Red White and Blue Inspiration Flag Tablecloth

Happy Independence Day Tomorrow!  I hope you will be able to celebrate it with family and friends. To my friends and family at the beach on the Carolina coast, stay safe and send Arthur on his way!  Today in honor of the grand occasion I am sending you a little random red, white, and blue inspiration.  Wave your flag and enjoy your day.

red leather office supplies

Jazz up your office with some red faux crocodile organizers. Find similar items here.  To choose desk accessories by color go here to Poppin, a really fun site.

contemporary chair with laser cut back

Love this contemporary occasional chair.  Find something similar here.

Red Geraniums

Red Geraniums

Red and White Pillows

Plush Decorative Pillows

Red Vintage Truck

Red Vintage Truck

White couch

Love, Love Love The Detail On The Back Of This White Sofa

Red Hotpoint Refrigerator

Red Vintage Hotpoint Refrigerator. Interesting article here about vintage stoves and refrigerators.

octagonal laser cut side table

White Octagonal Laser Cut Table.  Check out another cool design here by furniture designer Lee Walsh.

cinda b tote

Cinda B Tote at Picket Fence Interiors and Gifts. Travel in style

red rose

A Red Rose

Red White and Blue Inspiration

Glamorous White Drawer Chest With Gold Pulls. Bungalow 5, contact me for pricing and availability.

Red Kitchen Counter Tops

Occasional Chair Covered In A Bold Red and White Geometric

red kitchen counter tops

Red Kitchen Counter Tops Demand Attention In The Atlanta SubZero- Wolf Showroom.


White Replica Vintage Steam Trunk Jewelry Chest With Blue Leather Trim. Devine!

window treatment

Luscious Blue and White Curtain Panels.

So, I am looking forward to celebrating July 4th tomorrow.  One of my favorite things growing up was watching fireworks and using sparklers.  I remember one July 4th in particular spent with my family and my cousins.  We watched fireworks from the old fort in our nations oldest city, St Augustine, Florida.  Another favorite is to listen to the Boston Pops who’s Fireworks Spectacular which has actually been moved up to today.  Patriotic music doesn’t get any better than that.  Click on their link to watch a live stream of tonights event.

Have fun celebrating!   –  Marianne






Haul Couture Cargo Bag
Haul Couture “Hedges” Cargo Bag

Well I am excited to be headed to my next adventure.  This involves a trip to Atlanta to the Design Blog Conference. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with these things before I even get to them.  I am so excited about all the things I hope to learn, the people I will meet, the exceptional presenters(Oh my gosh, I love Candice Olson and EVERYTHING she does, can’t wait, what if I met her, oh my), the sponsors, and blogging about it all.  Then my less confident side stresses me out.  Like questioning whether me and my tiny little blog should be making a presence there, deciding what I should take with me(cameras yes, laptop..not sure), what should I wear(I am an over packer), driving in Atlanta, check in isn’t until 3:00 and activities start at 12:00.  I guess you get the picture of the emotional highs and lows. 

My favorite travel companion and biggest supporter can’t make it with me this trip.  He will be greatly missed.  In his absence my new Haul Couture cargo bag will be my companion along for the ride.  I might even sit it in the passenger seat and talk to it and let it sing along with me to the radio to pass the time.

Haul Couture Red and Black Greek Key Pattern
Haul Couture Cargo Bag Folded Triangle Shape

I found out about these amazing bags from my big sister Rebecca, can’t wait to see which one she got, and a great shop in town Picket Fence.  Now that I have bought one and have done a little research on the company I realize that many of you may already know about these because they were included in Oprah’s March 2013 O list.  I was drawn to this particular bag because of it’s bold greek key pattern in bright red which is stylishly offset with black trim.  The real beauty of this product is the exceptional fabrics they are made of.  Offerings include a wide variety of styles.

Haul Coutre Hedges cargo bag square fold
Haul Couture Cargo Bag Square Fold

Versatility is a key element of the cargo bag.  It will fold flat for storage.  You can fold it in a triangle shape to make it smaller if you will not be filling it up.  With maximum capacity the shape is square and the top folds flat.  The bag is fully insulated which is how it got it’s start as a food transportation bag.  As interest in the bag grew consumers like me have bought them for travel and other things.  Actually I did not even realize that it was insulated when I bought it so I’m excited to have lots of uses for it.

Haul Couture Cargo bag with stacker trays
Cargo Bag and Stacker boards

It comes with two stacker boards that I will use to separate shoes, bathroom products, and clothes but could be used to separate drinks from snacks and paper goods.  The Spring 2014 collection includes the “Le Jardin” collection with beautiful fabrics inspired by some of the world’s most famous gardens.

Haul Courture Cargo Bag
Red Greek Key Haul Couture Cargo Bag

So here sits my travel companion.  Ready to be filled and join me on this trip to meet the “big dogs” in Atlanta.  Wish us well.  Don’t worry.  All my feelings of being overwhelmed will be gone in the morning when the car is packed, the cd player is full of good tunes, and my loved one gives me a kiss to send me on my way.   Those feelings will all be replaced with excitement about where the road leads.   –  Marianne

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Although I try hard to look put together “Life” likes to remind me that I am never really in control.
leopard flats
Today I’m feeling creative so I choose a little animal print for my happy feet.
I grab my red because red loves some leopard.
Red and leopard
Then I decide to head over to The Table to have a healthy breakfast before my scheduled hair appointment.  I’m feeling adventurous and decide to order coffee.  That made some of you laugh, adventurous to drink coffee, but I am not normally a coffee drinker.  And here lies the problem that creates a situation where I just have to laugh… my inexperience with creamer pitchers.
I stand at the little fix it’s counter and all I need is some cream and a stir stick (I have paint on my mind, do you coffee drinkers call them stir sticks?).  I pick up the pitcher to pour my cream. Simple enough, right?  Nothing is coming out.  Maybe it is almost empty and I’ll have to turn it up a little more. Still nothing.  Must have a coffee drinkers secret.  Ok, open the lid a little and, oh no, flood. I have cream alright, and coffee, and overflowing.  Help!  The sweet girl behind the counter quickly responds to my cry for help with a rag and along with voicing multiple apologies I corral it all before it can spill over onto the floor.  She assures me it is not a problem and that there have been some issues with the creamer, it’s not just me.  I think she is really just being nice but I need nice at this moment.  I graciously accept her kind words, surrender the coffee filled rag, and move to my seat hoping that I have not attracted too much attention.
Once settled I picked up my “rare” cup of coffee, feel it’s comforting warmth, and just had to give myself a little laugh.  After all, I blessed to be able to enjoy this new day and I’m also wearing leopard and red.   –  Marianne


Vintage wood paneled car Christmas ornamentOrnament with a bottle brush tree atop a vintage paneled car. 
Red. Red. Red.  Nothing says Christmas more than the color red.  So I thought I would share some of my favorite Christmas decorations that represent the Red.  These have been collected over the years and, as with most of my favorites, they are special because of when, where, or from whom I got them.  You know what I am talking about.  These are the one’s that you can’t wait to dig out of the boxes each year.  Just enjoy the pics.  I will spare you the stories this time.  Hope you are enjoying this wonderful season.  
Santa with furry hat

 Jingle bell rocking santa.

Wooden pinocle Christmas decoration

  German jointed wooden Christmas Pinocchio. 

Christmas reindeer barn and reindeer

Prancer cozy in his reindeer stall.

Modern Christmas decorations

 Red mirrored Christmas trees.

Sax playing Santa

 Saxophone santa with dogs musical figurine.

Christmas ornament under a cloche

 Antique ornement under a cloche.

Red and silver christmas table decorations

Large lighted mercury glass balls. 

Reindeer bottle stopper

Love this little reindeer pair.  Just look at those expressions.  Can’t you just hear their conversation, “Lighten up buddy, it’s Christmas.”?   Hope you will share some of your visions of a red christmas.  Tis the season to be jolly.   –  Marianne


Just sitting here thinking about how I would like to wrap this years packages.  Last year it was all about red.   My strategy is to choose a feature color and a few accent colors.  Then I coordinate the” kids” papers with the more sophisticated “adult” wrap. This way it all just blends together nicely.

I just loved this tone on tone red zebra wrapping paper from last year.  A cute check paper leftover from several years ago was able to make an appearance with this color theme.  The pink in the santa paper kept all of it looking up to date and fresh. Silver is brought in from the tree, the paper, and the package attachments like the reindeer above.

Choosing one predominate color makes it easy to pick up gift bags that will blend easily with your theme.  This penguin bag was so adorable.  I am not alway sure what I will put in a bag when I buy it, but if I love it I know I will find something to put in it.

Do you have a color theme when you wrap presents or do you prefer the “anything goes” approach? Either way, creatively wrapping your gifts allows you to make a design statement during this favorite holiday season.   –  Marianne