Fall In The Garden.  Fall is finally beginning to show up here at our home.  The yard is changing, fall festivals abound, and pumpkin excitement has taken hold.  One of my favorite things about living in North Carolina is the change of the seasons.  Not surprising, I love to take pictures of all the changes.  Again and again.  Since I have a fresh batch, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Fall In The Garden pics.  Continue reading →

Outdoor Pillow With Bird- Living with Color Designs: Summertime And The Livin' Is EasyCan’t you just hear that classic playing in your ears…fish are jumpin’…   Well if you’re not sure what I’m hearing in my ears you don’t want to miss reading to the end of the post where you can click on “Summertime” from the great Ella Fitzgerald and hear it for yourself.  One of the things that surly makes summertime living’ easy for me is my big ole’ front porch. Continue reading →

Darling GreenhouseThis dreamy back yard greenhouse might even inspire me to ” dig a little deeper” and try my hand at some creative gardening.  I’ve always admired people with a green thumb.  This originates from my general lack of expertise in all things related to plants and planting.  Usually my attempts make me feel a little like a fish out of water.  Lucky for me I married a  green thumb who is a natural.  I bet he could create a little magic with a space like this. Continue reading →

Fountain Frozen Over - Living With Color DesignsBurrrr.  Good morning!  We have a cold one here.  But don’t worry.  This morning I’m celebrating the cold.  It get’s me in the mood for all the upcoming fun ahead in the holiday season.  And yes, I’m sure I will be listening to “Baby It’s Cold Outside”  a lot because it is one of my favorites.  In honor of all this cold, seasonal excitement I’m posting a past picture of our little fountain fully frozen and being backed up by my beautiful winterberry.  Actually my husband cut the fountain off in preparation for todays weather so it currently is not frozen and that’s why you have a past picture.  But.  The best pictures of my frozen fountain are here.   Go check it out.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Then head over to this post to read about my favorite berry producing plants, winterberry.   If you would like to see all my other post in the category of “The Beauty and Color of Our Natural World” then go here.

Ok, well I am off to Charlotte NC to discover some of it’s interior design wonderfulness and to meet up with my friend/ jewelry designer to have the big reveal of her creations for me.  I can’t wait.  I’ll be sharing with you in the future. But I gotta get going.

Have a great day and enjoy the cold!   –  Marianne

Yellow Forsythia and dragonfly ornamental

In the spring you have to capture moments when they arise in full bloom.  Wait and in a day or two those beautiful blossoms will begin to fade and fall away.  The is a beautiful forsythia plant.  It’s bright yellow makes a showy presence that will delight in springtime.

yellow Forsythia
To learn more about the forsythia plant and it’s delicate petals you can click here,  You might also like this link on Forsythia from Clemson University.
This moment is brought to you by Spring.   –  Marianne