Before and After Master Bathroom Makeover - Living With Color DesignsWe are in the process of updating our home.  Its’s really exciting and way over due.  I’ve been delighted with how the changes are reenergizing our home.  The time had come, after years of raising our family and dolling out the cash to the kids, (now young adults) to spend a little of our hard earned cash on ourselves.  When you get to this stage, or if you are in it, you will understand.  Some of it has been been a ton of fun, like making over the master bathroom and powder room.  Some not so much fun, like replacing the roof.  But, hey, I like to keep dry. Continue reading →

Living With Color Designs: Furniture Sketches: Ladies Chair in Lime GreenLooking at all those beautiful art sketches by real artist from my last post has inspired me to try and do a little drawing myself.  I once heard a designer say that they tried to do a little drawing each day just to keep the creative juices flowing, maybe I should give it a try.  I’d downlaoded  the Paper 53 app to my iPad a long time ago with great aspirations of what I would accomplish with it.  However, I’d never really sat down and taken the time to play with it.  Determined to rectify this scandalous situation and being all inspired I decided to get on it.  Now what should I draw? Continue reading →