Who doesn’t love Joanna Gaines and her  HGTV show Fixer Upper?  Even if at first thought modern farmhouse style isn’t what you had envisioned for your home you will still enjoy the results of Joanna’s eye for simple, fresh and unique design.  She really is a force in the movement which is bringing relevance to the value of the farmhouse style in our modern times.  Modern farmhouse picks and chooses the best elements from the old farmhouse’s we loved and then tweaks and enhances them with new ideas and innovations.
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accessories at Home Goods

I am excited, again!  The new Home Goods store just opened on New Garden Rd. in Greensboro.  I have been looking forward to it’s opening ever since I found out my go to Home Goods store was closing.  In celebration of this event I thought I would share a few of my shopping tips based on lessons I have learned as a loyal shopper/fan/groupie. (Confessions here.)

Green oval jar shaped lamps

1. If something immediately speaks to you upon seeing it, go ahead and put it in your cart. You will have plenty of time to decide as you walk around if you really want it.  If you later determine that you do not quiet have the passion for it that you thought you did then just put it back on the shelf.  Things get snapped up and sometimes hesitating and then going back for it in a few minutes results in it being gone.  A great example is this sea shell painting below.  It wasn’t something I was shopping for or specifically needed but it spoke to me.  I realized that I should give it another look because, really, it was a find.  But it was gone.  I can now think of several people this would have made a great gift for. 

Hand painted conch shell
2. If you see a large item you want to buy but did not come in the right vehicle to get it home then go ahead and pay for it, you can get your neighbors truck later.  Home Goods will actually hold any of your purchases for 7 days.  I don’t think this tip is widely known.  This means you go ahead and pay for it up front and they will store it for you while you make arrangements for pick up.  One of the cashiers was telling me a story of a lady who had gone home to get a bigger vehicle and the item she wanted was gone when she returned. Obviously she was disappointed.
stylish blue glass ware with white dots

3. Keep On Going Back- They are always getting new and exciting things.  You are never guaranteed that they will get any item that they have today in again at another time.  But they will get in something new.  I passed once on some pillows that would have been absolutely beautiful in my bedroom, trying to be frugal you know.  I couldn’t get them out of my head so I went back to try and get them.  Gone.  I actually stalked a few different Home Goods stores for a while hoping against hope that I would find them.  I console myself with the idea that someone very deserving of beauty ended up with those pillows and they are with their rightful owner.  Bottom line is that their whole business model is built around building urgency and the idea of the thrill of the hut for that thing that will be here today gone tomorrow.  They want you to feel like you better snatch it up before it is gone.  So much so, they encourage you to proudly upload pictures of your spoils at Home Goods finds with #HomeGoodsHappy.

Pink and orange pillows -Home Goods
5. You can count on finding name brand products at value prices.  Home Goods makes good design available to all by providing quality products at an affordable price.  Some of the things I know I can find on a consistent basis are decorative pillows (you know how I love them, past blog post here and here), stylish lamps, interesting mirrors, wall art and entertaining essentials.  Good basics with style and flair.
silver studded yellow leather covered boxes
6. Always, always, always, buy at least one more of their beautiful .99 cent shopping bags.  Oh my goodness. I did not take a picture.  But these bags are wearable art.  Just trust me.  You’ll see.  I can not tell you all the countless times I have used their beautiful bags to transport things from here to there.  And why not have something so utilitarian to be a thing of beauty?  You can look chic and stylish when you are toting things.  My bags have been filled with wedding decorations, tabletop event items, picnic extras, kids clothes, you name it.  Really, I have bought coordinating bags to use for particular events and then tied tags to the handles to identify contents making set up quick and easy. (That was a bonus tip).  Colorful design rich bags are just a little more tidy and visually appealing than using mis-matched boxes and bags for special occasions. Remember, just .99 cent.
Moroccan inspired lanterns


7. Last but not least, get to know the people who work in your local store. Greensboro has some jewels in the two girls that checked me out yesterday.  So friendly and engaging.  They gave me the tip about the 7 day holding.  When I mentioned that I was a designer and would be back soon, one of them said she would be sure to remember my face.  What  great salesmanship.  I’ll be looking for her too.  Salespeople and managers are great resources for information about incoming shipments and other tidbits of information. Make friends.

So enough tips.  I’ll just end with some pictures.  All pictures were of items in the store yesterday so you know what that means.  They may or may not be there today.
glass wears in green
beautiful wooden serving bowl


Nautical themed entertaining pieces

blue leather silver studded boxes
Blue glass knot

seashore  inspired accessories

Green ceramic pig

metal sphere

modern sunburst mirror


Now go snatch something up.  Happy Shopping!   –  Marianne

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V Rug and Home
Strong Geometrics in This Years Color, Purple

Exciting.  I just got my order from V Rug and Home which is actually a pillow order.  Confusing, I know.  They used to sell rugs but evidently the pillows took over center stage.  I can see how.  These luxury pillows are made in the USA ( I know that is important to some of you) and constructed from quality materials from around the world.  You can check out the Facebook page for V Rug and Home here.


You all know how much I love geometrics and this company offers a full dose of geometrics with options galore.  You can custom mix and match any of their fabric and trim options.  Some of the pillows above are sporting purple which is the hot color this year.

Aqua and cream geometric pillow
The Gabby Pillow

This little beauty I just received is the GABY.   It is made from a beautiful cream Belgian Linen and has velvet detailing in shades of Aqua.  I’m so excited about the endless possibilities for color and fabric combinations.  Oops! They forgot to send me their catalog.  I’ll have to wait a little while to work on those endless combinations but I can show you more from their beautiful displays at market.

Mohair pillow in grey

Taupey Grey Mohair Pillow Compliments Geometric Pillows In Cream, Gold, Grey and Taupe

I am craving some mohair pillows but my mind goes “does that really fit my lifestyle”.  I mean there “are” moments when I want to just sit and luxuriate.  Why do we ask these questions of ourselves?  Why do we hesitate to make our homes places where we could get the joy of touching ultra soft mohair every day.  We should all add a little dimension to our surroundings.  Life is tactile.  You have to touch it to experience it.  I am a very tactile person.  If I don’t shop with my eyes and my hands then I can’t see the whole picture.  Anybody with me here.  Surely I am not the only one.  Please leave me a comment if you totally get this.

Geometric pillows orange and beige

 Add A Pop Of Color With Orange Accents on Pillows

Other strong colors in the design realm are colors in the orange family.  Anything from Tangerine to Poppy will work.  It works nicely with warm tones like beige and brown to cooler shades like grey or aqua.  A great way to judge what colors you might like to surround yourself with is to look at the colors you wear.  I have a orange ultra suede jacket that I alternate pairing with black or aqua.  Either way I usually get comments from people about how much they like my jacket and the color I have it paired with.  I think it is partly the uniqueness of a bold color but just as people react to my jacket your mind will react to the addition of color in your surroundings.

Leather trimmed linen pillows

Luxurious Pillows That Combine Natural Materials

V Rug and Home circles pillowa

Circles In Leather On Linen Pillows

You can check out more of their styles and shop online at Layla Grayce. or POLYVORE.


Curved Lines And Shapes Of Cut Velvet Create Softer Lines

Now that I think about it. how would our life be without pillows to prop our head,  prop our book, prop our iPad, support our backs, beautify our bed, beautify our sofa, and call us to come on in and relax?   –  Marianne