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Ok, just one more post with the beautiful colors of Fall before I jump into Christmas.  Hey, it will include a delicious product that would make a great Christmas gift for a neighbor, a teacher, a busy mom, really almost anybody, so please indulge me one more post.  The delicious little product is  Pecan Pie In-A-Jar by the great San Saba River Pecan Company. Continue reading →

You know I can not get through this season without sharing some beautiful pictures of pumpkins.  I realize this may not be a fondness shared by all, but the beauty of nature always amazes and charms me.  Since my mind is getting all geared up for Fall Furniture Market I can’t help but be thinking about where the design inspiration for new products comes from.  It is unique and different for each creative, but I know that nature is a big provider of inspiration for many.  I decided to put my own little spin on this, inspired by my newest  pumpkin photographs I thought I would see what products I could find that resemble the beauty and inspiration that I see in my pumpkins.

Design inspiration from white pumpkin with beautiful taupe striae- Living With Color Designs

If you have read some of my past fall post, here and here, then I am sure you are aware of my love affair for white pumpkins.  Anything unique and interesting catches my eye.

What I notice in these beautiful white pumpkins is the taupe colored striae that infuses the pumpkin.  Dictionary definition of striae is:  a slight or narrow furrow, ridge, stripe, or streak, esp. one of a number in parallel arrangement.  You can find this look replicated in products like fabrics, wallpapers, and surface finishes.

Kravet First Crush Truffle fabric

via Kravet Couture

The fabric pictured center from Kravet: First Crush Truffle, looks like it’s design inspiration could have been our white pumpkin.

two toned orange pumpkin- Living with Color Designs

This beautiful two toned pumpkin brings us a beautiful mixture of colors, blood orange and true orange. These colors can certainly result in some lively design inspiration for your home.

Blood orange and orange rug- Living With Color Designs

via Safavieh

This Safavieh rug designed by Tom Felicia , the Durston, perfectly combines these two colors in this bold geometric rug.

Yellow and orange pumpkinThe mottling on this pumpkin sets itself up for design inspiration.  Definition of mottling is: with spots or blotches of different shades or colors.  This natural phenomena may be replicated by blending colors, by removing some of the existing color, tie dying, or acid washing.

abstract orange silk fabric

via PopDecorFabrics on Etsy

This luxury fabric from PopDecorFabrics on Etsy is just exquisite and reminds me of the mingling of colors on our pumpkin with an added pop of fuchsia. Really beautiful.

cinderella pumpkinObviously we cannot ignore the shape of our pumpkin and it’s literal interpretation.  Round and Plump.

Design inspiration orange pouf- Living With Color Designs

via Imports from Marrakesh

Poufs abound in the interiors market.  Made out of any color and from a wide variety of materials like leather, fabric, knit.  There is just something fun about a pouf and it’s available foot lift or seat.  This orange pouf with coral embroidery is from Imports from Marrakesk.

Orange knit pouf

via World Market

This Jafar Knitted Pouf is from World Market and just invites you to cozy up.

I just loved this blog post from Flax and Twine that featured a chunky knit pouf.  Of all the crafty things I have tried, I have to say that I have never tried knitting.  I thought , however, some of you adventurous knitters might want to give this a try. The instructions for a tweed pouf ottoman are included in Anne’s post.  I have just discovered this darling blog and if you knit, sew, or craft, I know you will enjoying visiting there.

Pumpkin stem - Living With Color Designs

Obviously I can not ignore the stem.  Actually the stem is the deciding factor whenever I select a regular ole pumpkin for display of for creating a jack-o-lantern.  Locating a product to replicate the design inspiration of the stem proved a little challenging but in the end I hope you like my selection.

design Inspiration: pumpkins


This Good Earth Twisted Side Table was featured on HOUZZ  out you can click in the link provided to get purchasing information.

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So there you go. This post is probably a testament to the fact that you can find design inspiration almost anywhere if you can find it in a pumpkin.   –  Marianne

Pumpkin Topiary

I have mentioned before about my love of unusual pumpkins and I have some exciting news for my friends and neighbors in Asheboro NC.  We no longer have to travel to the big city (Greensboro) to get pumpkins of many varieties.   We can get them right here at the PUMPKIN PATCH at 707 E. Dixie Drive.   Don’t worry, I would never give up my fall trips to the Greensboro farmers market but I went ahead and bought my pumpkins right here in town.  The patch is a collaborative effort of Tina York and Kim Everhart.

Hand Painted Monogramed Pumpkin
An added bonus is that you can get your pumpkins monogramed for a fee.  Then the pumpkins are spray coated with a clear Valspar top coat.  Gotta love that.
Polar Bear Pumpkins
Jarradale Pumpkins
Here is a cute little video on cooking a Jarradale pumpkin.
Gladiator Pumpkin

If unusual is not your thing and you just want a great place to take the kids to pick out pumpkins or you just want orange then don’t worry.  This is still your place.  They have small, medium, large, and a few extra large pumpkins to choose from.

If you are  curious about other varieties of pumpkins and their names this link has an extensive list.

Here is a picture where I am trying to choose my pumpkins.  The only way to figure out how they will look arranged is to, well, arrange them.  This part takes a little time and tweaking to figure out what sizes and colors work best together.  I actually worked up a little sweat figuring this out because I had dressed for the cool morning but the day had progressed to the warmer middle of the day.  And yes if a pumpkin did not work I took it all the way back to the table I got it from.  I guess you could call it a my fall pumpkin work out.  I had to leave my pumpkins to get the monogram painted and I wanted the shiny top coat on them all this year.  When I returned Tina told me that several  people had liked my combination of pumpkins and she said she laughed and let them know I put a lot of effort into it.

Arranged Pumpkins Of Many Varieties
Above is my little assortment of pumpkins happy at home on a table on my front porch.  I love looking at the uniqueness of this amazing bounty that nature has provided, some of which I truly find amazing.

The sign above says it all.  Happy Fall Ya’ll   – Marianne

Photographs and content are property of Living with Color Designs

A Beautiful Gift From A Friend

I have so much to be thankful for and among that is you.  Thank you for visiting my blog from time to time.  Thank you to those of you who have given words of support.  You will never know how very much it means to me.  I am sending all of you and your families wishes for a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

Late summer and early fall produce provides a variety of colors great for fall entertaining and decorating. 

You can always count on nature to give you hints about what colors work well together and to give you a little color inspiration. The purple of these eggplants is so rich.  If you have never been to the farmers market at this time of year, you should go.  I know I got a real education several years ago on my first trip in the fall.  I was amazed by the varieties of various vegetables and the amazing array of colors they came in. I’ve lost some of my photos or I would show you more of the unusual things I found and used in arrangements. I’m planning a trip next weekend and I will be sure to share what I find. Continue reading →