In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately, I’ve been managing my stuff. Twenty years of stuff to be exact.  This year we will have been in our home for 20 years.  And, as you can imagine, we’ve accumulated 20 years of stuff.

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Sometimes I get a crazy burst of energy and think I am going to organize the world.  This usually quickly passes but on this particular day I felt quite inspired to organize drawers inmy bathroom .  I guessing that I am not the only one that has ended up with a shoebox full of accumulated makeup and facial products stuck in their bathroom drawer.  You know those makeup counters love their free gifts with purchases and trial samples, and I always think that I will keep them and try them someday.  The problem with this shoebox is that you can only really see and get to what is on top.  I was determined to find a solution to this madness and decided that I could organize my drawers and recycle at the same time.(Note: I had talked myself out of sharing this post until the other day when I showed my daughter my clever little tricks and she said that I should share. So here goes.)

Organize your drawers with recycled items-water bottles- Living With Color Designs

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I am on a mission to get organized.

Seriously, how do things get so out of hand?  Work, activities, and mounting responsibilities that kept my time maxed out for years obviously is at the root of the mounting problem of disorganization.  But now I really don’t have any excuses.  Yes I still have the above mentioned things but they have been tweaked and I now have more time. So I really need to get focused and start to get organized.

The Paper Studio Organizer  used for cameras

Organizing Cameras for Easy Grab And Go

The Paper Studio scrapbook organizers were on sale the other day at Hobby Lobby and I realized a great opportunity to purchase on the cheap something that could help me get organized.  I have a three cameras I use to take pictures for my blog and I really did not have a great way to carry then when I would go on one of my Out And About trips or even just set up a shoot in the  yard.

The paper studio storage tote

Plenty of dividers and outside pockets to hold all of your stuff.

What made it great is the structure of this organizer.  Sturdy sides that protect items from bang ups, dividers that keep cameras separated, and plenty of sections to hold all my stuff including my extra lens.

Lots of pockets to organize stuff

All things at your fingertips with outside storage pockets.

All the extra outside pockets are great.  Easily store iPod, keys, and other necessities in these little nooks and crannies for a great all-in-one grab and go organizer. This puts things you need right at your fingertips.

Organizer with outside zip pocket

Side zipper pocket insures that important things don’t fall out.

This zip up pocket is great for items you want to be sure not to lose like your cash or drivers license.  When trying to get organized it is great to think outside the box when looking for storage.  Like I said, this is really a product designed to organize scrapbook stuff but it could be used for so many things.  Think pool, baby items, yard and garden stuff. Maybe you have some alternative storage solutions.  Be sure to share them with me.

Get organized with creative storage solutions

Great storage solution for my cameras.

Now I can check one thing off my “get organized” list.  Only a million more things to get organized. You gotta start somewhere.   –  Marianne


               Modern Reusable Rubber Twist Ties In an Assortment Of Colors By Gear Tie

The other day I had to go to the hardware store.  No really I had to go.  Home Depot sent me a note saying they they were going to close my credit card account the end of August if I did not use it.  They let me know there had not been any activity on it in the last 36 months (guess they thought I might not need it anymore).   I have to go one town over to even get to a Home Depot so I don’t use it a lot.  So, unwilling to lose the option of ever using a credit card there, you can understand why I had to make a road trip.

While there I found these really cute reusable rubber twist ties.  They look all soft but they are hiding a good sturdy wire that could wrangle almost anything.  The packaging does a good job of giving you suggestions for use.  I got all excited about these little critters and began imagining getting organized.  Remember it is the small things that get me excited.  Anyway, I thought I would share these with you just incase you would want to add little color to your organization.

They came in a nice variety of sizes for large to small jobs.  Sorry the last picture is a little fuzzy.  They showed the smaller ones being used to organize cords which we all have in abundance.  This option would be easy to undo unlike the zip ties often used.

Now you would think that faced with the need to purchase something that I would be able to go out and splurge a little but after about an hour of rambling around the store I took home a mop and a few small items.  Isn’t that the way it always is?  When you do not need to spend money you find something fabulous and when you need to buy something you can’t find anything fabulous.

Oh well, I get to keep my charge account.   I just think they may be a little disappointed in how much money I spent.   –   Marianne