Assortment of costume jewelry I’m still basking in the glow of the fun I had this weekend with my Chi Omega sisters from college.  There is nothing like rekindling the memories of being 18-21 to make you feel young and refreshed.  It’s also inspiring to be around such an amazing and successful group of women, some that I had not seen for 30 years.  This year I brought along a little box of costume jewelry because one of my “sisters” designs beautiful jewelry.  Jewelry is just one of her many talents.

Costume Jewelry assortment vintage chain belt and necklace My box contained costume jewelry in various states of perfection and disrepair, collected over generations of the Redding, Sistrunk, and now Millikan family.  Some are truly more special than others, a distinction not earned by monetary value or designer status but a strong and enduring personal connection to someone that I love.

vintage costume jewelry in shades of silver and pearl broken vintage necklace livingwithcolordesigns.comI will be sharing with you, in the future, about this artist and about the pieces she has created for me.  In my mind jewelry and clothing just go hand in hand.  I can’t think about one without thinking about the other, so I paired up my menagerie of costume jewelry with some of my favorite dresses for these pictures, grouping jewelry by color or style.

costume Jewelry in gold tones Pieces include single earrings missing their partner, pins with backs broken off, pieces with missing parts, random items like a belt buckle or gold chain belt, and some fully intact pieces  which might make an interesting combination.  You can tell that the pieces pictured above are mostly pieces that I have bought for myself and were not handed down. They’re a little more gaudy and not as delicate.  I really went through a colorful jewel stage.

variety of gold toned button covers livingwithcolordesigns.comGold toned and faux jeweled costume jewelry I have never been one to desire real stones.  I guess that is because I could not afford really big stones.  I’m definitely a bold, in your face, costume jewelry girl.  I like my jewelry big and reasonably priced.  That  way I can have a variety of shinny glittery objects.  Just didn’t want anyone to get the wrong impression and think I had an expensive stash.  Some of this vintage costume jewelry looks so pretty you would think it is real.

vintage flower pins Mod retro vintage jewelry in white livingwithcolordesigns.comI even have a few more modern, funky vintage pieces thrown into the mix.  I just love the white chunky beaded pin and earrings.  Pin has some spots that need cleaning and one of the earrings needs repair.

vintage costume jewelry earrings vintage flower pin in gold tones snowflake pin costume jewelry And yes, I do like me some sparkle.  Most of these pins and earrings belonged to my grandmother’s or my mother at some time.  They are some of my favorite pieces.  Many of you probably have one of these gold flower pins hiding in your closets.  I see them from time to time.  I was sad I lost one of the matching earrings at furniture market one year.  I had used the earrings as pocket clip-ons on my jacket.  My creativity did not pay off, lesson learned.

vintage beaded elephant pin I found this cute little beaded elephant in a ziplock bag near the bottom of a box I had.  Stuck to the back was this label that my grandmother had attached with her name and address. Smart lady she was. (I did block out the address, the house is actually no longer there)

Dresses: Aqua linen is from talbots, Pink and Orange zipper dress by Joseph Ribkoff, Navy and White patterned dress by  INC International Concepts, Black dress with camel colored stripe and pleated skirt by Loft, and the Navy and Orange chevron dress is by ND New Direction.  Pretty much sums up my High/Low lifestyle.

I’ve just requested that two pieces of jewelry to be designed for me. Nice to satisy my passion for costume jewelry with items that I already have.  There were lots of good pieces and parts to choose from.  I can’t wait to see which pieces ultimately inspire the artist.   –  Marianne

If Monday’s post has you planning a trip to Burke St. in Winston-Salem then you want to be sure not to miss this color packed shop a little further down the street, ID&AS.  How great is that?  Two darling shops to enjoy with fabric shopping in between.  I am not sure if it is intended but when I look at their logo I see “ideas”.   I agree with the “ideas” perception because the store is packed with great decorating ideas and unique items to spruce up your home.

Items greet you outside ID&AS

I am comforted just walking in.  Ah, another color lover.  Exactly the kind of place that gets me all excited.  This shop offers a mix of vintage goods, local art, new items, and estate finds.  Many items are grouped by color families making it easy for  you to select objects that will work well together in your home.

Aqua pillows

Pillows and glassware in hues of blue and green.
Aqua Home Decor
Dishes, journals, and decorative bird hooks in shades of blue.
id&as display

Painted furniture seems to be all the rage right now.  Check out this chest all dressed in yellow for it’s next life.   I like that this one is painted and ready to go.  Doing it yourself can be a lot of work and take more time then you think.  I know, I know, some of you are going to tell me I should try Annie Sloan chalk paint and I do have that on my “to do” list of the future.

pom poms
Vintage pom pom trimmed panels

I must confess I have a sentimental love for pom poms.  They don’t currently fit the decorating style of my home so I don’t actually have any there but I feel great joy every time I see them.  This wonderful feeling stems from the beautiful white chenille bedspread with pom poms that I slept upper as a child and the comfort and security of a loving home.  Thanks Mom and Dad.  When planning a bedroom for a child I always think about how important that little place is going to be and what might be remembered.  These panels adorned with pom poms have such a nice colorful twist in shades of orange and greenish yellow.

id&as pillows
Decorative pillows in shades of orange and yellow.
ribbon diy
Ribbon detail added to a picture.

Speaking about getting ideas, here is a great one to pass on.  I love the idea of attaching ribbon just inside the frame to add color. This simple addition makes the colors of flowers in the painting really pop.  Buying new original artwork can definitely stretch a budget so this idea might help you save a little money by using it on a yard sale piece or one of the pieces from Grandma that is collecting dust in your attic. 

vintage suitecase
Assortment of vintage and new items at ID&AS

A love of animals and nature are evident throughout the store.  Birds show up on everything from pillows to vases.  I purchased  a owl cutie, not pictured, to gift at the next Chi Omega summer get together.  After sharing my intentions for the owl during check out, you know how we southerners like to talk, I found out that the shop owner and I went to the same college.  Small world.  I loved my time at Appalachian State.

Bird pillow
Sunflower paintings sit along side bird pillows, patchwork quilts, and pink jewelry boxes.
stenciled tray message board

There is not a spot in the store that lacks for creativity. Even their store hours and days of operation are creatively displayed on a stenciled metal tray.  If you are feeling a little uninspired or your creativity is at a standstill I suggest you get out-and-about.  These little outing always get me excited and open up my mind to new possibilities.   –  Marianne

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re*tale…every item tells a story

Update:  So sad to share but re*tale is closing their business. They are thankful for all their loyal customer who shared in their journey.  Thought I would still leave the post because I just love the pictures and their beautiful displays.

Have you ever visited a little shop you thought was so cute you couldn’t wait to get back to it?  This little shop is about an hour drive from me so I can’t just pop in.  And that is making me crazy because the thought keeps resurfacing in my head that I have to go back again to see what I will find.  I was so sad I couldn’t get by during the holidays to see their White Christmas restyle of the shop.  I marked that on my calendar for next year.

Enough about that, you want to know more about Re*tale …where every item has a story.  The displays are the work of true artist and tell a tale themselves.  I was sure, based on loveliness alone, that I had entered a pricy shop.  I timidly turned over the first price tag and found out that I was soooo wrong.  Doesn’t everybody love this kind of moment, when you find something really cute and at a bargain price?

mid century vignette at re*tale
Mid Century Modern 

Re*tale offers a great mix of new and vintage one of a kind gifts and home goods. Check out their shop description here.  This mid century modern clock is one of the bargains I picked up.  Something about the typewriter and briefcase in this vignette has me thinking about Mad Men.

vignette at re*tale includes an eclectic mix of items

Fashionable items include clothing, shoes, jewelry, pocketbooks, and other much needed accessories.

vintage purses

Love these purses stashed for display in this bright orange vintage suitcase.  Dreamy colors and patterns.

$10.00 shoes
cute flower jewelry from recycled cans
twisted silver bird nest necklaces with bead eggs

Love this white wire three tier stand.  Perfect for indoor organization or presenting plants on your porch.

Shopping places like this is a great way to add interest to your home decorating.  Without cost constraints you will be more willing to try something new and different.  When you are decorating everything does not have to be brand new.   I also mix high/low priced stuff all the time.  Some bargain priced items look just as good as a pricer pick and leave more money for you to budget toward that high end piece you have been longing for. 

This cute little shop is located in Winston-Salem NC on Burke St.  Just a couple of doors down from the 1502 fabric store which is actually how I found it in the first place.  If you want to learn a little about the owners you can check out their tale here.  These pictures were taken in September so I am sure that they have a whole new array of things to charm you.  You can check out their re*tale Facebook page for some current pics of what is in the shop.

Check back on Wednesday to find out about another “can’t miss” shop on the same street.

Let me know if you drop by and Happy Shopping!  –  Marianne

Photographs and content are property of Living With Color Designs