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Just in time for a little Christmas, or birthday, or personal shopping, Bargain Chicks is having their warehouse sale in Greensboro, NC.

Bargain Chicks Turtle tote

I heard about the sales but had never been until today, and I had great fun.  My husband totally does not understand my love affair with all kinds of bags but happily chalks it up to a “girl thing”.  But, I know my two sisters and the other women in my family get it and will be glad I came.

Bargain Chicks Lime and Royal Blue

So many cute designs.  They were so sweet to let me take pictures for the blog.  Thanks Bargain Chicks.

Bargain Chicks Navy Chevron Tote with pockets I really never knew that you could configure bags in so many ways for so many purposes.

Bargain Chicks Red and Navy

These little bags were so cute I had to take a picture of them all.

Don’t worry, if you are in the area you have plenty of time to go yourself.  The sale just started today.

Bargain Chicks Vinyl bag

Live in South Carolina?  A sale is coming your way in November.  You can check out the dates below for Greensboro, NC and Greenville, SC.

Bargain Chicks warehouse sale

You can go to the Bargain Chicks Facebook page and see the hours they are open each day.

I just love a bargain, and although my plan was to only buy gifts, I did walk out with a darling new tennis bag.  Gotta have a little style on the court.   –  Marianne

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Cloches on white pedestalsShabby, rusty,chippy cottage charm is exactly what you will find at Spade and Broom.  This delightful shop occupies most of the bottom floor of a charming cottage home surrounded by garden, yard, and pond.  Just walking among the furnishing and curiosities on the property invites you to take pause, slow your pace, breath deeply and enjoy the browse.

Repurposed desk painted white

The space is light and bright, and jam packed with vintage furniture brought to new life in a shabby chic style.  Abundantly white, carefully distressed, and lovingly refinished.  I met the shop owner Kristen who was so gracious and very willing to share about the process she uses to create her shabby,rusty, chippy cottage charm.  Sprinkled here and there are a few color options other than white, like the little yellow side table above.

Shabby Chic

Among the furnishings are table linens, vintage clothing, mirrors, and accessories to complement this style. Stock is constantly changing.  A preview is posted to the Spade & Broom Facebook page on Wednesday,  those new things will show up in the store on Thursday.  A bonus is that the prices will not disappoint.

Cobalt Blue Salt and Pepper Shakers

Bird cage and desk

vintage linens

We arrived on a Friday as the owner was bringing in some salvaged windows to fill in where items had been sold, apologizing that she felt the store always looked a little empty by Friday.  I thought it looked pretty stocked, but if you are wanting first dibs of what you see on Wednesday, in the preview, you may want to hurry on over.  It always makes me curious about what I may have missed.

Spade and Broom Logo

Spade & Broom is located in Trinity NC.  If you make your way there be sure let them know you saw them on the Living With Color Designs blog.  When I walk among these charming repurposed pieces I can’t help but wonder about the previous owners, the life this piece has already had.  Then I smile for the new possibilities for all this shabby, rustic, chippy cottage charm.   –  Marianne


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Prestwick Day Tote from Spartina 449

Prestwick Day Tote from Spartina 449

Just in time time for you to get your weekend wardrobe ready I’m sharing a line that I have just discovered.  Spartina 449 has fresh styles of luxury handbags, accessories, and jewelry in all the colors of Summer that we love.  At this point I have resisted temptation to buy and am only in lust of these products.  Blogging about great products requires me to use great restraint so I don’t break the ole bank.  I’m saving up but I know some of you are probably looking for a sunshiny Summer bag now to freshen up your Summer wardrobe.  So here we go.

Spartina 449  Pocketbooks for your summer wardrobe

Spartina 449 Top shelf: Waving Girl pattern Bottom shelf: Haig Point pattern

Who wouldn’t love a line whose inspiration starts at a seaside cottage surrounded by the branches of accent live oaks and looks out upon the calm waters of a sound, who’s name was inspired by the native marsh grass that graces the shores and protects their pristine beaches.

Cool summer orange bag with a cute crab on the front.

This little beauty with the crab screams summertime fun.

And we can all feel better about our shopping when a little goes to help a good cause.  Spartina contributes a portion of their proceeds to the Daufuskie Island Historical Foundation, a non-profit organization created to preserve and protect the island’s invaluable historical and cultural heritage.

Summer Bangles by Spartina 449

Coordinating bangles by Spartina 449

I particularly love the tote with the crab on the front.  There would be no doubt that the owner was ready for some summer fun.  The coordinating bangles they offer are so cute.  I am so sorry the camera focused on beautiful gold insides and the outside is a little blurry but I included the picture anyway. IMG_0640 You can purchase these and other great products at the beautiful Ennobra Bloom Boutique located at 405 East Dixie Drive in Asheboro, NC.  Check out their Ennobra Bloom Boutique website to find the products that they offer online.  The East Dixie Dr. location carries many fabulous lines including Lilly Pulitzer, and Katherine Way.

Summer themed totes in orange or navy

Iconic Images Of Summer Jump Off These Zip Totes

Love the iconic summer images on these zipper totes. Ideal for stylishly carrying around summer essentials. Hope you are having lots of fun in the sun.    –  Marianne

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Some of my favorite clothing pieces are the unexpected things that I find at the end of the season. Not where you are looking for something specific, but just seeing what they have.  You know what I am talking about.  Those racks of clothes they fill at the end of the season for 75% off.  I now like to check those out just for the thrill of the hunt.  Past experience has taught me that there are often some diamonds in the rough.  Like these Nine West shoes. I would not have bought them full price because they would not go with a lot of things.  But at the end of the season, marked down and double marked down, does it really matter how often you can wear them?  I thought not.  The contrast of beige textured linen and bright yellow slick patent leather make these nine west shoes drool worthy.

Of course it didn’t hurt that I already had a yellow dress.  Then last week I hit another 75% off rack and found this cute sweater. Put it all together and you have a grown up version of the yellow, black, and daisies you wore as a girl.

My favorite jacket is an orange ultra suede jacket with a unexpected black and white print lining that I bought for a steal.  Full price I would not have even slowed down for something that bold and unique.  But at 50% off it caught my eye and I tried it on.  Then I was determined to watch it and get it for less (I mean how many 5’10” women could there be that would have the height to wear it?).  Luckily my persistence paid off.  I surely did not realize when purchasing it that it would become a favorite.

Although I have had to wait 6 months to wear these shoes I think buying a bargain at the end of the season was worth my wait.  You’ll definitely be more likely to try something a little more out of the box if the price is right.  And who knows, that unexpected thing may just become your new favorite.   -Marianne