumpkin decorating idea that was new to me. Brought to you by way of my daughter, Meredith, and her two beautiful, sweet, and artistic children. (One of the perks of being a grandparent is bragging. Where it seemed off-putting to do such about your own children, it seems perfectly acceptable and is tolerated when it is directed toward your grandchildren.  Isn’t that great!)

Creative pumpkin decorating ideas- Living With Color Designs

I am so glad my daughter is continuing the tradition of hands-on creative fun for kids.  She finds great ideas and is not afraid to try something new.  I had no clue about the special decorating plans they had this year so I was really delighted and surprised to see what they had done.  I couldn’t get over the fact that they used thumb tacks.  I mean, brilliant!  So simple but, I would never have thought of it.  One of my design addictions is my love of nailhead trim so all I could think was ‘how great, nailhead trim for pumpkins’.

Thumb Tack and Paint Pumpkin Decorating- Living With Color Designs

My granddaughters are three and eight and the simple combination of using paint and thumb tacks was user friendly for both ages and allowed them each to create masterpieces that reflected heir style and personality.

Thumb tac detail on decorated pumpkin - Living With Color Designs

Pumpkin decorating with paint and thumb tacksWhile the eight year old seized the opportunity to create detailed trim and exhibit some of her favorite things, hearts and writing…

modern Art painted pumpkin - Living With Color Designs

Easy Pumpkin Decorating- Living With Color Designs… the three year old channeled her abstract modern art abilities and the shear joy that googly eyes can bring.

Monogrammed Pumpkins -Living With Color Designs

You wouldn’t want to pass up on a great opportunity to add a monogram to anything.  This pumpkin monogrammed in thumb tacks displays the love between these two sisters by putting their initials out there front and center.

Decorating pumpkins with wasabi tape -Living With Color Designs

I also liked the cute little pumpkins they made at a party they attended using washi tape and feathers. Just darling.  I loved how my granddaughter realized that it would certainly hold equal weight and value to my hand blown Starworks pumpkin and ceramic tureen to be placed right there beside them. Check out this past post to learn more about Starworks.

Detailed pumpkin designs -Living With Color Designs


If you give this a try, please come back and leave us a comment and let us know how much fun you had.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing some of the wonderful products I found at the High Point Market/ The World’s Home For Home Furnishings.  I’ll also share about some of the people I met, and some of the insights I gleaned. Life is just one big learning experience for me and I’m always looking for inspiration.  It was a bustling market with a lot of people attending. There was a real feeling of excitement in the air. I hope to inspire you and get you excited about your home so be sure to drop back by to see what we are up to.   –  Marianne

clean eating molten lava cake

I hope everyone had a very special Mother’s Day.  I sure had a treat.  My two beautiful daughters worked together behind the scenes to prepare a grand cookout for the big day.  By grand I mean lots of delicious foods with each of them bringing some of their specialties to the table. 

Ranch BLT salad

They even went all out to make a lovely presentation.  The feast included chicken and vegetable kabobs, ranch BLT pasta, deer burgers, and clean molten lava cake with strawberries.  Needless to say I was more than full at the end of the night.  Not only full of food but also full of pride.  Pride in these young women who now have families of their own and navigate life as a spouse or mother.

Hamburger fixings

It does not matter how old you get, you will always be your mother’s child.  My husband and I are blessed to still have our Mom’s with us which is great because there are some days when I just want to go to Mom’s and let her nurture that kid in me.  My mother has always been a comfort and a strength with her loving ways and faith in God.  I hope I will also be a source of comfort and strength for my children and the generations to come.  Who we are is very much a product of those who came before us.  I was delighted to see a photograph my uncle put on Facebook of my grandmother Viola.  I was reminded of how very much I resemble her and how seeing her in leadership roles shaped my thinking.  When I think of my grandmother Florine I see the ultimate prayer worrier and my biggest cheerleader.  I used to tell my school children that I hoped each one of them would have someone that would believe in them as much as my grandmother did in me. I hope each of you has someone special like that in your life.

blue and green gift bags
We ended the night with gifts of course.  Ha, great minds think alike.  Our gifts even coordinated. Thanks to my girls for the wonderful time and thanks to all the Mom’s out there that make this world such a special place.
I hope to give you and update in the next day or two as to why I have not posted as much lately and some plans for some upcoming changes.  I hope you will come back and visit again.   –  Marianne

I had a lovely morning sharing breakfast with Mom.  One of the blessing I reap from our families life changes is that I now have the flexibility and time to get together more often with the people I love. I especially enjoy the extra time I have recently had with my Mom.

Our few occasional outings to get breakfast have now turned into a once a week regular routine.  Today we tried to figure out how we ended up usually meeting on Tuesday’s.  We laughed and realized that our favorite go-to place is closed on Monday’s and we then seize the first opportunity of the week to go.

tulips in a vase

I love how life evolves. Who would have guessed that me and my 83 year old mother would be synced up to the free wifi and I would be guiding her through the subtleties of  making a “post” on a Facebook page verses “messaging” someone and then schooling her to “share” recipes you like on Facebook so you can find them again later on your wall.  Of course all of this is knowledge that was passed down to me from my young adult children.  My sisters and I are just thrilled that she finally agreed to try an iPad after a few years of our insisting she would love it.  My mother is a beloved retired teacher.  And I mean beloved.  My memories are peppered with all the occasions when I would be out and about with my mother and people would come up to her and share how much they loved her class and how she was their favorite teacher.  So I am feeling honored to have an opportunity to send a little teaching her way.

tulips daisies and cabbage arrangement

Life can be short, so I am trying to seize as many of these opportunities as I can with family and friends.

I’m feeling blessed to have breakfast with Mom.   –  Marianne

Touches of Spring.  Pictures are of flower arrangements at The Table Farmhouse Bakery.

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