Bringing you more color inspiration from the farmers market today.   Yesterday’s post gave you a little floral color inspiration from the farmers market and today I bring you a little color inspiration from the beautiful produce I saw.

There is no mistaking that red is definitely the vibrant color of choice for produce.  I could not get enough of all these beautiful red tomatoes.  From cherry, to grape, to roma, to german johnson tomatoes, they all provide a color jolt to your senses.

cherry tomatoes Farmers Market with Living With Color Designs

Grape tomatoes Farmers Market with Living With Color Designs

Roma tomatoes- Farmers Market with Living With Color DesignsGerman Johnson Tomatoes

Purple shows up with both bold and subtle strokes. Check out the divine color inspiration of the dark purple blackberries and their aqua containers. So beautiful.  Eggplant has found it’s way to some of my table arrangements before, it also makes a colorful addition to any meal.  Stalks, leaves and beans even get a dose of purple.

Beautiful blackberries - Farmers Market with Living With Color Designs

Blackberry - Farmers Market with Living With Color Designs

Fairytale Eggplant


purple and green beans

If you had told me, before I went to a farmers market, that beans could be beautiful, then I would have thought you were crazy. But look at these intriguingly beautiful purple and green beans.

Next we have the color green. One of natures favorites. Get inspired by the various shades of green in these okra, peppers, green beans, and onions.


Peppers farmers market green beans onion stemsAll pictures above were taken at the Moon Creek Farm booth, really beautiful produce.  I ended up carrying home some blueberries, peaches, and tomatoes.

baskets of tomatoes tomatoes

I could not resist just a few more pictures of tomatoes from another vendor.  I just love them all lined up in baskets.  Hope you have liked today’s color inspiration, brought to you by the farmers market and natures produce.   –  Marianne



What a wonderful way to end my July the Fourth weekend.  My sister and I decided to take a little trip to the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market.  I always love to go there.  I get so inspired and energized by all of natures beautiful bounty.  It only takes a couple of seconds and you will feel it.  Your blood pressure will drop, your body will begin to relax and, yep, you will probably even feel a little joy.  I imagine that is exactly the reaction that God intended for us toward nature.  The feel good stuff is just the beginning.  The farmers market is a visual feast of color inspiration.

Beautiful bouquet Farmers Market with Living With Color Designs

I’ll start with a little farmers market floral color inspiration.  Isn’t this bouquet just beautiful? I had to take this one home.  I picked it for the beautiful combination of vibrant purples and oranges. I also like the contrast of delicate soft blooms paired with more sturdy architectural blooms.

Farmers Market with Living With Color Designs

zinnias- Farmers Market with Living With Color Designs




Ah, the bucket of blooms. If you work with flowers you know what this is.  Inevitably you will have some stems that break leaving these beautiful flower heads that you can no longer use in a tall arrangement but you just can’t throw away.  A great way to use them is to put them in short packed arrangements in small containers where you only see blooms.







Zinnias are wonderful summer flowers.  They are perfect to have in gardens you create with little gardeners because they are easy to grow from seed and make great cutting flowers. I really should plant some of these with our youngest granddaughter because she loves to pick the blooms off our flowers.  She really would be confused if we handed her some scissors and let her cut  as many as she liked.




Zinnias Farmers Market with Living With Color Designs







There is just something about buckets and buckets of flowers.  The colors, the scents, it all just awakens your senses.






Fresh cut bouquets- Farmers Market with Living With Color Designs

Summer Fresh Flowers booth at Piedmont Triad Farmers Market




The booth with the most beautiful flowers and creative flower grouping of bouquets was, Summer Fresh Flowers from Newton NC.  Mai was so sweet and helpful. She eagerly gave out advice and suggestions. Don’t be afraid to ask vendors questions. Typically they are experts at what they do and are happy to make recommendations.  Her creativity and color sense was reflected in her bouquet flower pairings. Color Inspiration could be found in each one.



mums- Farmers Market with Living With Color Designs

The farmers market is also a great place to take pictures.  The great subject matter and indirect light will make you look like a pro.

sunflowers- Farmers Market with Living With Color DesignsSome of these gorgeous sunflowers went home with my sister.  They are also a personal favorite of my oldest daughters.  To me nothing says summer flower more than a sunflower.  Unfortunately our attempts to grow these at home have been thwarted by the deer that frequent our yard.  Must be a deer delicacy.   All of the pictures above were taken at the Summer Fresh Flowers booth.

Unique assortment of flowers Farmers Market with  Living With Color DesignsA little further down the way I found these flowers in a bucket.  What an unusual and interesting combination.  Unfortunately the owners had stepped out of the booth and I was not able to get the name of these interesting stalks.

Pink flowers -Farmers Market with  Living With Color Designs




I can’t resist just one more picture. These pinks are really beautiful.  Oh, look, my Vionic sandals are trying to make their debut.  I got myself into a little bit of foot trouble with my life changes.  My feet were not prepared for the sudden explosion of exercise that was placed upon them.  But all is well thanks to Dr. Regal, some custom inserts for my tennis shoes, and these little supportive sandals.





So, next time you are looking for a little color inspiration, head on out to your local farmers market.  The trip may also turn out to be good for your soul.  Check back tomorrow for some more farmers market color inspiration and in the near future a surprise collaboration that will be sure to inspire.   –  Marianne

I took a little stroll the other morning before church.  Sort of a flower scavenger hunt where I was scouting out flowers for an up coming photo shoot.  This little adventure began in my yard and ended up in my mother’s yard.  Along the way I was gently reminded of some of the pleasures of Summer. Red Geraniums As I topped the hill and approached my mother’s front yard I heard this buzzing.  As I got closer to the large magnolias in her yard the sound grew into a loud chorus of buzzing.  My first reaction was to think that some insect had built a huge hive in the tree and for some reason the hive was all a flurry.  Curiosity kicked in and I moved in closer for a better look. Pleasures of Summer To my amazement I found no nest but just a world of insects devouring the splendor of all the sweet magnolia blooms, open and offering their sweet nectar.  I watched as bees of all shapes and sizes buzzed here and there from place to place.  The whole tree was alive and energized with movement and music.  My soul was truly delighted by this unexpected wonder of nature. Bees on a magnolia bloom Then I thought about this tree, actually these trees.  A pair of magnolias planted my parents front yard the year we moved in.  I think I was five. These trees have been so much a part of our lives, then our children’s lives, and now even my grandchildren’s lives.  Family photos have been taken in front of them. Children have climbed them. Decorations have been made from their boughs and blooms.  Steady and strong they have continued to grow and watch over us. large magnolia trees These trees are now huge so the magnitude of bloom increased the magnitude of buzz that drew me in this particular morning. Blackberries On the way home I was delighted yet again by summer pleasures when I spied some blackberries, ripe and ready to pick.  These beautiful berries are full of nutrients and one of natures gifts. Summer Blackberries A nice little addition to my breakfast, I grabbed a handful of these beautify berries. Handfull of  Blackberries Then I meandered home full of the joy received from these Summer pleasures. Find beautiful geranium pinterest pins at this link and find some amazing blackberry reipies at this link. I hope you are enjoying many summer pleasures.  I find I have to be intentional about about slowing down and taking in all the wonderful things around me.  Be sure you take a little time this week for yourself, shut off all the noise from the outside world, go outside and just feel the connection with nature.  Who knows what you may discover.  – Marianne

Flowers even make this beat up shopping cart look great! Still loving Spring.

shopping cart with flowers

Hope you have a great Memorial Day as we remember all those who have served our country.                      –  Marianne

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Stone Container Full of Blooms

I have to admit that I visit yard and garden shops as much for visual entertainment and enjoyment as I do for shopping. You can’t help but feel good after a little walking around among the plants and statuary.

Saturday my husband and I made a trip to Whitaker Farms and Garden Center’s Asheboro location.  Turns out I made two trips there that day, but we won’t go into all that.  Am I the only one that has to make multiple trips to a place when working on a project?

I thought you might enjoy some of my pics from my adventures. You might just see something you can’t live without.  Enjoy!

Beautiful Spillover Fountain Great For Patio
Strolling The Plants

Flats Of Flowers
Beautiful Cockscomb
Pond Inspiration
Fountain With Statue
Plants For Your Garden

And these beautiful CLASSIC garden tools.  These were so beautiful.  I think I would be motivated to help out more with the planting part of our projects if I was using these.  They really were a work of art. And I don’t usually get excited over tools.

Go ahead, take a trip to your lawn and garden store.  Who knows what you will discover.   –  Marianne

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