Some of my favorite clothing pieces are the unexpected things that I find at the end of the season. Not where you are looking for something specific, but just seeing what they have.  You know what I am talking about.  Those racks of clothes they fill at the end of the season for 75% off.  I now like to check those out just for the thrill of the hunt.  Past experience has taught me that there are often some diamonds in the rough.  Like these Nine West shoes. I would not have bought them full price because they would not go with a lot of things.  But at the end of the season, marked down and double marked down, does it really matter how often you can wear them?  I thought not.  The contrast of beige textured linen and bright yellow slick patent leather make these nine west shoes drool worthy.

Of course it didn’t hurt that I already had a yellow dress.  Then last week I hit another 75% off rack and found this cute sweater. Put it all together and you have a grown up version of the yellow, black, and daisies you wore as a girl.

My favorite jacket is an orange ultra suede jacket with a unexpected black and white print lining that I bought for a steal.  Full price I would not have even slowed down for something that bold and unique.  But at 50% off it caught my eye and I tried it on.  Then I was determined to watch it and get it for less (I mean how many 5’10” women could there be that would have the height to wear it?).  Luckily my persistence paid off.  I surely did not realize when purchasing it that it would become a favorite.

Although I have had to wait 6 months to wear these shoes I think buying a bargain at the end of the season was worth my wait.  You’ll definitely be more likely to try something a little more out of the box if the price is right.  And who knows, that unexpected thing may just become your new favorite.   -Marianne

Although I try hard to look put together “Life” likes to remind me that I am never really in control.
leopard flats
Today I’m feeling creative so I choose a little animal print for my happy feet.
I grab my red because red loves some leopard.
Red and leopard
Then I decide to head over to The Table to have a healthy breakfast before my scheduled hair appointment.  I’m feeling adventurous and decide to order coffee.  That made some of you laugh, adventurous to drink coffee, but I am not normally a coffee drinker.  And here lies the problem that creates a situation where I just have to laugh… my inexperience with creamer pitchers.
I stand at the little fix it’s counter and all I need is some cream and a stir stick (I have paint on my mind, do you coffee drinkers call them stir sticks?).  I pick up the pitcher to pour my cream. Simple enough, right?  Nothing is coming out.  Maybe it is almost empty and I’ll have to turn it up a little more. Still nothing.  Must have a coffee drinkers secret.  Ok, open the lid a little and, oh no, flood. I have cream alright, and coffee, and overflowing.  Help!  The sweet girl behind the counter quickly responds to my cry for help with a rag and along with voicing multiple apologies I corral it all before it can spill over onto the floor.  She assures me it is not a problem and that there have been some issues with the creamer, it’s not just me.  I think she is really just being nice but I need nice at this moment.  I graciously accept her kind words, surrender the coffee filled rag, and move to my seat hoping that I have not attracted too much attention.
Once settled I picked up my “rare” cup of coffee, feel it’s comforting warmth, and just had to give myself a little laugh.  After all, I blessed to be able to enjoy this new day and I’m also wearing leopard and red.   –  Marianne


These shoes are the perfect combination of cute and comfy.  I bought them on a day my Yellow shoes were not playing nice and I wore them out of the store.  Am I the only one who has ever done this?  I had already looked at them another day but could not find my size.  I was really glad I checked again.  It brought back sweet memories of my childhood when it was a big deal to take a shopping trip to get a new pair of shoes.  There was nothing like the feeling of putting those old shoes in the box, new shoes on your feet, and practically skipping out the store.  I promise I restrained from skipping on this occasion but these shoes are awesome.
The combination of black, cream, and tan has a versatile way about it.  Easily dressing up or dressing down.     –  Marianne

Any day is better with cute shoes, even a rainy day!
Taupe, a sometimes hard to find color but a must have neutral.
Happy Monday! Forecast this week around here is for a lot of rain.  Creates a perfect excuse to take time and work on a little household organization which I have neglected for a while.  However you send your day I hope it is a great one!  –  Marianne