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Red jeweled velvet flourishes make the perfect tree topper- Living With Color Designs

“Trim the tree and wrap the presents, turn the Christmas music on, this Christmas I’ll be home with bells on.”  Can you hear Dollie singing?  Ha Ha, this is a fun favorite Christmas song for our family.  There was a Kenny and Dollie Christmas special back when my children were little.  We recorded it and played it over and over. Just hearing it puts me in a happy place.

Department 56 Christmas tree doll with red high heels - Living With Color Designs Cloth soldier ornament  for the tree - Living With Color Designs

My favorite thing to do is bask in the light of the Christmas tree.  It is usually the first light on in the morning and the last light off in the evening,  There is truly magic in lights.  Their twinkle and shine just lure me in.  I loved the colored lights of my childhood.  It would not have be unusual to find me in the evening just sitting enjoying the colorful array.

Brightly colored ornament kids will love - Living With Color Designs Glass ornament of Ole Saint Nick with lantern and deer - Living With Color Designs

I adore the faces of all the ornaments.  Each little ornament seems to have a personality of it’s own. Old familiar faces that warm your heart from year to year sit alongside new faces added to the collection.

Little wooden nutcracker ornament - Living With Color Designs Needlepoint Santa's and vintage panel car ornament with tree on top. - Living With Color Designs bejeweled cross Christmas tree ornament in red and gold - Living With Color Designs

Whether you trim a tree or not, I hope you are enjoying the warm glow of the season.   –  Marianne

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modern Snowflake Ornament
Modern Snowflake Ornament

The key to creating a modern feel to your tree is to select ornaments that have a more graphic shape instead of being very detailed and literal.  Color can also play a big part.  Moving away from the traditional red and green can also make your decorations feel more modern.  Love the red and green?  Then substitute the shade of red or green.  Instead of primary green use lime green or instead of red use a pink or poppy.  Oh my goodness, now I want to have a poppy tree.  Wouldn’t poppy and navy be a great modern statement.


modern mirrored ornament

Modern Mirrored Snowflake Ornament
Mirrors are the focus of this modern and stylish snowflake.  The great thing about mirrored ornaments is that they will go with any color scheme.  If you want to change up your colors next year, no problem.
Modern deer ornament
Lucite and Glitter Modern Reindeer Ornament
This simple silhouette of a deer in lucite and glitter is a great modern choice for an endearing traditional Christmas motif.  This cutie will just prance across your tree.
Modern black Jeweled ornament
Jeweled Ornament with Black Crystals
No outfit is finished until you add the wow statement, your jewelry.  The same thing can go for your tree.  After all don’t we call it dressing the tree?  Just add a little jewelry to your tree for some glitz and glamor.  It reflects light and might remind us of some of our favorite things.
Modern jeweled Christmas Ornament
More bling for the tree. Multi-colored jewels combine with gold tone beads to create a sophisticated statement.
Elephant Christmas ornament
Purple and Lime Elephant Ornament
Modern trees are the perfect place to add a little fun and whimzy.  There are so many choices out there. No matter what your passion is you should be able to find an ornament to express it on your tree.
Believe ornament
Metal “Believe” Ornament
Displaying topography or phrases on your tree can subtly bring out emotions and feeling.  Just seeing the word “Believe” brings back memories of being a child at Christmas and reminds us, as adults, how important our beliefs in something grander than us are.
Chandelier ornament
Black Chandelier Ornament with Glitter and Crystals
This chandelier meets the criteria in that it is not overly detailed and has a simple graphic design.
Gold reindeer ornament
Grazing Gold Reindeer Ornament
One last picture of yet another deer.  Just couldn’t leave it out.  So, happy hunting for your modern Christmas tree ornaments. Use these tips to guarantee a more modern statement.   – Marianne

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Just sitting here thinking about how I would like to wrap this years packages.  Last year it was all about red.   My strategy is to choose a feature color and a few accent colors.  Then I coordinate the” kids” papers with the more sophisticated “adult” wrap. This way it all just blends together nicely.

I just loved this tone on tone red zebra wrapping paper from last year.  A cute check paper leftover from several years ago was able to make an appearance with this color theme.  The pink in the santa paper kept all of it looking up to date and fresh. Silver is brought in from the tree, the paper, and the package attachments like the reindeer above.

Choosing one predominate color makes it easy to pick up gift bags that will blend easily with your theme.  This penguin bag was so adorable.  I am not alway sure what I will put in a bag when I buy it, but if I love it I know I will find something to put in it.

Do you have a color theme when you wrap presents or do you prefer the “anything goes” approach? Either way, creatively wrapping your gifts allows you to make a design statement during this favorite holiday season.   –  Marianne

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Merry Christmas From our Family to Yours

What a blessing!   The babe in a manger.  How awesome that God wanted to be represented through a family.  Family is a gift and I treasure the times we get to be together.  Sometimes the coolest moments are spontaneous and unplanned, which explains the picture of the bell.  I gave everyone attending the Redding family gathering yesterday one of these bells, quoting some of the references that come to mind such as an angel getting it’s wings and keeping the spirit of Christmas in your heart.  Suddenly the most spontaneous thing happened.  Everyone from 2 to 82 began ringing their bells and singing jingle bells.  I love my family and an honored to be included in the family of God.  Merry Christmas to you and your family.                                – Marianne