How fabulous is this infographic: DIY Flower Arranging for Beginners.

If you are like me you are excited about Spring and looking forward to all of those beautiful blooms that will be coming in.  When I saw these great little tips I just knew I had to share it with my readers.   Thanks for sharing the fabulous infographic!!   Be sure to give them a little love, click on the pic to go to their link and find a more detailed article on the topic.  More fun with flowers coming soon.   Happy  Spring!   –  Marianne

DIY Flower Arranging

Yellow Forsythia and dragonfly ornamental

In the spring you have to capture moments when they arise in full bloom.  Wait and in a day or two those beautiful blossoms will begin to fade and fall away.  The is a beautiful forsythia plant.  It’s bright yellow makes a showy presence that will delight in springtime.

yellow Forsythia
To learn more about the forsythia plant and it’s delicate petals you can click here,  You might also like this link on Forsythia from Clemson University.
This moment is brought to you by Spring.   –  Marianne


Thibaut Resort Collection Orange Aqua and Lime green
Thibaut Resort Collection offers sizzling oranges paired with cool aquas.

I have been in the office all morning pulling fabrics and Spring colors are on my mind.  Pulling fabrics is one of my favorite things to do.  You know how I am “Wild About Fabrics”.  I am pulling this together from the Thibaut  fabulous Resort Collection.  The Downing Gate wallpaper creates an exciting and impact charged statement to your space.  The color orange is guaranteed to bring a little Summer sizzle to your day to day living.  The cool blues and greens of the ocean offer a calming counter balance.

Navy garden bench and lime garden stools
Printers Alley combines shades of blue and green.

Doesn’t this color palette make you want to swoon.   Love Love Love shades of navy with shades of green.  Yet another spring inspired combination.  This little vignette at Printers Alley has you dreaming of sitting outside in a beautiful garden and whiling away the hours.  Several garden stools are pictured here and I am so glad that they have found their way inside our homes.  Position one beside an occasional chair to rest a book or beverage on or liven a bathroom with a brightly colored stool.

spring flowers in Radient Orchid
A cart full of color inspiration from nature.

Remember that nature itself is true inspiration for picking out great spring colors that are very livable.  It’s still a little cold here in my part of the country so this is a picture of my shopping cart from last Spring.  I think I see a little Radiant Orchid, color of the year, popping out of my cart there.

I hope I have you seeing Spring colors also.  Have a great weekend.  Warmer weather is around the corner.   –  Marianne

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Take time to relax and enjoy the season.  Dappled sunlight, the forest floor scattered with ferns, a gentle breeze, and a place to take a seat.  Seems perfect to me.  Where is your favorite place to sit and take it all in?

Maybe it is a back deck or patio surrounded by beautiful flowering bushes, greenery, an umbrella for shade, and plenty of seating for family and friends.

Or a classically designed wrought iron bench set among purple flowering stalks of money plant and positioned for just the right view of all your yards glory.

Be sure, where ever your favorite spot is, to go to that favorite place and take some time to just sit, look around, and soak it up.  Spring is a gift!  Not only does it bring forth flowers but it nurtures our soul, lift our spirits, inspires, and stirs anticipation of things to come.

Enjoy your little piece of the world.   – Marianne 

Here are a few pinterest boards that might inspire:
Adirondack Chairs
Garden Benches
Patios and porches

Photographs property of LivingWith Color Designs

April showers bring May flowers…is one of the saying I remember learning as a little girl.  Now I know April showers actually serve two purposes in spring.  One they water the plants to help them grow and two they give us a day to rest and recuperate from our yard work.   Yesterday we spent the day spring cleaning on my porch and visiting yard and garden favorites to purchase some new additions for our yard and outdoor living spaces.  I was a little sore this morning from my efforts.  So today I am just thankful for the rain and how beautifully green it makes the view outside my window.

This week I will make some posts that relate to this beautiful time of year and my love of plants and just cruising garden shops.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!   –  Marianne